PT54 & PT120 builds with beam shot

Here are a Pics of my latest builds. The Fannyfire STL-V6 (for comparison), Red PT54 @ 8A+ and Green PT120 @ 25A est. Both PTs are aspherical builds and have my own machined heat sinks PT54 copper/aluminum and PT120 solid copper . The PT120 is FET switched. Both are direct drive 10000ma Tenergy D cell flashlights. Beam shot is XM-L, red PT54 and Green PT120. The green gets WARM after about a minute. Trust me the beam shot inside doesn't show the true power of these lights. Other info:

Well done! Another thread by someone with a lathe. (I want one more and more as time goes on... must resist.) Those do look like fun. The huge copper sinks, DD, Tenergy D's and FET switching remind me of some of Lambda's mags. Why the colored emitters and not the white variety? It looks like you have a horizontal mill as well.

Very nice!

Nice work. Very interesting builds

No one builds high power color led flashlights at least not bigger than a XR-E. So make some. Done the same thing in firearms. Well I studied some of others builds, Lambda was one of them. The color emitters red and green are geared toward night hunting. The PT120 green is rated for 30A at 4300 lumen. High powered hunting colored LED is what started me on the flashlight forums. Researched different FETs. The PT series LEDs are positive ground which created it's own set of design challenges. Looked at high amp drives and various Li batteries and experimented with IMRs and voltage regulators. NiMH like Lambda uses seem to be the best set of parameters to use. All insulators are Teflon. I am a machinist so that part comes easy. Actually if you look at the design of the Luminus PT series they are extremely heavy duty, well made with copper and are better heat sinked than their white cousins made by other manufactures. The reason is they are used in projection television and are run day after day for years.

Very nice build! Makes me want to do something with colored emitters too. I always wanted a bright red light for when its dark... the effect is really crazy! Have to look into these Phlatlights.

On CPFmarketplace and laserforums(?) there is a seller named DTR who has good prices on PT54 red emitters. The emitters can be found on Ebay and Mouser. There are several threads on building flashlights on the net.

I dont think this thread got the attention it deserves. Im guessing you must be a hunter/varminter. Do you have a way of mounting these lights on your scoped weapons? If so, can you show us some pics with the lights mounted on your firearms and tell us about the mag mounts you used (or made)? Id love to see some beam shots at 50 yards or more... if your camera is able to capture them. Which color do you prefer when spotting at night? Which color seems to show up better when viewed through optics? What brand optics and model are you using for your scopes? Im a Leupold guy myself. Looking forward to some great discussion on your well thought out creations and stratagies. Thanks for the info on the PT series. I didnt realize that they were designed so well and built for substantial continuous duty.

I have a Leupold MK4 4.5x14 50mm LRT Mildot on a DPMS LR308 24" SS Barrel, Geissele High-Speed NM trigger, Parker Hale style bipod with other extras. I load my own ammo using Laupa match cases, match primers, Varget or canister grade 4895 with Nosler 168gr BTHP (Target/Varmit) or 165gr Hornady BTSP for Deer or other suitable game. Have been an amateur gunsmith for years building several rifles, pistols and shotguns from small parts to complete receivers from billet. Plan on mounting a PT54 red on the DPMS using 4/3AF (18650 size) 4200ma NiMH batteries.