Hit me with your flashlight memes

running out of funny flashlight memes over here. Is there a thread with a bunch i’m missing out on in here?

imo the best reviewer is zeroair.com, they are not videos

I avoid videos, I prefer photos and text that I can scroll through quickly, instead of having to listen to a video.

However, of the video reviewers out there, Cheule gets my recommendation. :+1:

I like to watch Charles Bridgtec: https://youtube.com/c/CharlesBridgTec

@tonkem : Hey hey thanks for taking a min to reply!
I will check him out! What is it that you like about him?
and would it be of any interest to hear from Brand representative on new products- like a Live Q and A video on FB?
Any brands you personally would love to ask questions to?

He appears to be the only reviewer that I have found that comes anywhere close to Marshall Hoots from Going gear, as I would be able to easily compare the light output of different lights based on the same area that he would shine his lights. As to Live Q&A, I don’t use social media, so I could not help there.

I will check them out next! and I am the exact same way- I have no attention span for a video. pics are my jam as well. What if it was a slide show with captions?
thanks for your feedback- I am new to the flashlight world and biz and there is a lot of ways to connect with the users who are lookin for specifics in quality and accessories. Any other random input is welcome :slight_smile:

The search function is your friend. There are a slew of great reviewers that post their reviews/links here, many of whom are long time members….too numerous to mention individually, who offer a myriad of valuable information.
That being said, not sure if he’s a member on BLF, but one of my go-to’s for all things Convoy is Weerapat Kiatdumrong on YT. Excellent side by side comparisons of most Convoy models, and he dabbles in mods/emitter/driver swaps that are pretty interesting.

Any topic you prefer? There are over 100 you tube videos.

Here are a few torch related channels:

That would highly come down to whether he uses the same camera settings (not auto) for every video, otherwise it’s completely useless across his videos.

If that’s the case, you’ll absolutely hate watching Charles Bridgtec, he talks for about 15-20 minutes with just a small section outside.

I can’t. I just can’t.

I can’t sit and listen to someone for 8min commenting on the quality of the cardboard box and crisp packaging while viewing it lovingly from every angle.


I’m not “into” review videos, but those I’ve seen and liked are RustyJoe, Markus, The Flasholic (’though I tend to skip the “Dangerous Place” part), Matt/VOB (forgot the channel name), and a bunch of others that come’n’go.

You have to admit the style and finish is excellent.


Thats what he says in every review. He said the style and finish is excellent and he comments that there is adequate grease.

i honestly don’t mind charles. youtube allows you to fast-forward, you know… you can even put it on 5x speed!

maybe he isn’t as technical as the other… well, shills. but he’s got it down pretty good and seems to work out for him. i’m sure companies are happy to send him free stuff for promotion to his 30k subs.

How did 23k turn into 30k? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Charles just started early which is how he got so many over time. Over the last 2 years his sub count has slowed down significantly.

sorry, 20k. you know a lot about charles. you must look up to him :smiley:

i’m sure it has a lot to do with the influx of shills , no doubt about it. good luck with your channel and what not, i actually don’t mind it, for the content atleast…

Charles is one of the first channels I used to watch when I first got into the hobby :slight_smile: