Home Depot Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

Nah, you do stuff like that all the time; the thing I am interested in is what you’re up to. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am hooking up some LED shop lights that I got at COSTCO.

I had to travel just over the CT-MA State line to get this price.

Oh wow! Wish I could get those fixtures at that price. Too bad Costco screwed me over years ago and I refuse to do business with them! Though if someone else bought them for me I'd be okay with that :) .


Interesting; I don’t think I’ve ever been in a Costco. I wonder what they sell and if they have good deals sometimes.

Screwed you over? :open_mouth: In what way?

If you want me to spend for a membership then you won’t see me there. I’ve done the math and places like Costco are not cheaper for buyers like me over a year’s time. And then they bill you for the next piece of cardboard.


They wouldn't honor their warranty on tires because I was not a member. Tires were purchased on my parents membership and I even had the original receipt. Total BS. And the stupid thing was that the service guy told me I could grab anyone around to show him their membership card to get access to my warrany coverage. I told him I'd never be back at a Costco.


A lot of the special holiday tools, lights and stuff are being reduced. Here are some examples.
This 25 piece ratchet tie down and bungee cord set is now $10. I bought one of these, the fact that they are NEATLY stored in a convenient storage bag was the great attraction for me. All those tie downs packed in such a mall space was just to much to pass up. The bag itself is worth $3!

But then I pulled them all out of the bag to shoot this picture. Can I ever get them all back in?
Doesn’t matter, I did this in the store. I grabbed a fresh one for myself 0:)

Those 4 ratcheting tie downs that are included are worth more than the $10 cost, never mind the other 21 bungee cords and carry case.
Here are 4 ratcheting tie downs elsewhere in the store that are approximately equivalent. $13.87!

Here are 3 - 50 foot PVC air hose. They were $15.98, now they are marked down to 13.98

BUT, after last Christmas, in the following January these very same hoses, the 3 pack, were reduced to $5.02. That was $5 for 3 hoses.
I mention this because most likely all of the stuff in the special holdiday gift section will be cleared out after Christmas at very low prices.

And while I was there I ran into the “EverReady” guy, Bob. Notice the EverReady Bunny on his name tag! He was busy stocking the shelves with EverReady flashlights.

I stopped and we chatted about flashlights. I showed him the link to my Sleeper Light Mod which was based on a cheap 6V EverReady lantern battery light. I could tell my pictures and descriptions went right over his head.
I did make points with him when I showed him my EDC, an EverReady Bunny Light!

Not really my EDC :bigsmile:
The battery is dead. Some how I have to figure out how to replace it.

Single emitter design for good throw and runtimes. :wink:

$3.00 drill bit sets smoking here in Hawaii … got me two sets for that price!

Lot’s of the Defiant brand lights still in stock… Mostly the C and D cell lights… But no discounts so far :~

Best deal was the Defiant 3C 850 lumen light for $9.98… got two for throw around lights… The rest of the Defiant and Husky lights are big boy 3-5 C and D cells… but no discounts in HI yet.

I’ll check in after Xmas, hopefully they get discounted big time… lots left so far today.

Eventually most everything will be reduced.

Seen in two different stores in the Des Moines area

Nice! Will that be in all stores?

The deals dcho has been reporting were slow to happen at the stores near me. I've had my eye on the 2AAA penlight 2 pack as they are getting good reviews. They dropped them down to $4.


They have the ugliest tint I have ever seen.


Good info. Thanks wedlpine. Do you think they would make decent hosts for modding?

Could be. I don’t know how easy they are to get apart.

The tint IS hideous, but for the price and what they are, they are worth a few bucks. I found them bright (even though the tint is awful) and sturdy. If they can be found for $4, and you get a months hard use out of them and can look at them in that light, they are worth a couple bucks each with the batteries… Just my opinion- everybody has their own sense of value when it comes to money spent! : )


How far away is it on weekdays?

that ImA4Wheeler lives in a mobile home :bigsmile:

I’m in the north end of the same state as him and it takes 1-2 weeks more to see the deals he gets and even then the prices never bottom out up here; the product disappears from the shelves after the 2nd or 3rd price drop. Don’t get nuthin for a penny :_(




Remember these from last year?


Well AFTER they went to $3.98, they went to a dollar, 50 cents each!

Who can blame me for buying so many flashlights? :bigsmile:

Here is a review by DBSAR