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My closest HD is 42 miles away on weekends. Just not worth the hike.


How far away is it on weekdays?

For about one second, twice on most weekdays, it is about an eighth of a mile away. :)

I have only seen this once before.

I bought one of each, just because, and only because I could.
I would NEVER actually use a piece of junk like this.
There are no actual threads here, just cold rolled

How exactly do those drain things work?

The plumbing world is really hostile (to your wallet)… faucets are ridiculously expensive but terrible quality and plumbing parts are also ridiculously expensive.

One thing that irritates me are those faucet supply lines… there are two, or even THREE different types of connectors that ALL do the exact same thing and are used interchangeably. There is the 3/8” connector (small one), the 1/2” FIP connector (big one) and I recently discovered a different 1/2” connector that was slightly smaller and apparently used only for valves.
Some faucets use the 3/8” size and some use the 1/2” size, and likewise with valves, different ones use each of all three connectors!
This is really irritation because… suppose you get a new faucet to install but… it uses different sized connectors!! Now you have to go all the way to the hardware store and pay a whopping $12 for two fancy braided supply lines JUST to connect your new faucet! Those fancy-looking braided supply lines are no better than simple PEX risers or flexible PVC. They don’t even make adapters so you can reuse the old ones (I looked).

WHY are there different connectors that ALL do the exact same thing and are used interchangeably? WHY not use only ONE of them for everything? It would make everything SO much easier!
I think the reason why is to make money. When people get a new, overpriced, crappy faucet and it uses a different connector, they go to the hardware store to get new, overpriced, crappy supply lines that can connect their new, overpriced, crappy faucet. The majority of supply line sales is probably just for that reason. If there was only one connector then nobody would need to get new supply lines and there would be much less sales.

And for the faucets… ugh. Faucets (including bathtub/shower faucets) are ridiculously expensive and they are CRAP! More and more parts of faucets are made of plastic instead of metal now, and they always break! This is perhaps for the same reason… to make money. I’ll bet a great amount of faucet purchases are to replace a broken faucet. They make ridiculously expensive garbage that breaks after a few years so that people buy a new ridiculously expensive garbage faucet that breaks after another few years… combine that with constantly changing the connectors so people always buy supply lines and they have a constant supply of profit!
Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any competitors that sell good faucets at reasonable prices to improve the prices and quality so we are stuck with these overpriced garbages. :expressionless:

I don’t want to derail the thread, but yes plumbing is a nightmare for the reason’s you’ve noted. Plumbers carry a truck-full of fittings, adapters, and parts because they have to and they still end up going to get more at least once for every job. They know their business yet even they have the same problem.

On faucets go Delta. Good stuff and they will replace worn parts for free forever. Just call their customer service line; have the full model number ready and they will send them right away. Moen is also good, especially their higher-end products. The rest is as bad as buying lights from GearBest.

Happy to discuss further via PM or elsewhere such as on This Old House Advice Forum /forum.php?s=12525cc006d63e6b03211a195db6d6fc (I’m under my company name there) You can also get great advice here: Terry Love Plumbing Forum


The top half with the male thread goes down thru the sink from the top and the bottom half screws onto it from below from underneath the sink. And that is the point, the only thing holding it together is the threads of 2 sets of cheaply made cold rolled threads on very thin tubes. Doesn’t instill confidence that it won’t come apart under stress in the future.
Those kinds of connections used to me made with solid brass parts that had machine cut threads, and didn’t corrode. Those 2 drains I presented are just pure JUNK, a gotcha for anyone that would decide to use them.
They are the “Lattice Brights” of the plumbing world.

Anyway, here is a picture of the Defiant 5C that I have been following since before Black Friday. 2 years ago when they came out, they were priced at $24.98. This year HD brought them back at $9.98. I don’t know if all stores in the country had them, but around here they all did. All stores sold thru as 10 bucks for a light like that is quite appealing to the general public.
I have been following stock at this one store because for the last 3 months the price on the display has been WRONG.
Even though the price says $24.98, they will ring up at $9.88. All other stores in this area displayed the correct price of 9.98 and sold thru.

The only reason these 23 lights are still here is because customers would think they are 25 bucks. I have been waiting for a further price reduction, hopefully around $5. If that happens I will strike!

BTW, That display orginaly held 36 lights. I remember from 2 years ago when we were all looking for the famous DST BLF Link at HD, some stores would show stock of 35, but they were no where to be found. Turned out, some stores had neglected to put them on the floor.
When I did a search for the Defiant 5C on my iPhone with the Home Depot app I found a couple of stores in State here that have exactly 35 in stock. I am guessing that means those stores have a whole display somewhere that was never put on the floor. If any of you do a search and find 35 at a store near you, it could be an opportunity to make a killing if they should ever be discounted more. Just go to that store and ask someone where they are, after all, “it says right here that you have 35” :wink:

This picture shows 22 in West Hartford, still there because they are not priced right, and 35 in both Orange and Stratford because they were probably never even put on display. (35 lights being a full display)

Found the 115 Lumen 7 led version of the Energizer headlamp yesterday for $4.XX at my local HD. Piece of junk with horrible beam patterns that ya gotta cycle through every time. I could tell ya how I really feel about it but it was only 4 and change! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Go look at the ceiling fan aisles! There are many discounts on ceiling fans! We got a fan for $35, discounted from $160. Also I found a fan for $18 discounted form $70 and some other fans…

At first I thought that you’d gotten one of your $0.01 deals on 3 big spools of welding cable. Really big spools actually: between the surface the hoses were sitting on and the trunk lid / strut I thought I saw tines at the bottom of the frame and the very front of a forklift on the right side of the frame. …One can still dream though.

LOL! So it looked like the spools were on a forklift at first? :stuck_out_tongue: then you see that it’s just sitting on the edge of a trunk of a car and you suddenly see it’s actual size… quite funny.

Exactly - in fact, maybe I didn’t even misinterpret the scale of the spools, maybe I just thought that they were on a forklift. In any case at first it appeared to be 2/0 or 4/0 wire - very expensive stuff in that quantity.

wight wrote, boy haven’t said that in a long time, :slight_smile: Really good to see you here!

That pic, no matter how hard I look at it all I see is 3 rolls of air hose. :bigsmile:

BTW, today I got a couple of more packs of bungee cords, this time for $7 the bag

And one of these 12 gauge generator cords. This is a 5’ cord with 4 conductors that has a 4 prong twist lock connector that goes in the 240V socket of a 5500 Watt generator and breaks out 2 separate circuits of 120V at 20A. So 40A worth of 120V on 1 wire. They can be daisy chained.

This breakout cord is a match for these 25’ 12 gauge 4 conductor generator cords I scored last March.
Patience paid off!

And a couple of other items

Wow i want that duct tape! :love:

Cool bag of bungees, i’ll have to look for them next time.

This Klein Autoranging meter just went to a penny

The other day as I was in a HD I passed what I call the “hearse” It’s the cart that the employee pushes around with the machine that prints out the yellow clearance tag stickers. It is also the cart they use to pull any items that are priced to a penny as they are not supposed to be on the floor after then. The other day as I walked past that cart the employee was just printing off some new labels. I couldn’t help buy notice that one was for an “auto ranging multimeter”. Price was 1 cent In that instant I didn’t notice the brand, but I did note that the original price was $49.98. I immediately went over to electrical to see if there were any auto ranging meters with that original price. There were none, oh well.

Today I was in another HD and as I passed a clearance shelf, way in the back, almost purposely hidden from view was an orange meter. I reached in and pulled it out, a Klein auto ranging meter with an original price of $49.98! Hot dog! Found another Ridgid generator cord too.

Also today as I walked past the price cart I noticed a price tag for a Milwaukee 35 piece “shockwave” bit set for $5.03. It is NOT this set, but some other unknown 35 piece set.

When I found out it was not this set I asked the markdown guy how many they have it stock. He checked and said “well none”
I asked him if I could have the label he printed out as he wouldn’t need it. He said sure and gave it to me. So be on the lookout for this item as it will likely ring up at $5.03. Later today I will be in West Hartford and I will check that store for stock (and price)

One more item, It was all I could do from buying one of these. The only thing that stopped me was that it wasn’t totally Aluminum. Some parts are made of Steel.

Damn dcho. Nice scores. Nice to hear about some of those observation skills in action. I think that is a big part of your "Finder" power.

It’s partly because we live just a few miles from our Home town Depot and my place of business is practically across the street from another. :slight_smile:

This afternoon I was in the WH Depot, no meters, no shockwave bits AND……………
no Defiant 5C flashlights! They must have pulled them. :_(
I was hoping they would be reduced or blown out.

They might have, any shrapnel embedded in the ceiling and shelves or items on clearance with damaged outer packages? :smiley:

Hey - Which HD’s do you normally hit? Im a big HD clearance guy in CT too.

Yeah, I see you around. I know who you are. :wink:

Lol… I assume you know my boy Zana in Bloomfield :wink: