Home Depot Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

Aren’t most cells made in China anyway? You mean generic counterfeit cells that are dodgy and have a much lower capacity than advertised?

HAHAHA that guy is pissed

Ridgid seems to be using nothing but Samsung cells now that they offer the guarentee.

Never had a problem with the new Samsung, they perform very well.

I found some more deals at HD
Here is a 40 piece Dewalt drill bit and driver set for $3.82

Trouble is, the rack is a string of 30 piece sets, not the 40 piece which is on clearance.

That didn’t discourage me though, all I had to do is search the store for any stray 40 bit sets. I found 3 sets mixed in with others elsewhere in the store.

Some other deals that I saw.
This one had a price of $5.02

2 versions of the Defiant ArmourMax 3D for $15. Last years model (XM-L) on the left and this years model (XM-L2) on right

I grabbed all 3 of these….

I was too late on this one, 22 piece Dewault MAXFIT screwdriver set. :frowning:

Wow, I’d get a few skeletools for that price!

i love to read this thread and dream about all the good deals i missed.
i call this the dream thread

Finds of the day as parrot would say… :smiley:

Deep in a shelf in a clearance thing at one Home Depot I found the following:
Two 100’ rolls of “Eco-lock™” 3/4” HDPE irrigation pipe for $5.83 each (originally $23)!!
and one roll of “Eco-lock™” 1/2” irrigation pipe for $0.01!!! YAY! The first penny deal that I found myself!! I almost lost it though but they let us have it! :smiley:
I think Home Depot is discontinuing the Orbit Eco-Lock™stuff; I’ve seen lots of Eco-Lock™ stuff discounted and I’ve not seen them on the shelves. Though this is good as Orbit Eco-Lock™ was crap (just like most of Orbit’s other stuff).

Also at other Home Depots I found a Lithonia light fixture for $15.03 from $59.97, and some of those $0.01 cups! :smiley:
Those 1¢ cups were right there on the top shelf of the cardboard cup display thing right near the front entrance. And probably nobody around had any idea! haha :smiley:
I also found many other good deals (50% off or more were frequent) but didn’t bother with them, but it seems like ’tis the season to find deals. Also fluorescent fixtures are being discounted so take a look at the fluorescent fixtures!

Also can’t believe I haven’t though about posting this;
Mice traps; 5 pack, 52¢ I think
Picture; I used one and threw away the top

I’d kill something to find three skeletools for $7 each. I doubt any are left, but I’ll check my two HD’s tomorrow.

Well nevermind the $15 light fixture; In the box I found that the fixture was bent and the fluorescent tube was broken. It looks like the box was squished! :-((

return for refund :blush:

I’d kill to get the HD’s here to have this stuff as regularly as these guys find it. I just wasted 1 1/4 hours going across town to look at yet another HD, and once again not one single item shown here at any of them. Occasionally the odd item will turn up for me 1-2 weeks after it shows up here but that don’t happen often.

Good for those who can get the deals :smiley:


I agree, things just don’t work like this in Canada, though thats probably a good thing, nothing gets to the dumpster, they drop the price and it gets bought, usually 20-40, on a rare occasion sometimes by 80-90 and it definitely gets bought.

When ImA4Wheelr started this Home Depot thread there was an inventory checker that made life easy. It is no longer available, I just found these 2 links, maybe they will be able to help us out.


Is there a comprehensive guide on how to read these prices and how much they will ring out to at the check out? I’ve read a few things online, but nothing is super clear as to how to tell. I went to my local HD today and took these pictures: http://imgur.com/a/Ac9nS many of them are marked in 2015. How does one know if they will ring up even lower than the marked price? Thanks!

Those Malibu items that have prices that end with a “3” will probably ring up at the self checkout for a penny.
I am posting your pic here for you

Malibu went bankrupt and all their stock has been on clearance. Just recently all Malibu stock has been taken off the shelves in the stores I have been to. Just yesterday I was able to find 1 Malibu item and it did ring up for a penny.
The other items that you presented that have prices that do not end in “3” are probably going to ring up for the sticker price.
You should go back and try. Be discrete.
This is the only Malibu product I could find, and it rang up a penny.

Some times HD makes it too easy. I found these 2 items marked as they are on a clearance shelf.

Nice follow up there for deathless. At my HD’s, 12/7/15 is still too recent to go to a penny. At least early last week it was. Best wishes deathless. Please report back if you try to buy the items. I think the reason you cann’t find a clear guidance is that there is no definitive rules that work for all stores and situations.


Thanks for that inventory links. Added a reference to them in the OP.


No you have to go to a Factory Authorised Service Center, it’s usually a service center for other Tools like So many out there. It’s no big deal at all really, but if you take in your Batteries and a Charger and they exchange them for New one’s, You Must go online to your Ridgid account (or Call) and give them the Model and Serial Number on each New Piece you were given as a replacement for the Old Part that you turned in! Your online Tool profile Must have the Old Model and Serial Numbers replaced with the Numbers on the New Parts you were given in order for the Lifetime Warranty to cover the New Tools that you Now have… If you don’t go online and remove the old items that you turned in for New item’s, you will have trouble when you try to trade them in for the Lifetime Warranty the. Next Time you want to turn them in for a replacement.

If there is Not an Authorized Service Center in your City, I would Hope that Home Depot would set up a service center for the tools inside their store? If they didn’t why would anyone buy one of their Tools?

I have to go online NoW and change 2 Batteries and a Charger that I exchanged…

It does take soMe work keeping them up too Date, when you exchange them. But it’s worth it to me…

I can’t find a swap center in metro Atlanta!!
Gota be one here !!

Heyy I saw that malibu tree mount adapter thingy at clearance too! Didnt know it was a penny, but I dont care because that thing looks useless to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey deathless you found some of the discounted fluorescent fixtures I found!
If anyone else reading this needs some really cheap fluorescent fixtures, Home Depot is discounting most or all fluorescent fixtures! (hehe fluorescent is already obsolete :stuck_out_tongue: )
deathless’s images for convenience: