Hooked on Anduril! What 18650 and 14500 lights use Anduril?

My recently acquired FW3A has rapidly gotten me hooked on ToyKeeper’s Anduril UI. I love the ramping and the candle-mode, especially. All of the UI, really. It’s fantastic.

Are there any 14500 lights that run Anduril? And other small 18650 lights that do, as well. (I’m aware of the FW3A, FW4A, and EDC18.)

Have a look here:

More specifically here:

In that list I don’t think there are any that use 14500.

I’m waiting for a 2 x 26650 Anduril light. In my mind I’m picturing a Convoy L6 that runs Anduril.

Sofirn has plans for a 14500/AA light with Andúril (or users want Sofirn to have such plans :smiley: )

Just curious, what’s it do (aside from candle mode) that narsim doesn’t?

I like the latter in my ’mini and ’micro, so…

I don’t know. I’ve never used narsim.

I do really love Anduril’s Candle mode, with that gentle flicker. And the other commands.

As my wife and I wind down from the day, we surf in bed before going to sleep. And at some point, I turn off the main lamp and ceiling bounce a flashlight to dim down the room for a while. With Candle mode on the Anduril, it provides a nice gentle flicker on the ceiling, with a flickering candle-flame feel. I love that!

I’m getting used to Anduril’s commands, so it would be nice to have the same commands on a 14500 light, as well. With AA-size lights, I don’t like to run a primary or an Eneloop, I much prefer the power of a 14500 cell.

I would like to find a nice quality 14500 light with Anduril, powering a neutral or a warm XM-L, or similar emitter.

You may have found the Emisar D4V2 already. It is offered with warm 3000K LEDs. Very nice for your purpose.

WOW… great lists. Thank you for that!

Thanks for that recommendation… I will check those out!

For me it’s the “feel” of it - there’s a few small tweaks to the general operations that makes it a bit more intuitive to me. I’d have to go over the notes to mark out which ones just don’t feel right to me.

(But to each their own)

Awesome - I just ordered a Nocticon Emisar KR4 with Warm White - SST20 3000K 95CRI. It will serve as a nightstand light, using Anduril’s flickering Candle mode. Fantastic.

I agree. I like Narsil MUCH better.I have it in my FT03 and my micro. For one you can disable the step down in a matter of 10 seconds. Anduril you can Not disable the step down. Only go through all these steps to set a temperature that is not very accurate.

From a personal stand point I will be getting my first Anduril light[K1]. So I am not familiar with it. I emailed the inventor with a few questions and she never got back to me.I figured I would go to the source, guess I was wrong. I had another member help me.

i like anduril too, candle mode, thunderstorm mode, especially bike flash mode, i even made special bike mount for d10 in which i installed a driver with anduri ui.

Temperature regulation is there to protect the flashlight and battery. If you need to override the regulation, the flashlight does not fit to your requirements.

So you don’t have an Anduril flashlight but still say you don’t like it?

The flashlight[output] meets my requirements, I am just not thrilled with the firmware.

We all have our preferences. Is it ok that I enjoy high output instead of these pre- mature step downs?

Correct,I do not have the light,yet.Probably 3 weeks.

I do Not need to have it to understand the UI and know that I do not like the inability to disable the step down.That is my preference. I prefer Narsil,simple as that.

Do I want to spend more money? No. IF the temp control setting is not to my liking then,If worst comes to worse I send to Skylumen where he puts one of his drivers[VNX2?] where the default step down is 20 minutes, which in a Single cell SBT90 light would never reach because of battery depletion. It is a timed step down so it can be put right back to turbo anyway. :wink:

Your problem is that you want high output for a long time. These small lights will overheat in 30 seconds. The only way to prevent overheating is either turning it off once it reaches its max temperature or start to throttle down early enough to not overshoot. The temperature regulation prevents the flashlight from damaging itself. And it does it well as you can see in temperature measurement diagrams.

If you want high output for long time, you need a different light with larger surface, better heat transfer and maybe even active cooling.

I like Anduril too, Looking at narslim they appear very similar.
Basic operation functions are the same, i like that.

Can’t you just either set the anduril current temp sensor to 1 and the max which would disable step down?

Is there a similar work around to get candle/lightning mode on narslim? :slight_smile:
What else does narslim have over anduril?

Sorry, you are wrong. They will not over heat in 30 seconds. I have proved that time after time.

I want high output as long as possible. I can achieve that for a longer time when I have control over when I lower output.

I have been using high output lights for 8 years. Yes, the smaller ones will get hot, but again they can sustain high output much longer than most of these UI’s allow with conservative step downs.

My STOCK NI40 would step down at 50C/122F. Way too conservative. That amounts to every 90 seconds or so.

I had EasyB put a FET driver[NO STEP DOWN] where I decide when to dial down. So far I have run that light on max between 5 and 7 minutes. Battery is depleted after 12 minutes. In the summer I will probably be able to run 2 minutes before my hand tells me to turn it down.It uses the same LED[SBT90.2] as my K1 and it is a smaller host. K1 should stay a bit cooler.

These electronics can take the heat more than one thinks. The manufacturers are definitely conservative because they do not want to be responsible if someone burns themselves and also to protect the light if one leaves it unattended and it was on max output for a long time.

I have several lights, big and small that have been pushed hard for 5 or 6 years and the electronics are fine and my hand has not melted!

I know I am not the norm, but that is ok and my preference in how I use my lights will not change either.

Guten abend

Is it temperature-related stepdown, or timed? Strictly using the µC’s onboard temp sensor?

Don’t get me started on timed-stepdown…

But to me, the even “temperature-related stepdown” (via the µC’s temp sensor) is kinda like bypassing a car’s thermostat (by the radiator) and going by the temperature of the hot air being blown in the cabin through the heater-core. Ie, there can be horrible lag, and the results dreadfully inaccurate by losses along the way.

Now, if it used a thermistor that’s mounted right alongside the emitter on the mcpcb, that’s another story. That’s a great (if not only) way to do it properly.

That’s the essence of what I was asking. A lantern, or a WW light with diffuser, can in a pinch look like a candle. Kkewl… Or similar with lightning mode. But I can’t see myself specifically getting a light that has those built in “just in case”.

Other than special blinky modes, I don’t know what A has that N doesn’t, and why people are going gaga over one vs the other. Ie, what’s the “gotta have” feature(s) that people are insisting that A is the Second Coming of flashlight UIs.


Anduril is Temperature based. I heard from someone who has several lights with that firmware that it is not that accurate. He used the word Crude.I can not recall exactly how he said it works, but it does not have a temperature sensor. You have you to set the room temp. [you can lie] and then press how many C degrees plus the 30C it starts with.If you want 60C you click 30 times. I was told the limit was 40C clicks. Basically 70C is the highest,but you can lie about room temp. by 10 degrees to supposedly raise the max temp. :person_facepalming: