How big can the worlds most powerful flashlight be, and still be a mouth hold light?

How big can the worlds most powerful flashlight be, and still be a mouth hold light?

After mouth holding S2 Baton for almost four years, I recently went through a series of potential upgrades, starting with bigger, and gradually working my way down to smaller. TM9K is a great light, and it has rear electronic and rear click control, and it could be the worlds most powerful mouth hold light (wmpmhl).

Similar with NSX53, MMU-X3 50.2, and others that could vie for the lofty and coveted title of the wmpmhl. Currently, I am using Lumintop FW4A quad W2 as my mpmhl.

Now, Imalent has pre-announced the MS03, showing a juicy pic on their website, but zero verbal description, except that it is 13,000 lumens, and it is listed as Tactical on their website. I have no idea of the size, but it can't be too small if it is 13,000 lumens, and it can't be too big if it is listed in their Tactical classification. Can it and my big mouth do our thing?

So, how big can the wmpmhl be, and still be a mouth hold light?

sounds like a picture challenge to me :open_mouth:

I guess it depends - if you happen to be Steven Tyler, you can probably hold a Kenworth headlight in your pie hole!

My miserable, pinched up old neighbour would have a hard time with anything bigger than a Fenix E01.

Do you intend it to be comfortable? I used Utorch ut-02 in my mouth…it was bad but doable.

Wouldn’t a headlamp help save on dental bills?

I tried a headlamp, but it does not stow and carry on my belt or pocket like a non-headlamp light does.

But what about all the drool leaking out the sides?

Wellp, if you’re the VelociPastor, you can hold a BLF GT in your mouf no problem.

It leaks.

I’d love to be that guy, making the world a lovelier place by use of overwhelming force superiority.

Water-cooled lips: Yes. 13000 lumens from a single 21700 would otherwise cause dry, chapped, overheated lips.

Apparently it’s a 21700 light, so not too huge. Your mouth should certainly open wide enough to insert it, but it may become uncomfortable to hold it that way for longer than a few seconds due to weight.

Also, don’t expect that 13,000 lumen output for more than a few seconds before it drops down to something significantly lower. If it could maintain 13,000 lumen for some time, it would likely burn your mouth.

Rats, my Q8 doesn’t fit…… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have this mental image of guys wandering around with their C8s hanging out of their gobs, drooling like a pack of St. Bernards.

I’m pretty sure that’s why headlamps became popular.

21700 would be about my limit

i SOMETIMES mouth hold a wuben 26650 light but it is very uncomfortable

4x18650 would be out of the question
or even 2

1x18650 gets old after a minute or 2

a 16340 though, is good for just about anything


Was going to leave a “smart” remark, but seeing as how we’re neighbors, that didn’t seem… neighborly.

The question is, how bright do you need it to be? The S2 Baton gets you 400 - 950 lm. My EDC for years has been a Jetbeam RRT-01, and when needed it makes a good mouth light. Infinite adjustment and 600 lumens max - anything more would create too much glare. I probably don’t set it higher than 400 lm for mouth use. A light this size, using a 16340/18350, should be easier on the mouth and teeth than the S2’s 18650.

Looking at my BLF/Lumintop FW3A, the shape is good for mouth-holding, it’s not much larger than the RRT-01, it maxes at 2,800 lm, but the heat at higher settings will probably not be kind to your lips.

Thanks wle and JeffN and everyone else for your utile and/or humorous replies.

Single 26650 is my upper limit mhl; I tried with MMU-X3 and EC50 for months. But, just a tad too big to mouth hold.

I have a one acre parking lot at my meeting hall property that needs nightly maintenance, and TK75/X45 type of power does wonders for getting large areas all lit up quickly and expediently, in a flash, to illuminate and quickly identify the task spots. But, impossible to mouth hold.

Single 21700 TM9K/NSX53 are barely ok power-wise, but barely ok mouth hold-wise. So, it is FW4/D4V2 at the moment, and all of a sudden, along comes early announcement from Imalent: Single 21700 and 13000 lumens! For just a few seconds to strongly identify the task points on the ground. Curiously, Imalent has made the initial announcement two days ago on their FB page, on their website and at another location, but not here on BLF, for some strange reason.

I don't headlamp, because I am on the go on foot, and the headlamp does not every moment hip carry (emhc) versus hand and/or mouth light that does emhc.

Thanks again!

Are you ok with a belt holster for your light as EMHC? If so, you might like the Nite Ize swivel holster. It has elastic so it’ll expand or contract on a light, and with the swivel you can leave it on your hip, turned on, to shine whichever way you are facing… hands free. nite ize holster on amazon

O.K., I’ll admit it - there was a time in my misspent youth when I carried a Maglite LED Solitaire as an EDC.
I slipped a 1/2” length of clear vinyl gas line hose over it for a bite ring. That was my limit of drool sealing ability. :person_facepalming:
Anything bigger and I did a St. Bernard imitation.