How do you carry all the "edc" stuff that you carry?

I find that between my phone, wallet, keys, I don’t even have space to carry anything else comfortably.


Left front pocket=keys and swiss army knife
Right front pocket=phone and aaa light
Right back pocket=bifold wallet

I try to keep my wallet as thin as possible and only carry necessities (not gift cards, business cards, etc…) Additionally, I only carry my car key (without remote) and house key. I find that this keeps my “edc” manageable since I hate having a lot of bulk in my pockets.

Cargo shorts.

Depends. No, not the adult-diapers, but it depends on the situation.

If I’m going to be wearing the same pantaloons for a while, I load up some stuff into the pockets. Just cash’n’keys in the right front, knife, microwallet, and MH20 (clipped) in the left. Beyond that, everything goes into the sling-bag (murse). Charging cables, keys, powerbank, pens, phones, etc. And I used to carry a fullsize backpack, aka my “parachute”, but got sick of the bulk and scaled-down.

I used to be one of those who’d load up with 20lbs of crap stuffed into all my pockets, but not anymore. Can’t stand that feeling anymore.

And if I’m swapping between jeans and shorts, etc., a little too often, then everything goes into the murse. Just grab’n’go.

Yeah, that’s another thing. Car keys (2 cars, hence 2 remotes :confounded: ) and only the (extra) front-door key. Only those go into my pocket when I need a car, else it stays home.

Everything else on my jailer’s ring (for front/back doors, bike lock, padlocks, etc.) goes into the murse.

Usually have one flashlight in my front pocket and one on my keychains. And when I carry a bag I always have my Maxpedition pouch with the rest with me.

Usually in Helikon Bandicoot/Possum or Kroko prototype fanny pack. Also my prefered CCW option.

In the right set of shorts and pants. I wear Helikon Tex shorts and pants. They are loaded with pockets without the military look, There Pilgrim Anorak jacket is great as well. I’ve tried LA Police Gear shorts and pants along with 511 and Blackhawk clothing but Helikon Tex clothing just fits and feels so much better. I carry my ZT 0456 Armytek Wizard Pro Titanium pen NSX3A Rite in the rain pad wallet and keys. On my Helikon key ring I carry my Spiderco Micro Nitecore TIP SE car fob and key, house key and storage key. I have been EDCing my items like this way before the hole survival prepper and EDC culture came about. The weight does not bother me at all and that’s with carrying my Glock 23 and up to 4 extra mags depending on how I feel that day. I use Alien Gear holsters for all my side arm gear. I am a BIG gear whore and started out buying all the flebay gear items and after years of going threw gear, falling apart or breaking, I started paying for high end gear. I wish I started right off the bat because I would have saved BIG money buying the right gear and clothing the first time. If I leave town I carry either my Vanquest or Hazard 4 sling packs, Nevada is a very spread out state and I never leave home without my gear. My avatar name was given to me decades ago by friends because I always carried a ton of gear on me for whatever situation we where doing. Its a life style I have been molding for the past 35+ years and love it. :smiley: Americans right? :laughing:

For me, it's pretty simple.

Everything I EDC is either in (or clipped to) my shorts/pants.

in my handbag (purse). as any woman will be able to tell you, we rarely have pockets on clothes, and the ones we do have are either fake! (yes we have fake pockets on some clothes) or so shallow as to be almost unusable. so the lot goes into our handbags :slight_smile:

Keys and wallet in regular pants pockets, D4V2 W2 vn clipped to pocket, everything else clipped to belt: MS03vn, pepper spray, G29, cellphone.

The basics sit in pockets ie. flashlight, wallet, keys and, knife. Everything else like battery bank etc etc sits in my mountain smith fanny pack =D

I guess I should mention...

The largest item I EDC is my cell phone, and I have a pouch that I put it in that clips to my shorts/pants.

I've never carried my phone in my pocket.

Mostly Helikon-Tex UTP, UTP-Flex and UTS, various colors and materials.

And for the rest there’s the men’s bag. :wink:

I carried all my stuff like that but now I find it way more comfortable and simple to just use a fanny-pack. Put it on the key rack and I just grab it when I leave the house, no need to empty my pockets every time i change clothes and in the summer I can carry all my gear even when in flip-flops and bathing shorts.

my EDC items are smaller and more lightweight than the regular stuff. so not that big an heavy.
right pocket small flashlight and car keys
left pocket small credit card wallet and 1 folded note, nothing else

all tools, kits and other items are in a bag in my car, not on me.

Since I started using pocket hangers for some keys with others in the bottom, I got away from the cluster. Deep carry clips for knife and lights in front, too. Front pocket soft wallets like Maxpedition have made a huge difference in good spinal alignment! I like pockets (because parachute pants started it all) but pants can look ridiculous with too many! I really like the 'hidden' pocket design so no 'puffy patch work' pants/shorts.

So, keys, knife, wallet and light(AA or 18650) all in front pockets (and not even that noticeable at office). Everything else in a small backpack.

Essentials in my trouser pockets, slightly less-essentials in my coat pockets, least-essential while still being essentials in a man bag, overnight-essentials in a small rucksack, and maybe-usefuls in various bags depending on the situation, all of which generally get carried in a car.
Always have a torch or two clipped onto my trouser pockets and another (or two) in my coat, an a bigger one in the man bag.

I can never find a thing in those things. They are like an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole to me :slight_smile: