How do you lock your lights?

Voted and I never lock it from ON, only when OFF, either through 4C or autolock!

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4C from off to temporarily “e-lock”, mechanical method for longer term storage.

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:point_up: This

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Never knew 4C from on was an option to control an off function.

Always 4C from off … until Anduril 2 spoiled me with a timed lockout! All my newer lights I just let them go into Auto Lockout.

I don’t particularly like the light coming on automatically when unlocking though, can that be defeated? I can’t remember actually trying to turn that off.

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I only have one light with A2 so I didn’t know 4C from ON was an option because I’m much more familiar with A1 as that is my primary EDC. When I do carry the A2 light I do always lock it with 4C from off because it’s only a 14500 light and it turns on too easily and it’s an inner tube style light and I like the momentary on feature. With all of that plus the fact that it has proven to not be 100% waterproof I only carry it as a third light. On my two daily EDC lights I’ve gotten in the habit of always turning them off in the lowest moonlight mode so that if they do come on they’re not going to use much battery power or burn things before I find them. I don’t want to have to 4C or screw a tail cap on a daily EDC light. Any lights that are parked are loosened a quarter turn.

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Manual Lockout

I usually do the 4 click lockout and then also the little counterclockwise turn. I can be pretty absent minded and I’ve accidentally let mine run on turbo in my pocket or a bag.

To be more clear with that I use on → 4C with tail switch lights as a safer off, so that they can be pushed into the pocket. I just don’t have many tailswitch lights with Anduril, just a few KR1s and TS10s.

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I use Manual Lockout (slightly unscrew tail cap or head) if light will do it.
FW3A I use 4C from off.
I did not know about 4C from on. :hushed:

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I really like auto lockout for my KR4. I don’t like needing to remember to lock it out, so it’s a great feature for me.

I’d love to be able to do 2c for unlocking. I’ll fork andruil and change it, if I ever figure out how.

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I use 4C from ON and also 4C from OFF. I appreciate this dual option, because that’s exactly the same I do when unscrewing a tail cap: from ON or OFF I just … lock the light. Makes sense to me .

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On lights that I carry frequently, I just have auto-lock set to 1 minute and then never manually lock them.

I do like the proposed 3C for next channel / 3H for channel ramp / 4C for smooth-stepped toggle. To me, the smooth-stepped option is something I might change once, and then leave it alone. So using 3C for next-channel is more intuitive (to accompany 3H for tint ramp) and more easily accessible, which is good because it’s something I would use more often than changing between smooth and stepped.

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yes, you can use 3C to unlock to Off,
instead of 4C which unlocks to On,

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The only flashlight that spends much time in my pocket is a AAA simple on/off twisty light on my keys (Skilhunt E3A) so I don’t personally lock out any of my lights.

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So far it looks like, out of 45 people, only 7 ever use 4C from on to lock any lights. And of those 7, it sounds like at least half wouldn’t mind if that shortcut was removed.

This leaves the question of how to map things…

The current mapping is:

  • 3C from On: change ramp shape
  • 3H from On: tint ramp (or tint toggle, if configured)
  • 4C from On: go to Lockout Mode
  • 4H from On: (nothing)
  • 5C from On: Momentary Mode
  • 5H from On: Sunset Timer

Alternative A is:

  • 3C: tint toggle / next channel
  • 3H: tint ramp
  • 4C: change ramp shape
  • 4H: (nothing, or maybe Lockout Mode)
  • 5C/5H: (unchanged)

Alternative B is:

  • 3C: tint toggle / next channel
  • 3H: tint ramp
  • 4C: go to Lockout Mode
  • 4H: change ramp shape
  • 5C/5H: (unchanged)

I’m kind of leaning toward Alternative B. It makes the tint functions significantly easier and more accessible, and retains the shortcut to lockout mode.

However, it breaks backward compatibility, it leaves 3C/3H entirely unused on single-channel lights, and it makes the ramp shape control significantly more awkward… and I don’t know about anyone else, but I use the ramp shape control a lot.

I’m hoping to improve the situation for multi-channel lights, with as little impact as possible on single-channel lights.

Some of the configurations I want to cover are:

  • Just white. Regular 1-channel torch.
  • Warm white + cool white. Tint ramp + auto-tint modes. Balanced output or full-power turbo.
  • Flood + throw. Toggle between, or use both. Maybe ramp between too.
  • White + red + UV: 3 channels, toggle between them. Only 1 active at a time.
  • Warm white + cool white + red. Tint ramp + auto-tint modes, plus toggle between white and red. Maybe also ramp between white and red, but not sure of the details.
  • Red + green + blue. Ramp hue between all 3, or toggle between red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, white.

… and hopefully they can all use the same interface, with 3C+3H, and hopefully no need to configure things in an obscure menu.

Any thoughts?

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I like alternative B, but it would be ideal if it retained the shortcut to momentary turbo on single channel lights, that way the only change for them is the smooth/stepped ramp setting moving from 3C to 4H.

Not too sure how I feel about having both channel ramping and switching at the same time, because most of my lights would be used in channel switching xor channel ramping, not much use in ramping from white to red, or switching from 5000k to 2700k, other than just fun and novelty. Not too sure what click could work without going to 4H and 5, because there’s no distinction between short and long clicks.

As I don’t own any multi-channel or tint ramping lights, I have no dog in that hunt. I do use 3C quite often on my Anduril lights to toggle back and forth between stepped/ smooth ramping. Its easy and ingrained in my memory bank.
Why couldn’t 6C/6H be an option? AFAIK, it’s not in use in Anduril 2, correct?

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I use 4C from OFF regularly because I like my pants not on :fire:. I don’t think I ever used it from ON.

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6C/6H for tint functions?

It could be used, but it would be really inconvenient. On some lights, the tint functions get used a lot… almost as much as the brightness functions. So it should be as convenient as possible.

For example, on a light with flood and throw channels, the user is generally going to switch between flood and throw frequently. It currently can be done with 3H, but even that is a bit too long.

There have been more and more lights lately with multiple independent channels, and their multi-channel nature is the primary appeal, the main point of the light. Those features should be easy to use, instead of being hidden away under a long click sequence.

I suppose there’s another option…

Alternative C:

  • 3C: Toggle ramp shape, on 1-channel lights. Or change channels, on multi-channel lights.
  • 4H: Toggle ramp shape, on multi-channel lights.

This keeps ramp shape in a convenient spot on lights which have no tint functions, while making tint functions convenient on lights which have that. However, it makes the interface inconsistent between the two types of lights.

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