How do you lock your lights?

to catch @containerfan attention
( hope he is the same who does the UI diagram on reddit)

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Is there a way to have an “Andúril Two Button” version?
Many new lights use an AT1616 there should be an i/o for a 2th button.

There isn’t code for it right now, but attiny1616 and attiny1634 have enough free space to add support for a second button. It won’t really fit on attiny85 though, at least not without removing other stuff to make room.

The biggest change needed is … the way events are encoded would need to use a 16-bit integer instead of 8-bit. Because all 8 bits are used and there’s no bit left to indicate which button was pressed. It needs a minimum of 9 bits total, to fit all the current events plus a second button. Plus, it would need some other changes to listen on a second pin and process that info and debounce it and stuff.

Anyway, it could be done, and most of the chips currently in use have enough pins and enough ROM.

Then, if the UI code wanted a single click of button 1 to turn the light off, and button 2 to change channels, it could do something like …

// event names start with "EV_",
// and "1click" is the name used in current code
// for a single click on button 1
if (event == EV_1click) {
// the 2nd button would need a 2nd set of event names,
// probably starting with a prefix like "B2" or something
else if (event == EV_B2_1click) {

So it wouldn’t really change the UI-level code much. Just add handlers for a few “B2” events, and … that’s it. The big changes all happen in the FSM code underneath.

There’s also an older “2nd button” thing already implemented… but it’s for a clicky-switch, not an e-switch. On lights with both types, the e-switch does normal Anduril stuff, while the clicky switch is basically an instant momentary mode.

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I actually use 4c from on. It’s a nice indicator sometimes to have the light turn off.
Not all of my lights are updated to have auto-lockout and I can’t remember how to set it at this point. Nor remember which lights have it as a feature. There are enough flashing adapters out there that I don’t even have the ability to update over half my fsm lights now to even get consistency.

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My opinion, for sure the 4C from on to lockout can gtfo. I hardly use lockout anyways, there doesn’t need to be two ways to do it. You can get rid of that.

You can crank up the number of clicks to change ramp style too. Do people change that a lot? I feel like you either like the light ramping or you like it stepped and ppl kinda just leave it there. You can make that more clicks IMO. But for channel switching you would want that to be quick and easy…just my guess tho

On momentary turbo I’m conflicted. On one hand, I’ve accidentally blinded myself with momentary turbo maybe 400 times and I’ve only actually intentionally used it like 5 times. So making it more clicks would blind me less. But it would also probably make me intentionally use it even less than 5 times. And it does have some purpose.

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I think lockout is useful independently from what number you choose.
If I unscrew tailcup I interrupt also the aux led and is not good.
A number for lockout is a good function.
Turbo for momentary is cool and i use in some situations.

From ON

3C - toggle smooth stepped
3H - Tint 50/50 for double channel immediately
4C - lock
4H - ramp config (also less clicks for configuration)
5C - momentary
5H - sunset timer
7C - nothing
7H - nothing

You know, it’s funny you mention that… Anduril 1 had the ramp config on 4C, and the natural equivalent with an Anduril 2 style menu would be on 4H.

However, there were numerous complaints that the ramp config was too easy to access, and people kept getting it by accident. People said there should be a gap between normal light functions and config menus… so I moved configuration from 4C to 7H. And secondary config stuff went on 10H. Again, because people wanted gaps between, to avoid accidentally getting the wrong function.

So… that’s where things are now.

I think overall it was a good change.

You are right…
What is Anduril 1? :joy:
I am joking

You think is possible to insert “turn back” function in some menus?

by accident
i only know when it won;t come on any more
then i start pressing the button :slight_smile:

[[4 C is all right though ]]

Nope. I made an exception for the turbo style, since a lot of people had strong feelings about that … but otherwise I don’t plan to add config options to revert UI elements to older versions.

However, I hear the old Anduril 1 code still builds and works when compiled on top of the current version of FSM. Or you could edit the code to mix and match features if desired, or otherwise customize things to your liking. It’s written in a way which attempts to make that as easy as possible.

Like, if you wanted to move the ramp config menus from 7H to 4H, open up ramp-mode.c, look for “click7_hold”, and change it to “click4_hold”. That’s all. Change one byte, and it’s done.

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Maybe I don’t understand…why “revert UI elements to older version”?
I am referring to the possibility of returning to the previous menu as for example Henry has implemented in the HDS.
Click once and go forward or two and go back in the menu.
For example…For strobe lights the order in loop is:
Candle mode ----2C----> Bike Flasher----2C---->Party Strobe…etc.
3C for come back or 2H or 1H?
You think is possible?

Oh, I thought you wanted to go back to Anduril 1 menus, not go backward in the strobe mode group.

In strobe modes, it uses…

  • 1C: Off
  • 1H: Ramp up
  • 2C: Next “strobe” mode
  • 2H: Ramp down
  • 3C: Next channel mode (multi-channel lights)
  • 3H: Channel ramp (multi-channel lights)
  • 5C: Momentary mode, using the current strobe

Maybe 4C could rotate backward through the strobe modes? It’d be nice to be able to flip between lightning and candle modes without having to go through tactical strobe on the way.

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Any plan to add a turbo style config option for 2C turbo from off? (other than 2H)

… wasn’t really planning on it?

When it enters ramp mode, it accepts a parameter to specify the brightness… but that value gets processed through the nearest_level() function to make sure it hits a valid ramp step or otherwise fits within the user’s configured ramp.

To make “2C from Off” go directly to full power, the user would need to set their ramp ceiling to full power.

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Correct, and this workaround is what I do on my Hank boost driver lights. I can see why maybe on a FET turbo light you wouldn’t want 2C turbo from off for safety reasons.

Still, it would be nice to have the normal ramp top out at my selected level (ceiling) yet still have 2C turbo from on/off. This seems to be a common enough question from Anduril newbies that are used to other lights that have a 2C turbo from off (ThruNite, Olight, etc.)

2C turbo style:
A1: ceiling when off, turbo when on (ramp)
A2: ceiling when off, ceiling when on (ramp), turbo when at ramp ceiling

A 2C turbo from off/on/ceiling sounds useful to me.

Too many lights with too many UI’s to remember which does what.
Tailcap twist.


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I’d prefer to keep current mapping for single channel lights and alternative B for dual/multi channel lights. This could be model specific.
Why: The 3c sometimes makes sense sometimes, while 4c lockout is nice to have and consistent in on and off mode.
3H,4H, whatever, becomes confusing, especially when the switch becomes old and less reliable. Changing ramp could then end in unintentional lockout or vice versa.
I often use the 5H sunset timer and sometimes unintentionally enter the screwd momentary mode.

Momentary turbo on 3H from on must stay. Use it A LOT!

btw: I can not understand why there has to be the all-in-one Anduril2, leaving one-channel lights as orphans with a crippled UI.
Make someting with a different name (what about Anduril-Moo?) (multi operational oddity) and even different UI, tailored to multi channel lights!

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