How do you lock your lights?

Hmm, I didn’t actually know 4c from on locked the light. I lock my light every time I use it, and since this thread popped up I’ve found myself using it almost exclusively when I know the light is going back in my pocket. It’s certainly more convenient than turning it off, pausing, and then 4c to lock it.

Probably it’s my fault English :grin:
No I don’t want to come back to anduril1.
If 4C is the solution for now I agree

Hi @ToyKeeper ,

I would like to request a change regarding lockout if you are redesigning it.

Whatever you change the “enter lockout” clicks to (4C,5C etc ), the “exit lockout” should be the corresponding number but H instead of C (4H,5H etc.)

This will ensure that those pesky little kids wont be able to exit lockout by doing random clicks.

If you want to make the light safer for kids, I’d recommend configuring the simple mode to have a low ceiling and no turbo, then put the light in simple mode. It’s not easy to exit by accident (the input is 10H).

Lockout mode has 5 ways to exit:

  • loosen/tighten tailcap: return to “Off” mode
  • 3C: return to “Off” mode (not pictured here, it was added later)
  • 4H: floor
  • 4C: mem / medium
  • 5C: ceiling
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That’s the plan. Nothing is changing on single channel lights. The changes are model specific. Parts of the UI are different on multi channel lights, to better tailor it to multi channel hardware.

I usually mechanically lock out my lights. Just a force of habit.

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Hey TK

Personally I read some of these comments like the “it breaks my workflow” xkcd, I think change is necessary too.

I think there’s a fair amount of low (<=5) mappings that I think most people never use and would better be removed.

  • Momentary mode just leads to confusion and having to unscrews and screw again because I clicked one too many times when I wanted to lock is annoying and the niche of people who actually use this probably would be fine with a more complex combo or enabling in a config menu. I imagine they leave the light like that anyway? Even more confusing that it’s accessible from both on and off

  • Lockout from on is just unnecessary

  • Momentary turbo… Why?

  • 3C for switching ramp/stepped seems unnecessarily accessible, how often are people changing this? Most times I enter this is by accident trying to check voltage

Since I have your attention, I also have a feature request hehe Instead of requiring calibrating temperature sensor and clicking 30 times to set a temperature limit, how about a combo for “too hot!” that just decreases the current setting to 5C than current temperature? A different combo or config can reset the limit to infinity so you can then slowly warm it up and set the threshold by feel rather than bothering with inputting temperatures by clicks

Thanks for the awesome firmware!

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“How do you lock your lights?”

When on the move, a bit twist of the tailcap.
At home, not at all.
Climbing Mount Everest… I really hope that I’ll never find out… :wink:

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That’s how older firmwares worked. People didn’t like it very much. It was slow, inconvenient, and inconsistent… and risked damaging the light. So now it sets room temperature by feel (during factory reset) and sets the thermal limit by clicks. Room temp can also be set by clicks, if desired.

FWIW, on anything newer than 2021-09-14, there is a shortcut to set values above 10 clicks. Each click adds 1, and each hold adds 10. So to set the value 20 C above room temperature, the input is just “hold, release, hold”.

That’s what simple mode is for. It has only the most common and most essential functions. Advanced mode is for people who want more. And when neither of those is enough, the code is reasonably straightforward to modify.

My builds of Anduril aren’t going to be an exact match for everyone… they’re just a best effort to meet the needs of as many people as possible, and minimize the amount who need to modify the firmware. Each person will generally find things they don’t use, things which could be removed… but those things are different from person to person. So I find it important to ask whether anyone uses a feature, rather than asking whether everyone uses it. Or rather, asking how many people use it, since the answer as almost always going to be somewhere between “no one” and “everyone”.

Like, I was going to remove “lock from on”, but based on what people here have said, it seems that as many as 1 in 6 people use that. Higher than expected… and the ratio went up after people found out the feature exists. So I started looking for other solutions instead.

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I guess I like opinionated tools. Forcing 1/6 of the userbase to do things like the rest (it’s an extra click to turn off before locking with the same 4C combo) is, in my mind, way preferable than freeing up that valuable 4C to be used by the other 5/6. If the minority is so loud that they need to be appeased you can always have an extra setting in the menus to keep that functionality? Either approach is a tradeoff, and we’re not talking about the linux Kernel here, we’re talking about a UI. Breaking userspace is fine sometimes :slight_smile:

I must respectfully disagree, which I know is ballsy when talking to the dev of the firmware :joy: Simple UI is for people who won’t read the manual or just want a light that behaves like a non-enthusiast light. That’s not me, I’ve read the manual a few times and some of the source code. I want access to all the functionality, yet I’m commenting on the usability of the advanced mode UI. The fact that clicking 5 times puts you in a mode that requires physically rebooting the light when 4 clicks is one of the most common operations is bound to be frustrating irrespective of how familiar I am with advanced UI. I think that’s fair constructive criticism?

I’m thinking of this completely differently I guess. People who have the hardware to even flash a light and the knowledge to actually modify source code are such a small fraction of the userbase as to be irrelevant. I imagine most Anduril 2 users are actually people who get into flashlights, want something more advanced and buy a Hank light or Wurkkos light, watch a tutorial and the first thing they are told is to switch to advanced UI.

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I use 4C to lock from on a lot.

I run a custom build with:
On > 4C: Lockout
Lockout > 3H: unlock to moonlight
Lockout > 4C: unlock to off
Lockout > 4H: unlock to memorized/manual
Lockout > 5H: unlock to ramp max

I’ve made some other changes, too, but they’re beyond the scope of your question.

Thanks, as always, for Anduril. The flashlight community wouldn’t be the same without you.

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I don’t think that was ever the goal of simple mode. That was the goal of “smuggle mode” but simple mode does a lot more.

To me, simple mode locks out the “set and forget” options so I don’t accidentally wander into a menu when I’m just trying to have illumination.

If you’re happy building firmware, starryalley has a fork that implements that (specifically for the strobe modes: 1 2 3 4 ) (which I also copied into my own fork), although it makes a lot of other changes that may or may not be desired, but if you’re comfortable with C, you could make a custom build that implements it without the others - I don’t think I had to make any other changes when I incorporated the modded candle mode files so as changes go it isn’t a hard one. Overall, it’s a really nice codebase to work with and the underlying event-driven architecture as well as hardware abstraction into programmatic interfaces is really good, I enjoy hacking on it when I’ve had a bad day.

I’ve been working on making my own versions modular so individual changes or versions/sets of features can be enabled or disabled at build-time - the end goal is to have a script that a user can run to generate an appropriate firmware image configured to their preferences, as well as eliminating features they don’t use to save button shortcuts and code size, but that’s a long way off still, and I have a lot of changes that I made before I had the modular idea, some of which I know would not be to everyone’s taste. It has the potential to snowball into a too-big project of course, but the easy approach would be to start small with the current codebase and add features one by one with a well thought out configuration mechanism… so of course I’ve been doing the opposite and still adding new features :rofl:, although at least everything I’ve added recently has been optional using a feature flag, I’ve still got a lot of rebasing and merging to do on some of my earlier hacks. I’ve also been trying to collect and document all of the configuration variables that a user might want to set in a custom configuration firmware image, but my life is kind of unstable right now so I work on it very intermittently.

Yeah, this is by far my biggest frustration with default anduril as it is - I moved momentary mode to 12C. One of the few times I’ve convinced someone to try out of of my lights before that, they managed to get into momentary mode and I had to show them how to get out of it.

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I would love to see auto-lock timer which is good for muggles.

I use 4C from off. I didn’t realize Anduril 2 can lockout with 4C from on. Since I have a mix of A1 and A2 lights, I’ll probably stay in the habit of 4C from off.

Related to this, I sometimes wish, when locked-out, it required a hold to get moonlight or 2H to get the brighter momentary. If I have night-adjusted eyes the flashes from 4C can be annoying.

I like that you can currently do a 4H from lockout to unlock and enter the bottom of the ramp; however, this still involves the four flashes and the “confirmation” flash when exiting lockout before you get to moonlight. All those flashes, with some of them brighter, sort of defeat the purpose of being able to unlock straight to moonlight. I’m testing this on a Sofirn SC31 Pro right now.

I guess this would need a “shake it to unlock” feature :wink:

You can use 3C to unlock to off on new Andúril 2 ??
Or do you mean the Andúril 1 lights?
Normally you can update the Andúril 1 to 2 with reflashing.

Regarding the flashes you can press the lens against your body to block the flashes

Unless in hand ready for use: always lockout by tailcap. If not possible (copper lights, e-switch): plastic disc between battery and tailspring.

I got used to my Acebeam E70 MINI, which is always locked after switching it off (double click from off to unlock). Not a true lockout since a long press will activate ultra low mode. But from there it’s a long way to high. It has proven to me a safe way to transport the light.