How do you take notes when modding?

I got to looking for my new car insurance paperwork, couldn’t find it. We’re driving with expired insurance cards but have active insurance.

Ended up finding the mailing with the new cards in my mod notes stack, with notes all over the face of the envelope! :smiley:

I don’t know about you, but I take my notes BEFORE the soldering iron gets hot. Then correct them after the testing is done.

From knotting as well as electronics, woodworking, hot-rodding cars/trucks and most of my other hobbies, my best advice would be to keep a notebook. Loose-leaf binders are tossed every day from a lot of businesses, so they’re cheap; although the 3-hole plan is hard to work with when the holes break out. To the Good, those little ‘hole-reinforcing’ stickers work well to insulate LEDs and connectors… If you’re multiply-afflicted with ADD like I am, get the nice thumb-tabs & write identifying marks on them. All that can be had in durable Spiral-bound notebooks, if you’re committed… Or NEED TO BE!! :smiley:

SWMBO writes phone numbers on envelopes. After decades, I’ve almost got her to write down NAMES with the numbers, so I can know what’s going on… And so we can both know which envelopes can be tossed out of her hoard… :weary:

It seems strange, in the 21st Century, to require a tangible “card” for Proof-Of-Insurance, although my state is equally as primitive as yours seems to be… At least here, if you get caught with an out-of-date card, as long as you show up in court with what would have been a valid one, they’ll usually drop the ticket. Demand a Jury Trial, it helps.

Our Highway Patrol and local cops already know when they get to your window if you have insurance or not. They don’t even ask for the card anymore for the most part, but you’re still required to have it…even though they’ve already confirmed it electronically by the plate on the vehicle.

After I mod I take lumens and amp readings, sometimes too eager to find out the results to get a decent sheet of paper and just start jotting it down on whatever is handy. :bigsmile:

I actually do have a spreadsheet through Google somewhere or other, need to update it which will be a chore as I’m way behind.

When I was doing a lot of hacking/modding, I had to do a lot of measurements, so I used a pencil and wrote it right on the table top. When I was done, I would just clean it off with household cleaner and I was ready to go again. Never kept any notes on anything else. Maybe a small tape recorder?

I've started doing that even though I write notes. It's a backup in case data comes faster than I can remember or write it down. I'm thinking about getting a SJ4000 (Gopro clone) to take things a step further.

Or record to your smartphone.

Hardly... LOL

My phone is a dumb phone. It won’t cook breakfast, won’t answer the door or chauffeur my butt to work. I don’t know about recording. I think it only does that in Chinese.

Haha, "smart" is not right word to describe my phone. Feature phone, maybe. Slow as molasses. Absolutely. Old enough to attend elementary school. Yep. Data plan? Yeah right, I'm not paying for that! I haven't paid for a phone since 2002. I get new phones when friends, family, bosses get so frustrated with my phone that they give me their old phones.

It records. Call your landline and have it record to your answering machine. :D

lol. I currently have a dumb phone, and a smartphone that I use as a multimedia device/ notetaker. I will never pay for a data plan if I can help it.

[/quote] My phone is a dumb phone. It won't cook breakfast, won't answer the door or chauffeur my butt to work. I don't know about recording. I think it only does that in Chinese. [/quote]

You need a dumb phone like mine. It does all the above plus more. Theres only one thing that it refuses to do and thats why I also have a smart phone. It is hard to get decent multi purpose things these days.

+1 :bigsmile:

Well I carry one of those small notebooks (and a pen) in my pocket every day so I have that if I think of something or to take notes from a customer. At my work area I use graph paper notabooks.

Looks like I need to get with the program. I need a secretary… :slight_smile:

The first picture is how I used to do it. I cant remember what light it was for but it was built from the ground up.

The next two were for the OL buld C83. The second page is the tailcap. You may or may not recognize a Tofty switch in there and the brass bling rings.

Since learning how to use the basics of Draftsite has made drawing the guts of a light so much simpler. I normally only draw the inside components of the head and everything else including the outside looks is cobbled around whats left. In other words made up as you go along.

Trust me when I say that during the last few years you guys here have kept me from going over the edge. For that I thank you all.

Flashlights. What a bunch of weirdos. We should all be locked up and the keys thrown away.

I told him I was gonna hook batteries to his ears and make his eyes burn with the power of the cell. He got a big goofy grin on his face and asked if his eyes would light up. I’ve created a little Johnny Mac!

Since I don’t typically design a light to be built from the ground up, I don’t have that elaborate a use for note taking. For me, it’s the end results of a mod. The amperage and output and lux with estimated throw coupled with some temperatures and run times. I should probably make note of the UI firmware settings as well, with all the BLF drivers I’ve been making lately. Wouldn’t hurt I guess to be sure and note emitter specs, but the lazy way there is I’ve taken to marking the specs on the Noctigon with a fine tip magic marker and the date of the build. That would be better in a spreadsheet of course, need to get organized. Maybe if I stick a cap in my ear I’ll have off time memory?

The guy who made our wooden floor 2years ago left his notebook behind, it has been my modding notebook since, and sometimes appears in my posts :-)

Wow. A spread sheet for light outputs. Your leaves mine with a lot to desire.

I use spreadsheets for everything but I still record that stuff the old way, on note cards in a tin box and organize them by the customer’s name, that way if it ever comes back and the guy wants medium 5% lower there’s no guess work, just pull out his card and see exactly what it was.