How many lights do you carry?

When i started to see a build up of rows over rows of flashlights on my shelves i suspected i had a problem. However, when i realized i was actually carrying half a dozen whenever i went out there was no doubt left. :person_facepalming:

Jeans pockets: Jetbeam I MK on left and Astrolux BLF special edition A01 copper on the right.
Jacket: Solarstorm SC01, Ultratac K18 and Convoy Tiny AAA somewhere down an inside pocket.
City backpack: Another Solarstorm SC01 and a variety of three or four AAAs spread around in each pockets.
Car: Convoy L6, Convoy S2 and a COB pencil flood light.

…so if i wear my jeans, take my jacket and backpack and drive my car that’s… no less then 12 lights!

How bad is it for you? :smiling_imp:

I carry zero at the office or during my commute.
weekends maybe my S2+.

Not that bad… so far! :smiley:

I always carry my… tailstanding Nitecore Tube :laughing: and (when I go out in the night) an Olight S15R which covers 9/10 of my needs.
I guess I must have a couple (don’t remember how many) cheap FLs in my car (and many around in my home, but these don’t count as carry-on :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Are you counting those thumb sized keychain lights?


Two BLF specials, always: BLF A6, the perfect EDC, used daily and a copper A01, used almost never (after all, I have the A6) just as backup.

I’m usually happy with just one. I know, “one is none and two is one”, but its not like I use my light in life-or-death situations usually, and I don’t “edc” unreliable stuff anyway.

I do occasionally slip an extra light in a pocket, just for fun. Maybe something small in my “watch” pocket. And I’ve had keychain lights off and on too, but they never last for me.

Only one at a time:

1. Normal daytime EDC carry is my old TrustFire F20, modded with XM-L2 1A emitter with Nanjg 101-AK driver, three-mode/no-blinkies. Unfortunately, I’ve lost this light again, and am hoping it shows up soon, as it is irreplaceable.

2. Wintertime carry (due to earlier evenings, more travel, shopping, etc) is my Convoy S2 (non+) with pocket clip, deep/smooth reflector, XP-G2 CW emitter, and 3A Qlite driver with four-mode ultra-low/no-blinkie mode selected. 18650 gives a good runtime, while the reflector/emitter combo makes for a surprisingly good thrower in such a small package.

DQG SPY Ti. keychain.
and one of this: Klarus mi7, Nitecore TIP, Olight Smini Sus, Olight S1, Olight i3E cooper, Maratac Rev AAA cooper.

Total: I carry 2 lights

I try to limit myself to just a Nitecore Tube on my key ring and a Klarus Mi7 in my pocket. If I have my daypack with me, and I usually do, I have a TerraLux TLH-10 headlamp in one of the pockets in that. If I know I’m going to be out after dark, and I’ll need a light, I’ll usually bring something a little more powerful along.

Most of my lights are just toys that I have little or no practical use for. :smiley:

One AAA, and on my key ring a coin cell light.

I frequently need a flashlight at work, so I have a 1x18650 light holstered on my belt always Monday-Friday. In the past many years it was a solarforce P1 with high CRI XM-L. Recently it has been an Astrolux S41 Nichia quad.

For about five years I had a FourSevens Mini AA running 14500 in my pocket every day, that sucker took so much abuse it was unreal - it FINALLY died about a year ago. I recently replaced it with a BLF348 on 10440.

My entire collection is only about a dozen lights, because I tend to be cheap and only buy things I feel I “need”. I don’t buy a lot of lights I just “want” - I’d be broke if I did that.

LD01 on the keychain and a PD35 on the belt.

I carry 2. An Olight I3E (120 lumen version) on my keychain, and a Nitecore Tip worn around my neck on a long lanyard. Sometimes I wear a Jetbeam Mini-1 instead of the Tip

I always have a Foursevens Atom triple XP-L HI with LD3 driver, a DQG Hobi Plus UV light and a DQG Spy XP-L HD on a chain on my person.
If i’m doing something where more light or runtime is needed i’ll take more from the collection.

Now that’s complicated :slight_smile:

In the house, I always have a BLF-348 on my belt, and maybe an 18650 light, so one or two.

Outside, I have three lights on my person: the BLF-348, an 18650 light (currently an Astrolux S41S) and a Fenix E05 2014 on my keyring as an emergency backup.

If I have my backpack while I’m outside (I usually do), then there’ll be a custom Convoy X3 in it (it’s basically a BLF A6 in an X3 body), along with a red 2xAAA bike light to use as a safety marker.

I usually have three or four AAA or AA lights floating about in there as well, either as backups, loaners or even to be given away to someone in need of a light. That can get me up to 8 or 9 lights in total. I generally have spare cells for everything I’m carrying, too.

When I’m travelling, I add a Fenix UC35 to that as a waterproof USB charger and extra cell carrier for my 18650s. It even has a built in torch :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, all bets are off when I’m comparing lights, experimenting or just going over to the park so I can play with them :slight_smile:

Two for me… an old Fenix E0 Dart on the key ring with a small (even older) swiss and a 4Sevens Quark AAt with a leatherman on my belt. The AAt is modded with a neutral tint XP-G3 on Copper and I use a 14500 IMR for around ~240L. I have EDC’d this setup for 5-6 years, including dozens of boy scout adventures with my sons troop. Although the Leatherman shown is a recent addition and is only a year old.

I have a Utorch 01 incoming though so that could replace the AAt. Tough decision Utorch versus 4Sevens?… do I replace half-decade proven reliability with technical capability? Keeping in mind I am out with my sons buddies (I am responsible for someone elses kids) so lighting is important, its more than just a hobby or novelty.

I started at one. Now i have gone mad lol
Jetbeam Jet II MK with a spare cell
Lumintop Tool with a 10440
Nitecore tube
These are my usual

Right now i have the Nitecore TIP on me i have a review of that coming up. I always EDC my lights before i review them.
I have tried so many other lights. I may get rid of the Jet II Mk the no memory mode is annoying me. I had to check out my GF car after she hit a pot hole and had to cycle through the mode like 20 times. The Nitecore TIP is bright enough for an EDC.

Currently, I have 4 flashlights.
Normally, when have nothing specific, I always carry Klarus XT2C XP-l HI or Luckysun mini 20.
When I may need to use flashlight for a long period, I carry Nitecore EC4 or Ultrafire C12(rarely use it after I got EC4).

I plan to give Klarus to my brother this Christmas.

Zebralight SC62w clipped in the front left pocket.
Nitecore TIP v2 on the keychain.

Sometimes on Sundays, depending on my attire, the Zebralight gets subbed for by either a 4sevens Preon P2 or Thorfire PF04 penlight……ya know….the Sunday church-goin’ slacks not quite as accomodating for the the Zebra. :smiley: