How many triples is too many triples?

Carclo triple seems pretty iconic. I think it would go down in the flashlight hall of fame if such a thing existed. I still cant bring myself to keep more than this many and end up getting rid of one when a new one is acquired.

Wonder what the next equivalent “thing” will be… no real point to this thread I guess other than to say in my entire collection I have more duplicates of these and tiny AAA lights than any other. The rest all kind of have some “niche” they fill.


nice triples.

I only own two and they are both Kaidomain triples.
All my quads are Carclo though

Now when I saw it I want even more E2L with 18350 tube.

My most used one. Has orange trit stuck into a clear tail boot and sits at my bed side 24/7

Here are mine. I still have many empty hosts, so if I ever want to, there will be more. I sold my fw3a. I didn’t like it. My edc and most used is S41. And I also have tritium in rubber boot. But white.

Here’s several I have — All flavor LEDs — My FW3C is put back in seal bag — I think I have a few more of my favorites at the camp
I forgot to answer the question —- No such thing as too many of any kind of flashlight :smiley:

Do I win?
I love my triples. Most of them have a BLF-A6 driver which is my all-time favourite cheap but great driver. I EDC-ed most of these and despite the quad and e-switch invasion in my collection these triples all still do better than the new ones: a triple 18350 light with lighted tailclicky is just close to perfect.

I think I have two triples and one quad.

I do like my triples, however.

I sometimes feel like a serious flashaholic, and then I watch that kind of thread and I feel relief.

Thank you :partying_face:

djozz—- I second that —I have several with BLF-A6 driver also —-one of my favorites also —then there’s the good old driver with set modes and a set Turbo timer
I’ve recently been playing around with these new drivers trying to find the right application for them


Crushed by Quads…

Boo quads. Nice pics all. Lots of variation here despite all the same optic.

Wow, you folks are dedicated enthusiasts. I have a mere five triples, 3 S2+ and going on four FW3x. My S2+ triples are powered with Dr. Jones drivers from Mountain Electric. They give some really sweet moonlight levels. Even at comparable brightness levels the triples seem to "fill the area with light" better than a single without being brighter.

Edit: I also have a DB Custom built Sofirn C8F 2100. Not a Carlco so I don't know if it belongs in this thread but It's the most powerful light in my collection.

I only have two. So far………. :wink:

Wow, you folks are dedicated enthusiasts.

very kind in your description of this sickness (addiction) :wink:

A pair of s2+’s is missing from the pics, they both have specific jobs at work (red 18350 with 2x219b’s an a red Olson signal and a black 18500 with 319’s and blue XP-E2).

These are the rest

The C8TT, Nitecore EA41 and Fandyfire Rook are all Ledil Cute-3’s (Rook is wide dished pebble optic). I know you intended the thread to be about carclo’s but the title is just “triples” so I hope ya don’t mind.

I’m partial to a few triples.

Nice thread :+1:

I’ve got 1 3Tronics S2+ triple, 2 Emisar D4V1/D4V2 quads and one Mountain modified SupFire M6 triple.

So 2 triples and 2 quads.


Astrolux S41. S 41S.
And an Elfeland Triple.
Double 18650 cell Divers light with Magnetic sw.
Had for years in fishing boat still looks like new.

I’m looking for a BLF? Copper X5 (I’ll pay shipping to Aust).
If anybody knows of one.

The all plastic Dollar Tree triple.