How to check the current status of the Exduct Raffle Pot

How to check the current status of the Exduct Raffle Pot

Note: The following procedure is only to be used to look up the status of the commission pot and has nothing to do with the actual use of the winning coupons or making purchases with the "BLFgiveaway"-code to be able to participate. If you are a winner of the raffle and want to purchase something with your winning raffle coupon, always log in with your personal account!

You are able to check the current status of the “commission pot” by logging in as

User: “BLFcommission” with Password: “BLFcommission” (case sensitive)

Click on „Check commission status now”

A list will be displayed like this…

You will notice that the list is not complete, as only the 1st page with the first 100 entries is displayed and in the lower right corner is a total of $0.00 shown.

We want to see the full list…. go to the bottom of the list and select on the “Display Num”-drop down menu “All” instead of “100”.

Now the table is several hundred entries long and shows the actual total of the current pot at the end of the very long list in the lower right corner (3)…. $62.61 in this example... so ~$37 to go until the next total of ~$100 is reached and this pot is locked for the next participation thread. Number (2) tells you how much money in form of coupons were generated so far and these "old" pots are “locked” … in this example the use of the code "BLFgiveaway" right now would mean, that your entry would be eligible for the 7th raffle, because it would be between ~$ 600 and ~$700 . Number (1) is the sum of Number (2)+(3).

Optional: Sort the entries by date


Thank you for the clarification Vectrex. Much appreciated.

No problem, if anything is missing or too confusing ... just let me know.

To check the current status, it seems that clicking on “summary” is more direct (one click) and display the current status only.