How to open Aleto zoomer pill ????

Finally got some time to mod the underpowered Aleto 26650 zoomer, but am stymied about how to open the pill, both to get at the driver and change out the emitter for a U3 or L2. Anyone know how to do it?

Have tried pulling on the brown cap and twisting it. Nothing. Ditto for the brass part. What am I missing???

the said that there was fujik under the star, so he apparently got it open. Relic heated the brass and then somehow pulled the brass part free? But no details really. These comments are from the March review of the light. Looks like the driver will just pop out but am clueless about the emitter.

I have a few damaged lights where I used too much force in disaasembly, so I don’t want to ruin this one.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Hello Ubehebe

I have the same light and the brown cap can be removed twisting to the left
when you have the pill facing to you, don’t try to pull it the XML is sitting in
24 mm base plate I know is big and has the white paste under the plate
the wires are very thin, the driver can be removed pulling on the edge
slow you know going around. I did’t try to remove it yet but the size can be
a problem on the review show 18.6 mm the normal size for drivers are 17 mm
20 mm let us know the update OK

I just applied heat to the brass driver ring and then I could get it out. I also recall taking out the emitter end but I cannot get it to move anymore.

Max30, thanks so much for your pointers:

>>>>> the brown cap can be removed twisting to the left

I tried it a little bit without too much force without anything happening, so before I apply any force, I want to make sure positively that I’m twisting in the right way. Looking at the brown cap, FROM THE FRONT, I am turning it clockwise or counter-clockwise?

>>>>>but the size can be
>>>>>a problem on the review show 18.6 mm the normal size for drivers are 17 mm
>>>>>>20 mm let us know the update OK

I have some blank 20mm disks, so I am hoping to dremel one of those down far enough to fit. And I am also hoping there is enough room inside the pill (there appears to be enough room) to dangle a 17mm driver connected to the blank PCB disk.

These disks are GREAT.

(Apparently banggood has a ruler from Mars. The disks are 20mm NOT 22mm as their ad misstates.)

If you notice there is a hole in the center of the blank PCB disk. This hole is EXACTLY the correct size for a nanjig driver spring, so a nanjig driver can “piggyback” under one of these disks perfectly, with virtually no lost space.

A small wire to connect the neg side of this blank disk and nanjig driver, and you’re ready to rumble. A dot of solder in the disk hole holds the nanjig driver spring to the blank disk.

And because it’s just a disk that rests on top of the 17mm driver, i really don’t need too much more room in the pill.

I have done 5-6 mods this way — 17mm driver in a 20mm pill — and they have worked GREAT. These banggood blank disks BANG GOOD!!

Thanks again!!!

Thanks relic for your help.

>>>>> I also recall taking out the emitter end but I cannot get it to move anymore.

Yeah, ditto for mine. I’m waiting to hear back from Max30 confirming the direction. When that happens, I’ll REALLY go for it.

Hello Ubehebe

Yes you have to turn it counter-clockwise to removed ( left), and when you are putting it back clockwise (right)
I found one more post to reduce the space for the drive 20 mm to 17mm and I tried once, but I forgot
to make 2 notches on the side of aluminum pill like you can see in the photo of the post and my pill cracked when
I press the brass part but is a fast way to do it and the 17 mm drive will fit very well. Thank you for let us know
about the 20 mm blank disks. I am going to order some.

Man, that brown cap was SCREWED ON TIGHT!!! Had to use vise grips and needle nose tips in the holes. Twisted a pair of hemtostats completely out of plumb trying to break it free, but it finally let loose!

Now to get the driver out and to cut a disk to the right size.

>>>>about the 20 mm blank disks. I am going to order some.

They really are great little adapters. I used them for other 17mm drivers before discovering that the nanjig driver spring fit perfectly. Fasttech also sells some other drivers with a slightly larger spring. I’m thinking those will also fit if I stretch out the spring a little to make the circumference smaller. Then thread the driver spring through the hole by twisting it on like a giant screw, if that makes sense.

Connecting 17mm drivers to blank 20mm disks require a good amount of wire and some space to solder them in place, but these piggyback adapters require less than a MM I think. Only found one V3 pill so far where they wouldn’t fit.

Thanks to everyone for their help with the Aleto pill!


Not such a big fan of zoomers any more, but what a difference a new driver and U3 emitter made in this thing. WOW!!

Was 4k lux; now 10k lux (2.5 times brighter)! That’s at 15 feet, taking a reading off the aleto beam fully zoomed. That’s with a Fasttech 2.8 nanjig and a Fasttech U3

My Keygo M12 is brighter with 12k lux with a Fasttech no-name 3-amp driver and a U3, but not by much.

This aleto really lives up to its appearance now.

Mod was fairly easy.

1. Used one of these shaved down to 18+ mm to fit in pill brass driver holder extension thingie (see picture)…

2. Attached stock aleto battery spring to blank disk.

2. Must use a 16mm star (NOT a 20mm) so that the wire holes line up in the pill. 20mm wires will NOT line up correctly. Even though emitter area is CAVERNOUS for stock giant star, brown cover holds 16mm star in place perfectly. Included stock plastic spacer keeps emitter terminals from shorting.

3. Piggybacked 17mm Fasttech nanjig to shaved-down blank PCB driver disk. Disk press fits into brass receptacle, so don’t shave it down too much. Fit perfectly and worked like a charm. Like someone built the piggyback setup for the Aleto.

Only thing is I wish that the stupid switch on this light would switch modes with a soft press, but no you have to do a complete click for a mode change.

I will mark the original aleto review thread to point to this thread in case anyone wants to mod the aleto.

With the large pill and ample heat-sinking fins, I probably could have gone to a 4 amp driver on this.

As a point of reference, I have a few stock Aurabuy and other T6 C8s in the 7-12k lux range, so the 10k beam on this is pretty darn respectable.

Hope this helps anyone else who decides to mod this baby!

Do you prefer the Aleto or the Keygo?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Do you prefer the Aleto or the Keygo?

Definitely the keygos, but the aleto ain’t bad either. However, the metal zoom ring in the keygos MUST be replaced with a normal o ring. I don’t use a zoom that much, but when I do, it’s usually the keygos or a modded ultrafire sk98.

Please excuse the noob request, but would it be possible to get the links for the recommended “Fasttech 2.8 nanjig and a Fasttech U3” used for this mod?
I’m seeing various “Nanjg” drivers listed at Fasttech but not certain which one would be appropriate.

This will be my first flashlight mod, so thank you! :slight_smile: