how to open this pill

hi. this is from an anker lc90 flashlight. cant get this thing open. tried turning both directions with needle nose pliers. or is it accessed through the driver side? was a zoomie.

Here maybe? Below the oring. Or the driver is just a press fit.

I think for sure a press fit driver. You should be able to gently pry it off with a good dental type pick if you have one. Razor blade would work in a pinch. Try to get underneath it from one of the flat sides of the driver.

Could be a little glue or epoxy around the rim too

ok. will try driver side later. i think maybe press too after tearing up the aluminum. thanks all

But … What are you trying to open? It is just solid piece of aluminium. Take some sharp tip thing and just pick the driver up.

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this is my first time breaking down a flashlight completely. i thought the little circles were used to unscrew it. sorry!

and yes. press fit.

looking at parts and added up the cost…

ez’er to buy ts10 and body swap. gonna figure something for the e switch.

does main power run through the ts10 e switch like clickies?

No, it’s just the signal.


everyone putting big lights in small hosts. im gonna put small light in big host.

You will need a sleeve, the power runs through the inner ring and signal through the outer one.

Kind of backwards to what the KR4 and FW3A use.

wait a minute. are you 100%?

inner tube is positive and outer tube is negative. wurkkos use negative to switch?


Common positive goes to the brass button in the middle of the driver, both contacts on the tubes are negative, one just has an e-switch across it for the signal and the other carries current.

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good info

a bit more detail thanks to m4potofu
“the contact ring around the driver isn’t GND/batt- but the switch signal, since the body of the flashlight is the switch signal, batt- is actually the inner tube”

hmm. ok. so i thought the ts10 outer ring on driver was positive.

ok. read link. good to know and worried me at first. for what I’m doing however, as long as i create an insulated connection from the driver ring to the tailcap, it should work. yeah?

like this kinda

Not familiar with this specific light- Google/reviews seem to show a threaded charging adapter/body- this suggests to me that the light is more complicated than normal tube light as to charge it’ll need access to both ends of the cell…

On the upside, this could mean an e-switch is more viable…

the threaded charging port is on the inner tailcap. there are 2 tailcaps. the inner tailcap is insulated from the body of the flashlight. the outer tailcap has the clickie which connects the inner tailcap to the body of the flashlight.

im curious as to how would this make e switch easier. i read the same thing from another forum member. but i cant seem to figure how out the inner tailcap with the charger works. finally i give up trying to figure it out and concluded it must be controlled by software or someshit.

would be nice to be able to still use the inner cap to charge the battery with ts10 internals.

i seem to have confused myself thinking about this more.

on the ts10 the positive on driver connects to negative tailcap spring.

driver negative outer ring connects to tailcap negaive outer ring via inner tube.

how is the outer tube connected to the circuit

i am a rookie but i am willing to learn.

i wanted to add that i have a copper ts10 and didnt want to disassemble it so I’ve been watching this to see how the ts10 looks inside. i dont understand a word he’s saying

I belive the body connects to the driver via a screw through the shelf. It does double purpose of securing the driver. I didn’t look to closely when I was modding mine but that’s how I assumed it worked.

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Maybe it will help… Search is a wonderful thing… :japanese_ogre:

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