How To Solder: Copper Pills,LEDS,Drivers,+ Equipment and Supplies

Hi everyone,

Here is what you can expect from the video.

1. Basic “how to” soldering skills
2. Best practices to avoid pitfalls and brittle joints
3. Tips and tricks on how to get stubborn parts like copper pills to solder
4. Equipment and soldering supplies I recommend.


If you have any helpful hints of your own please feel free to share.
Here is my thread on how to Reflow solder an LED to an MCPCB


Soldering station:weller wes51 for sale | eBay
Soldering Iron:weller soldering iron for sale | eBay
Kester No Clean Solder: Kester solder .031 no clean for sale | eBay
Kester Liquid Soldering Flux:kester 951 liquid flux for sale | eBay
Kester Rework Flux:
Brass Sponge: brass sponge for sale | eBay
Soldering Paste: Kester EP256 Lead Solder Paste 63/37 Syringe Dispenser for sale online | eBay
Silicone wire: Silicone wire 22awg for sale | eBay

Your ebay links are broken.
Gonna watch now,

Excellent video, Matt. Ill have to rewatch it as I get close to soldering my driver to a copper P60 for the helpful pointers in there.

Thanks for letting me know. I think they are fixed now??

I was hoping you guys would find that part useful :slight_smile:

The Kester rework flux link brought up a whole lot of auto parts, no flux.


Nice “Direct and to the Point” Video. Well Done.

Learned quite a bit there, especially the hints on soldering to a pill.


S-L :slight_smile:

A lot of effort in taking that video. You saved a lot of people from soldering frustrations.

Hi Matt, Excellent Tutorial! :+1:

Do you know the link in OSHPARK for this Driver @ 1:00 ?


I also tried to find this pcb at oshpark, but I did not find it. I found this driver (not pcb) here

Of course, I could have overlooked this project. Maybe it’s on the oshpark

The PCB is Purple, So it must be somewhere on Oshpark :laughing:

See this link . It looks similar. Maybe I’ll find something else in a moment.

Thanks Alot, I Will Check it now

Btw they could order a board for their needs. They did not have to share it.

Btw2 I’m not a specialist, but for me it looks like a normal mosfet driver without an AMC

True :+1:

to be honest I Didn’t want to order the Driver from oshpark, I Just wanted to look at its Circuit :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting the video vestureofblood! Lots of great tips in there. Heat and flux are certainly key for good soldering.

Thank you for the tips! :slight_smile: :beer:

Hi all,

I don’t have a link for the exact mosfet design you seen in my shop because I have someone make those for me now. Back when I was assembling them myself this was the board I used

The last batch I ordered I tried the 2oz traces, but doing this means you get a pcb that is only half thickness for some reason. I would not order them that way again :slight_smile: