Howdy from Texas!

Old Frog here. That's my gaming forum name so I may as well use it here. I am an old frog as I will be 70 in a couple of months. I'm a retired mechanic and disabled. I spend most of my life in front of my computer so it's my world. I survived a lot of my friends and I'm still here.

If you're young and smoke and drink... stop now... they didn't. You'll thank me later.

I used to play guitar and was in a band in the 70s then life gets in a way (cause I had to work) In the 90s I picked up the guitar again but it wasn't the same so I dropped it. Life goes on. I like to work on things... wood work, engines, plumbing, whatever I can get my hands on. I and my sis share the house that mom left us when she passed.

Reason I'm here was that I bought an Acebeam K65 from Nitetorch and it was defective. I have a refund coming and they don't want the light back. So I'm back looking and found a BLF -Q8 on Amazon except it's an upgraded version and named Sofirn Q8. I found that BLF stands for this forum and designed by you so here I am.

I've read that you have detailed info on this light but I can't find your search option besides the Google search.

Hi and welcome Old Frog. Search function is on the top right of the page.

Search results for '' -*

Thanks mate. I see now, I just have to look deeper.

Howdy partner
Hope you like the forum

I’ve recently joined and it’s addictive

Have fun here buddy

Hope your well

Best wishes from Finland


Have a pleasant time at this friendly forum, Old Frog!

What I love about the internet. Friends from all four corners of the world.

Thanks mate.

and a hello there RC. Come here much?

I spend a lot time here, but unfortunately, I am male.

(I don't want you to get your hopes up.)

My username, avatar, signature, and greeting pics are all references to the Resident Evil video games and movies.

Yeah,when you're retired the hard thing is finding things to do to fill the days without hitting the buy button too often..

I've got about 6 year on you.

I go to an indoor shooting range near here about 2 or 3 times a week,sit in front of the PC several hours a day,take the misses to the stores quite often,watch a lot of Fox News on The Internet using or 123news.

I eat cooked oatmeal with fresh berries every other day and limit the intake of sludge.

I've been taking a baby aspirin every day since about 35.

I had spent a lot of time in the sun fishing and other sports and now paying a price for not protecting my skin.

I've had 7 basal cell surgeries in the last 2 years

I like tinkering so flashlights are right in my wheelhouse.

I quite smoking in 1968 but still enjoy a glass of craft beer every few days.

If you're still breathing keep the mind and body well exercised and get to 100.

Old Frog....Welcome to the forum

I used to drink alcohol and smoke weed, but I quit both years ago.

Neither of them really appeal to me anymore as I enjoy being sober.

I'm 43 years old, and I'm pretty healthy, though I do have a bad back.

Right now I'm addicted to the internet and technology.

Well RC, so the pic's not you. Darn it.

I forgot to mention that I like to shoot too. I have a 22 Rough Rider revolver, 9mm Beretta Storm and 10mm EAA Witness. I have a carry permit and carry my 9mm.

Since I have pains in my lower back and neck I receive injections at the pain clinic. For my other pains I take a Hydrocodone pill. Chronic pains sucks I tell ya.

Hitting the buy button? Hard not to do that. LOL. I'm always buying something every month. I just ordered a $65 LED flashlight a while ago. I bought a $120 light a week ago and it's defective. Vendor says I'll get a refund but keep the light. It's been a few days but yet seen the money. I guess it'll come sooner or later.

I'm a member of the Candlepower forum and I was getting suggestions on the lights hence these I have/soon to have (new light coming tomorrow). 5 years ago I was suggested a Nitecore P36 which I still have (same batteries, Simon 18650s). An excellent light but I want a more powerful light.

Howdy neighbor! Stick around here and pick up modding, you may yet fix that light. :wink:

Good luck with that buy button, this may be the wrong place for you if you’re not ready to give that button a LOT of exercise! Lol

Hey welcome Old Frog! Hey I noticed you take Oxy pain meds. I don’t know the extent of your pain so maybe you should try CBD Marijuana Topicals and Tintures. Marijuana Topicals and Tintures is where you can see what’s out there. I dunno you’re in Texas so maybe illegal?? Anyways, I’ve used their Marijuana infused pain cream and I can tell you that it works. Plus by using CBD, you won’t get the “High” feeling. Check it out when you have some free time.

IndicaSativa :sunglasses:

I never asked my dealer what type of marijuana it was, but it was primarily a head high, so most likely a sativa-heavy strain.

Ahh Sativa…fuel for the creatives out there. Well, at least you’re not eating everything in the fridge these days. :wink:

You know you are in the right place when you have purchased a curio cabinet for your lights. lit of course. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard! Im sure you’ll enjoy your stay. :beer:

I’m just swamped with stuff I ordered since I joined here. This weekend gonna pull out the stud finder, 90 degree brace, 2*6 planed cedar plank and mount it all up right in my bedroom walls! :slight_smile:

I tried CBD oil. 1000mg in 2 oz. After I found the dosage for it to work it was too expensive. My pain pills (and all my medical needs) cost me nothing. I have SSI and RSDI (Medicaid/Medicare) so I'm covered.

I could benefit from pot but it's still illegal here in Texas.

Recently I did a lot of woodwork. I've built a few boxes from scratch. Here's a couple:

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt='IMG-20190608-173101'/></a>

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt='IMG-20191018-171214'/></a>