Howdy from Texas!

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Ahh Oils…yeah some of them do get pricey. Sounds like you had some potent stuff before too! :person_with_crown: . There’s so many different types out there now. Well that’s great to hear your medical expenses are covered. Most people here make their own. If you know a grower, then you’re laughing all the way to the bank. Maybe $50 an ounce of primo compared to $240!
I take it you know it’s legal where I am to purchase weed. I mean I can just order whatever and it’s delivered in the mail to my place by Canada Post! :smiley: Well, it’s only a matter of time before it’s legal in your state! :sunglasses:

Thanks. I figured it out. :)

A lot of states had legalized pot but Texas is a holdout but in the works. For now it's legal for extreme cases like epilepsy.

Ok nice nice and I didn’t know that about Texas. Good to hear there are options for people in Texas. I mean the key word here is “Choices”. If you don’t want narcotics then choose ganja. :slight_smile:

I think marijuana is way safer than opiate painkillers, but I don't think weed kills the pain for everyone.

I hope it gets more legal around the world even though it's not for me anymore.

True weed’s not for everyone and personally, I mainly use the creams as I work out. Smoking it….well once in a blue moon :slight_smile:

I'd rather eat it. last a lot longer that way. :D

Do you like peanut butter? Firecrackers

Are you kidding? I love peanut butter. LOL

Some can’t stand smoking so they prefer edibles. Much more discreet…and delicious :sunglasses:
Most people though don’t follow the 1 hour edible rule. Eat and and wait 1 hr before eating again. Otherwise if you eat too much too soon, well…chocolate-covered nightmare begins! lol

I never tried edibles.

What I liked was old-school vaping, where the only thing you vape is marijuana.

I liked that much more than smoking, though I did smoke what was leftover after vaping because to not do so would be wasteful.

Yeah that’s the choice one has to make and I respect that. Actually, marijuana can counter the effects of opiate withdrawals and makes the journey much more pleasant. Well at least there’s options now. :slight_smile:

If you do wait 1 hour! :smiley: or you can always try Shatter. :smiley:

Heavy Heavy Duty!!

Yup it's wax alright!

The new light I ordered got damaged in shipment and no replacement so I got my money back from Amazon. The refund I'm waiting on earlier... not happening. I guess I got ripped off.

I'm back to square one.

ETA: that dude up there is nuts. LOL

Just heard from Nitetorch. Says they lost the order info so they can't refund me. Needed the order no so they can process it.

Ho boy.


They said it's refunded. Wait 5-10 days for it to show. Long wait before I can look for a light.

Great to hear! 1 down, 1 to go :slight_smile:

I ordered that Q8 light again. I gotta see what you guys did with it. I have a feeling it's going to be a keeper.

UPDATE: Had problems with the card. Finally fixed and the Q8 is coming in tomorrow.

Finally got the Sofirn Q8 light. I am IMPRESSED! Finally a light that's worth its weight in gold. It's a keeper. Lot better than the $120 Acebeam K65 I have.

You guys are good.

15+ years ago I used to wake and bake , smoked once I woke up to when I went to sleep , I could work so it didn’t effect my working ability , mostly smoked resin weed , it’s all I could get in uk

Different types had different effects , the darker the resin the more heady it was
I quit 15 years ago when I moved country ,
I did goto Amsterdam about 10 years ago and had a nice 4 days there , orange widow I bought and that was slouchy weed , it was nice but heavy

Anyway now I’m more of a whiskey and cognac and beer type of guy

My weed smoking was purely for recreation
It was very illegal in uk and still is