HUSKY brand at HomeDepot? anyone play yet?

I know some DEFIANT models at home depot were all the rage a little ways back, heck i still HAVE a 650 lumen 3-D cell one laying upstairs, waiting for me to mod it “proper”, i like the throw of the reflector is decent.

anyways, a HUSKY brand of lights is showing up at home depot… similar in overall shape to the old brand of lights they had, the HUSKY brand has 2 models “we” might like… a 3-emitter 1000 lumen, and… mainly… a 650 lumen big reflector looks like it might be throw-y…

(i got one of the older model 1000 lumen 3 emitters? too floody, i took it back and got the 650 lumen deep reflector one, liked it)


I actually own a HUSKY headlamp? i actualy like the thing. Instead of the membrane switch on most budget headlights that breaks in 5 minutes? this has a “tactical flashlight tailcap switch” that works well. its been dropped and kicked around and works like a champ.

based on THIS, i was thinking maybe the husky 3-D deep reflector light be a suitable replacement for the older defiant lights we liked? anyone had one apart yet or had any thoughts on it? Looking in the blister package, it LOOKS like it might be fairly “beefy” and take some abuse…

this one, i was thinking…

I just bought one today. Some if not all of the Defiants came from Brinkman and Brinkman went bancrupt. I don’t know if we will see Defiant lights again, although there are plenty of other items like doorknobs with the Defiant name. That means “Defiant” is probably a Home Depot brand, probably just as “Husky” is.

This is what I got, I will probably pull it apart tonight. A 3C and a 3AAA

Here is a quick tear down of the 3C Husky
It feels substantial in the hand, however not too heavy.

This light is made better than the last generation of Defiants

The cell tube is of greater thickness and a 26650 almost fits, closer fit than other C tubes I have tried.

The spring mod has already been done.

The driver, the MCU has no markings

The centering ring has a clever system of posts to help in the registration of the LED

The star has a CREE logo on it, but what LED is this?
Is this a CREE XP-L?

Sure looks like the Cree XP-L to me. I’d say that the centering rig is overly clever - why not locate using the LED itself?

The driver appears to be using the QX7136. I’ve tried it, it’s a linear controller which requires an external FET. Without a better look at the driver I’m not sure whether the two 2300 FET’s are in parallel or if one is controlled by the 7136 and the other is controlled by the modes-IC to give modes.

Thanks for the break down shots dcho. That emitter macro shot is pretty sweet. Cool that the tube seems to have the room to safely bore out for 26650.

I didn’t know Brinkmann made flashlights, i bought one of their clearance BBQs (clearance meaning 20% off in Canada)
Defiant is a home depot brand, i assumed they had subcontracted flashlight production to china since thats where they all come from (according to the flashlight packaging). Where did you hear they were made by Brinkmann?

By mistake I posted this reponce to the HD deal alert thread

As to who supplied Home Depot with the Defiant flashlights, it was Brinkmann. Brinkmann lost the Home Depot account and that helped push them into bankrupcy. I searched the internet and it looks like we may see Defiant flashlights, Brinkmann grills and Malibu lighting in Sears and KMart. They bought the inventory at auction.
Here is a link to an auction for a Brinkmann- Defiant spot light.

Dchomak, good info. Since those are customer returns I doubt that we’ll be seeing them in retail stores - probably eBay, thrift chains, etc. I see that the two Defiant spotlight lots were the only Defiant lots in that auction, but FWIW lots of other retail-packaged Brinkman lights were sold, such as these:

I had wondered where Brinkman went. For quite awhile their lights were commonly sold in many stores, then they just sort of faded away. I have to wonder if there will be an unknown stash of the DST’s showing up for the last time at Sears or K-Mart? :wink:


wight, ImA4, Bort and SawMaster, I will be on the road for the next 2 weeks or so. You know I will be hitting some HD’s during that time. What I am especially hoping to find is the ArmourMax 3C and 3D lights at a “3” price. If I do……

Of course you guys will be the first to know.

I am not hopeful of the price that Sears or KMart will have if any of the Brinkmann or Defiant lights make it to their retail stores. Pretty hard to beat HD’s clearance pricing.

Oh Yeah, this is the “Husky” thread. That 2 set Husky combo I referred too is also set to reach the “3” price. If it does at approximately $5.03, I will buy all I can get and figure out the details later :wink:

BTW, being from Connecticut I am a “Husky” fan, Go UCONN!!!

The girls play Texas Monday night. Going for their 4th straight NCAAW championship. The men have won 4 in the last 15 years.

You’re right, a simple square in the center is more effective and will center the LED. With this system mine is a little off and there is no easy way to correct it

They did a factory spring mod. Has anyone seen that before ?

Thanks for letting us know
I wonder why they lost the contract if it was needed to keep solvent they should have tried harder (unless HD was being unreasonable)
I just checked the Canadian website, they have two models on clearance currently, both for about $12, linked below (only stock at some stores)

$12.00 - 700 lumen

$11.88 - 850 Lumen

$28.74 - 2 pack 500 lumens

That defiant spotlight or one similar was $30, i was waiting for it to go on clearance, i may have missed it and i can’t find it on the website even when it was around.

That’s one good thing about buying flashlights from large retail outfits. They have a buyers department and quality control. You probably won’t see lights with Lattice Bright emitters here. Also other quality control issues like poor workmanship or assembly will not be tolerated. Their huge buying power carries a lot of clout.
On this site there seemed to be a consensus that last years Defiant lights were not of as good quality as prior generations.
Maybe that is why Brinkmann lost the HD account

I hope my Brinkmann BBQ does well, its not even assembled yet, though i bought it with my credit car so i would have some protection i think. I’ve only bought two defiant lights, a plastic headlight that broke (and refunded) and some 3AAA disposable lights that i use for loaners which are cheaply made but cost very little

wight, I am quoting you again because I think I figured out the real reason for the posts in the centering ring. It prevents the centering ring from spinning when the head is turned. How many of us have spun a hot LED off it’s star while unscrewing the head?

BTW, I came across this same $14.06 combo reduced further to $5.03
I grabbed all of them
Pray for me, I am a glutten :wink:

I bought this 500 lm two pack for coworker and kept one. I had a surprise when I disassembled the tail switch

It has an XP-G3

and runs on 4 AA

I was hoping to power it with a 26650 but the driver contact is almost 1/4” below the retaining ring and the head is glued(?) on. I installed some Eneloops and measured 2.5 amps.

How do I go about getting that head off and should I leave the driver as is? Can this driver handle 2S Li-ion (8.4V) if it’s the same one found in the XP-L light above?

I melted through the ‘silicon’ glue!

Unfortunately, the driver has a burned part due to me testing 2S 26500s in it. I was surprised to find it actually stated 4AA XPL on the PCB. I hope I didn’t mess up a good driver.

Wight or anyone else, where may I find a good 26 mm FET driver? Richard is out of stock on his at the moment.

Despite the spring mod on the switch, they didn’t apply thermal paste under the star.

Fortunately, I can now make some changes. The XP-G3 can now go to another light and I’m thinking about using an XP-L in it. The pill shelf is about 2-3 mm and there’s some decent mass to the light.

For ~ $8 per light, I think this is a decent host for modding.

Would the community have any alternative set-ups? Thank You!

I got the 650 and 1000 lumen ” D ” cell version. Anyway good to mod to use 18650 or 26650? Would love to do it.