I am addicted to CR123 size lights now.

After getting the solarforce Z1 and using it for quite a while - I have become addicted to Cr123 sized lights

Today I went on a little shopping spree.

I picked a V10R U2 and V11R L2-T6 neutral from hkequipment. Also grabbed a M11R T6-4C (my favorite tint) from HIDcanada. It looks like they make quite a few titanium versions of the v10 and v11, but they seem difficult to find and quite expensive. I was looking at a nice m11r sirius ti light... but for the price of the one Ti light I managed to pick up three "everyday" versions.

After looking around - it appears that there are literally 1427 different versions of these lights. Anniversary edition, Ti, Ti2, HCRI, and other various limited runs. They are also modded by many it seems. Ive have seen mule versions as well as triple xpg2s crammed into each one.

There's also some hardcore flashlight porn floating around the Ti versions

Great scott! Thats beautiful!

Anyway - In 2 years of flashlighting I dont know how I missed out on these babies... my wife thinks its funny now that I am scrambling around the house looking through my collection of a few additional lights to sell to cover my costs :P

Anyone else have any of these in their collection? Or any other really cool small cr123 sized lights I should know about?

I really like this form factor too, i have these so far.

Aurora SH-034 UV
EagleTac D25c Clicky Ti
Jetbeam RRT 01
Maratac 123 Copper (really nice, just put in a 4c XM-L2 emitter & 105c 3A driver)
Nitecore Sens CR
Nitecore Ex11.v2
Olight S10 Baton
Olight TC 10 Ti
Rofis JR10
Sunwayman C10R
Sunwayman V10R Ti+
Sunwayman Sirius Ti
Thrunite T20
Trustfire Mini 01
Trustfire Mini 02

I had an s10, really liked it but ended up getting rid of it because the tint was just too cool for me

I also have a ultrafire wf-c6s with a kd v2 3 amp driver

I have the mini 01 on my keys it is by far my most used light and it makes me happy everyday to have a lot of light by hand all the time.
I always wanted a more fancier light in this size but I cannot justify to buy a small light for so much money.
If there is a magnetic ring light out there with 400lm and for below 25$ which is as small as the mini01 I would be glad to buy it for my keys.

I’m a big fan of cr123a format:


Fenix PD12
EagleTac D25C Clicky Titanium
Sunwayman V10R Ti+
Solarforce Z1
Xtar WK42 (I love it)
Nitecore SRT3 Grey
Olight S10 XM-L
Olight S10 XM-L2
Thrunite T20
Nitecore MTC1
JetBeam RRT0 S2
Klarus P1C
JetBeam RRT-01
Sunwayman M11R
Nitecore EX10


a nice budget 16340 ,replaced the led with xpg2 on copper with KD 3+ amps driver.a small bomb

I have 2x v10r Ti. 1 is xpg with SYOCD raised switch, I don’t use it much. The other has a jhanko modded head, vinhnguyen54 modded light engine, SOYCD raised switch and self modded battery tube. It rests on my bedside draw and is possibly my most used light as I don’t always sleep well.

I wish Sunwayman would make a V11R Titanium Edition.

Until then, my favorite looking CR123/16340 is the Niteye Eye10 TIC!

Here's nice:

And the naughty: Titanium, Carbon Fiber, and Tritium... Does it get any better?

omg thats awesome looking

man all these lights looks so cool. something about how their so small and detailed and the designs that were put in it makes the lights look better than most of the larger lights.
i almost got addicted after buying my first cr123 sized light which was the mini 01.
its still actually one of my favorite lights because i have it on my keychain and its bright as heck for the size.
i ended up only buying two more of these sized lights which are both zoomies.
oh actualy i have another on the way…the sc03.
i do like the look of all these mentioned, but im only interested in the ones that are 500+ lumens.

The blue trit (3rd light in the lineup of 6) in the OP is absolutely awesome.

Same with the one pinkpanda posted… Is that some sort of blue gitd on the battery tube area?

I just wish Trit lasted longer so I could justify forkin’ out the cash for it.

All those pimped out lights look awesome. I’d be scared to leave the house with most of those. Anything in my pocket is subject to getting bashed, beaten or just plain lost. I will be getting the Ti S10 though, which should have a warmer tint than a stock S10. I just got my S15 in Ti and almost wish I would’ve got the S10 instead. Now I have an excuse for both.

Here’s a partial list of mine — nothing fancy:

Sunwayman V11R
Nitecore SRT3
iTP SC1 Eluma
Thrunite Neutron 1C
SolarStorm SC03

this is getting bad - i just made a spreadsheet of a few others i like and want to check out

so nice of some other members to chime in a let me know about lights that i dont even know existed! haha.

edit: AHH! theres one for sale in the marketplace now! help!

I often use a Solarforce L2M in shorty mode with an A001 head and L2_CL1 convex lens.

Not exactly the smallest CR123 option but I like it.

I really regret selling my a001 head as i cant seem to find them ANYWHERE.


Lifebike 2011

clearly this one is the most lumens :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought two when they were available from Solarforce.
You might try Flashaholics A U.K. seller, they seem to have a stock, it’s how I bought mine, with the “offensive” bezel attached. A bit on the expensive side but they do seem to be very hard to come by. It went through to checkout when I tried it so there’s a good chance that they have some in stock.

[quote=unknown0grits The blue trit (3rd light in the lineup of 6) in the OP is absolutely awesome.

Same with the one pinkpandait’sosted… Is that some sort of blue gitd on the battery tube area?

I just wish Trit lasted longer so I could justify forkin’ out the cash for it.[/quote]

Yes. IIRC the trits are ice blue and the gitd is pure blue from ‘glow inc’.

Thanks for the ups.

I couldn’t resist that spark.

I spent $200 on 4 lights today…. But that’s better than $200 on one titanium light!