I broke my foot!

I'm going to a specialist on friday. Hopefully I wont need a cast. I'm able to walk with a slight limp with very little pain. Any experts here?

Sorry to hear about that Glenn. Looks quite bad, how did you manage it ?

I bust my pinky toe when I was a kid I kicked something immovable and only broke the small toe. I got away with strapping (sticky and slightly stiff bandaging) , Problem you have is top down its quite well matched in but on the side view you have some sharp edges . It those that can do the damage, so take it easy with the limping.

I see your in USA, does this cost you or your healthcare?. In the UK its all covered by the National Health

How did you do it , did you drop a BTU shocker on it ? :slight_smile:

It looks much worse than it feels. Last Wednesday I stomped my foot down on an uneven surface and my foot went sideways. I heard a snapping sound. I already had a doctor's appointment the next day to have a physical anyway so I told the doctor that I think I sprained my foot. The doctor told me I needed to get an x-ray. So I made an appointment and had it done last Friday. It took a few days to get the results. So today I made an appointment with a specialist for this coming Friday. I seriously don't want a cast, but if they say I need one, I guess I'll be getting one. This SUCKS!!!!

It would be easier to assess knowing in which position you have pain. Photo is small, so I do not see any serious damage.

The pain is on the top of my foot a few inches below the pinky toe. I can walk on it with minimum pain. Is this picture better?

hope you get well again soon… i know that feeling when you hear the noise… everytime it happens i say to my self: “well done, you AH, you managed to do it again!”. At least, my experience is that anything breaking under ankle is normally not too bad. Do you do any kind of sport where it can cause trobles?

My only sport in recent years is hiking about 6 miles a few times a week during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. I'm pretty sure I'll be ok in a few weeks. At least I'm hoping I will..

BTW, thanks for the well wishes :)

I'm by no means a specialist, but have had my fair share of sports-related injuries.

That looks to be a spiral mid-shaft fracture of the fifth metatarsal, and due to the longitudinal nature of the break, it may require pinning.

Good luck with the recovery; I hope you heal up quickly.

Ouch, that looks fairly bad! Hope you get better soon!

Oh boy I think I need to medicate myself right now. I can handle a cast, but the thought of an operation is freaking me out right now. I pray to God I don't need one. I guess I'll know on Friday.......

I hope I'm wrong, but at least you will get some good drugs. (Percocet/Norco)

We tend to forget about our feet, but that is our mobility — how we get around. Nothing to make one “stop and think” is not being able to go, when, and where we want. Well, with the Candlepower we can muster in this forum, we should be able to brighten your outlook… :smiley:

Bones heal

Chicks dig scars

Pain is temporary

Glory is forever

The funny thing is I'm not in pain. When I said I need to medicate myself, I meant I need a few drinks so the thought of a possible operation won't bother me so much.

Now you're talking! Thanks Jack!

I went to Costco yesterday. All I could think about is somebody stepping on my foot. lol!

Thanks my friend, I really appreciate it! It looks MUCH worse than it actually feels. Strange, isn't it?

Sorry for the delayed response. I have full coverage with no deductible,Thank God! I noticed the slight misalignment in the right side photo. I hope it's not going to be a problem

I’m a diabetic so feet very important, on top of that I have drop foot on both feet, so know only too well what broken bones in the feet feel like.
I hope you recover fully just don’t rush recovery take as long as it needs, glad you got full coverage as well, I expect you wouldn’t be buying any more torches for a while otherwise!!
Best of luck mate,