I finally gave into pride and smoked my friends monster flashlights power star V3

For over 2 years my friend from my church had been buying monsterflaslight.coms flashlights and qp always insulted my chinese budget flashlights and braggs to everyone at church how great his American built monster.com lights were superior to all lights in the world .I bit my tomgue for so long , I was so happy when i was sent a acebeam xhp 70 ,acebeam k40 mtg2 modded by Vinh and a meteor 243 with dedomed xpl hi v6s and a generic Trustfire trj 12 with direct drive xpl v6s 3 each and he put his nose up at them and saidbthey wouldn’t come close to his new monster.com powertsar V3 pushing 4 each cree xml2-u3s .Omg well judgemebt day was last Sumday he proudly and sonewhat arrogantly showed me his light that just came in that week ans he bragged how it was stamped 4800 lumens on the battery tube so that what it put out and because my lights didnt have it stamped they didnt put n out anything close to his llight so ,i took 3 light .I had my meteor ,mybacebeam 60 with the xhp 70 and my generic tr-12 modded by vesture_of_blood his light on my galaxy 7 maxed out at60,000 lux my meteor maxed out at 26000 lux my acebeam70 at 23600 and my modded tr12 hit 257000 infront of everyone amd of course he said his was brighter because of the big #6 which was 60,00 not 257000 .I have pride on the lights i have and i try not to get arrogant but this took the cake and i couldnt take it anymore.Anyhow thats about all the exitment i have anyone else know anything about theae monstwrlights.com ligjts that he paid over 300.00$ for?

That was hard to read, remember spellchecker is your friend.

sometimes? you “get what you pay for”, but… sometimes you are just paying extra for a brand name, and extra for advertising. Sometimes the “quality” you are paying for? Is simply extra money so the company can offer “no hassle warranty” services.

sometimes, especially with flashlights… it makes sense to put your money to better use, getting a donor host shell, and utting your own parts inside, if everything else about the “shell” of the light warrants it.

to me? its about what bang i get for my buck. I want to spend it wisely, and, i enjoy learning how things are put together.

i have “budget rifles” with “budget scopes” on them, reloaded with “budget brand” reloading equipment. You have to spend a LOT more than i have in some of my rifles, to just expect out of the box performance to top them, plus, you have to have the reloading expertise to reload well, and the bench technique to even USE a gun capable of good accuracy.

it can come together well sometimes in some applications. the bonus for me is? when i get my hands on higher end target rifles? i know what i am doing with them and how to load for them to get the most out of them.

my nephew when he was young? went through his “cool car” kid phase. He had a v8 “five oh” mustang like a lot of kids had. It had “x” horsepower when you looked it up.

his airfilter said it added “up to this much HP”, his cool chip added “up to this much HP”, his plug wires added supposably “this much HP”, etc etc etc… so? he’s running around claimng he has a 350 horsepower sports car, LMAO

i was skeptical, and, my neighbor used to race cars and is a “rabid” older mechanical guy. he has, like, an 8 bay garage… and even has a commercial LIFT in his garage. He took me out for a “6pack run” one day in his fixed up “sleeper” old car… looked and sounded like a older late 60s v-8 with a nice interior and paint job, seemed stock…


when he downshifted and tromped on the gas?? you LITERALLY couldnt sit up to grab the 20 dollar bill off the dash, dangling there under a magnet.

neighbor asked “does your nephews 5.0 do THAT? Because THATS whats 350 plus horsepower actually feels like…” LMAO… if you arent PULLING G’s, like youre in a fighter jet? if you dont think an elephant is sitting on your chest? its not real horsepower…


cost? geez… guy got the body and chassis for a song for a limited edition hard to find classic. Hes a body man, so… it was just free weekend labor to do the body. he used to build racing engines, so… naturally the engine/tranny/rear end is ridiculous….

and, he had WAY less money “into” the car… it was an order of magnitude faster and meaner… plus HIS car is a special limited edition hard to find “show car” as well as a sports car.

my nephews 5.0 mustang? slower, more expensive in money… basically has “chinese horsepower” as compared to chinese lumens.


name brand stickers, and advertising claims are NICE, but… whats it really DO? whats under the HOOD? you know… LMAO

Arrogance is extremely hard to ‘fix’. Don’t invest too much hope into this guy. His lights will always be brighter… Best wishes light junkie :slight_smile:

Oops sorry about that i thought i did proof read it

Sometimes people just need to see the light.

Haha good one ,

Yep…… +1
Well said………… :slight_smile:

What exactly is this monster powerstar V3 flashlight?


Not my cup of tea, but Google was my friend as far as seeing what it was. :slight_smile:

Wow! It’s Hideous, I like it! :STEVE: But not for $250? $70-$80.00 maybe?

Gee… I don’t care how bright that MF Tactical Powerstar thing is…
It’s ugly! I wouldn’t pay good money for anything that hideous looking :FACEPALM:

That is a very ugly flashlight. One of the ugliest flashlights I have ever seen.

Yeah, it kinda looks like this ‘Mace’… a Medieval Weapon. :smiley:

Fortunately, he won’t have to bring it out until it’s too dark to see!

And I resent the comparison to that beautiful mace!

If you’re just looking for “one-up-manship”, this one has 5 of the same LEDs, plus double the batteries, so you could tell him it’s 5 times brighter for twice as long.
(and it costs more, at wholesale no less, so you’ll have him at every turn!)

But ultimately, I think eebowler got it in one. You just can’t win with some people.

I can’t believe this kind of people exist. I mean it’s so childish. Even when light junkie has shown his light which is visually brighter than that MF flashlight, he can’t accept the fact that his is inferior. (Pun intended)

A lot of those MF flashlight are ugly. Very ugly.
And the prices, ridiculous. A fool and his money…

And read the BS on their 18650 page.
$14 MF brand 2600mAh protected 18650
(vs $6 Evva Samsung 2600mAh seiko protected from RMM. I could maybe excuse the MF rip off price if he at least mentioned using seiko protection)

He helped “engineer” the 18650 they carry? I’m sure his help was invaluable to panasonic/sanyo, LG, samsung or sony.

No, he “engineered” his logo onto some shinkwrap.

Apparently any capacity over 2600 mAh is fake. Who wants to join me in a class action lawsuit against panasonic/sanyo, LG, samsung and sony?!

At some point, a high enough level of BS just becomes straight up lies. And you turn into scammer scum.

Yeah, you make a good point ‘DTB’…… my bad. :X ……. :)) … :smiley:

Bad? No, that was quite good. IMNERHO, the prettiest post of the thread!