I like my kindle, but....

When my (almost) nine year old imac died just before Christmas, it was replaced with a kindle fire hd….“Great” I thought, welcome to the modern age! Who needs a desk-top computer these days? All I do is send a few emails, read BLF and buy led related stuff!

Well, I was going to borrow a camera to take some beamshots, but of course I wont be able to upload the images!!! Doh! What a silly boy :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know if a Raspberry pi would be able to do the job instead?


Isn't there a photobucket or flickr app you can use to upload the photos for posting?

Highly recommend rooting your kindle fire. Access to the google play store alone makes it 100x more useful.

The problem is getting the photos off the camera, the kindle doesnt have any slots for sd-cards etc

Can you not use the Kindle camera for beam shots instead?

Raspberry Pi would be the cheapest I can think of. You could get one of the mini computers that run android and serve the pictures from there as well.

The kindle camera is only any good for Skype etc and I was going to try and get all technical with speed and aperture settings for a “what the eye sees” beam shot, well that was the plan…the photos will probably just look like a blurry smudge no matter how hard I try :slight_smile:

Aww that’s a pity. .

SDcard > Laptop > Kindle HD

Once solution is to borrow a laptop and then copy the pics from the SDcard to the Kindle Fire. Using your Kindle Fire upload the pics to Photobucket.

Cheers! :beer:

The MK-802 should be able to do that, it has 2 usb ports on it so you can stick the SD card into a USB converter thingy. It runs android 4.0 and has access to the google play store, which does have a photobucket app.

I take pics on my phone then email myself.


Can you run the Dropbox app on Kindle (don’t have a Kindle, but have multiple Android tablets)? If so, when you install it, and have a Dropbox account, you can “share” the images to your Dropbox account. Then, in Dropbox, you can generate shortcut URLs that you can post.


I will have to borrow a laptop for now and look into an android based mini puter for a more permanent solution.

Its a shame, but the computers that both Mrs H and I have access to at work are so locked down for fear of viruses that you cant plug a usb/ memory device into them!


My mother has taken back 3 Kindle Fires over the last 10 months. She’s on her fourth she got for granddaughter. I took my tablet back since I realized a laptop does more and better.

Good luck with yours.

The last time I emailed myself, I got stuck in a router. It was sheer dumb luck that I got out… and it hurt like hell. I’ll leave emailing to documents from now on…

Can you reboot them? You could use Knoppix from a disc drive to transfer from the card to Dropbox.

iPad and his siblings are not for replacing PCs.
They are a nice thing to have, but a replacement? No way!!!
Anyway, good luck with your search for a solution,
Looking forward to seeing how you’ve managed doing it!

maybe bluetooth them to the kindle? not sure if kindle has bluetooth, but it should id imagine this day and age

I would recommend against the Pi, as it needs it’s SD card slot for the operating system. Essentially, taking out the SD card and inserting the camera SD card will probably crash the Pi. Great little computer though, have one myself.

Yes Kindle Fire has BlueTooth. Now if the camera has a bluetooth, he may be able to transfer the pics directly.