I made (a) YAWL...

No, not a sailboat. :smiley:

Yet Another Wooden Light

This has a de-domed 4500K Nichia 519A emitter (now approximately 3200K). The driver is a Nanjg I have had sitting around for years; 4 * 7135 regulators with Toykeepers Crescendo firmware in the attiny13A MCU. The MCPCB mounted on one end of the Wakefield-Vette heat-sink and the driver on the other end. That unit is mounted inside a wooden octagon sleeve. The heatsink assembly is cooled by convection.

The wood I used for the octagon is bubinga, a west African hardwood. I used some of a smallish left-over piece I have had for many years. Bubinga is now on one of the endangered species lists and may be close to being added to the other. It is more rare and expensive now. The upper cap plate is bocote, a wood from Mexican or Central America.

The base of the light is made from granadillo, a wood from Central or South America. It is a very dense heavy wood. The base has some hollowed out areas for the Li-PO cell (3700mAh), the 1 amp charger board, USB-C port and switch.

The light column is leopardwood, another wood from Central or South America. It is also quite hard and strong as well as being attractive. I routed a channel in one strip and then glued a thin layer over that to hide the wires.

All wood parts received some clear coats containing UV inhibitors before the final sprayed coats of satin finish lacquer.

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Nice YAWL, y’all! :+1:


Your wooden creations are always a treat.

… and I’m trying reeeeal hard not to make any immature jokes this time. :innocent:

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What a beauty, thanks Don for sharing! You are a true master with wood.

Nice creation.

I love all the (woodworking) skills displayed in producing this light!

Really well done; my compliments!

Really nice type of wood, it certainly is beautifull!

Thank you y’all for the kind words. I appreciate the comments. I enjoy making the lights; sort of treat each project as an Old Lumens Challenge entry in many ways.

Just , Beautiful !!

What a gorgeous use of materials at hand! I enjoyed seeing it. Thanks

Very nice project!!