I really feel f*** ed up with my BLF GT


I paid my first 15 dollar
at 08.26.2017 with my Paypal account direct to Neal.

Now It is to late for a Paypal conflict.-Loosing 15 dollar.

The next pay about 100 Dollars was at 12.03.2017 from my girlfriends Paypal account.
Today I opened a conflict.

I write this two transfers to the giggle team-no answer

Neal write me per email that the first money is still missing,
but I told him per email what is happened- no answer.

Do not receive a BLF GT

That is really uncool at all.

There’s a thread for that, where someone who could do something would actually see your post

Yeah, I read all the posts in the GT thread and never saw your name come up. Assuming your light has not been shipped yet, you should be able to get a refund, but it could take a little time for Neal to sort out all the other issues as well as get his Paypal account back open so he can do refunds.

Go to post #1 of the GT thread and fill out that outstanding issues form.


Xandre [22] was my number

I have written to the giggle team about the two transactions with Paypal
written emails with Neal

-no answer from the giggles team.
-no BLF GT
-loosing my 115 bucks.(at the moment 15 bucks,the 100 is PP conflict now)
-loosing my intress in any Groupbuy

That is not the way I like.

There should be a will to help,but I can not find it.

Hi Xandre,

I’m sorry for you being so unlucky with the GT group buy, I hope you get your 115 dollars back but of course it would have been much better if you received your GT, especially since you were one of the first to enter the interest list.
I hope to see you some time again in one of the german meet-ups (I can not come to the upcoming ‘sommer-eingrillen’ unfortunately but I hope to attend the next one).

Cheers, Jos

I’m not in the giggles team but there is a misconception, I think because the GT project is called a ‘group buy’ which is not what it is. It would have been much better if it was called a ‘project’ instead because a complete new flashlight was designed, manufactured and distributed, and in all of these steps new territory was entered. In all such projects thusfar, a number of random people got disappointed, either because first run manufactured lights had faults that got solved in later runs, or first subscribers got their lights last (or not al all, like Xandre), or simply because the design was less than optimal (I still think that the X5 and X6 should have had a better led centering solution). Problems in these projects appear, after a number of projects, to be normal and to be expected. (but apart from problems, a brand new awesome BLF-designed flashlight comes into existence :slight_smile: ).

This implies that entering such project comes with a certain risk of not getting what was intended. So apart from naming it a ‘project’, the team should mention this risk beforehand so that people take that into account when entering. Those random people will still be disappointed, but at least the unlucky ones would accept their misfortune a bit better.

Thanks Jos for the kind words.

Hope to see you again .

PS: Wear your EDC allways in my heart and my pocket.

Regards Xandre

Awesome that the little light still works. It had one of the first BLF-designed 12mm li-ion drivers, board design by Rufusbduck and Mataus, FET-conversion hack by me, and has that huge Vishay 70N02 FET crammed in that we used before that we found out that smaller FETs existed that worked just as well. :party:

can u PM me the details?

Did you send a PM to Team Giggles or to Texas_Ace?.

Team Giggles is a group account and it’s messages are not monitored as said in this news section in post #1.

If you sent a PM to TA, then he should have got it and responded. He usually does.

Neal on the other hand was getting overloaded and answering very few PM and emails until just recently.

Plus you didn’t say anything in the main GT thread.

I think all these things might have been why you didn’t get any responses or help.

I see your getting responses now. :+1:

Sure and thanks
done.send you the Paypaltransactionsnumbers.

Regards Xandre

Somehow I’m confident that this will all be sorted out.
And if you end up without a BLF GT you can always contact me.
I’m always willing to help a friend.


Thanks my friend :beer:

Regards Xandre

Loose my intress,
hope to get my money back…

Regards Xandre

Too bad you lost yr interest in this light but I’m sure you’ll get yr money back.
Neal seems to be a straight up guy but with the sheer volumes of lights ordered, the Chinese New Year and his hassle with his Paypal acct
I can understand that some things have gotten mixed up or delayed.
Be patient and it will work out, I’m confident.

See ya next month!


money refund