I want 2 flashlights

i need one flashlight to reach out to about 150yds, and positively identify a raccoon, the other one i need is for close range for working on commercial furnaces or Roof top units. do you think these would be the ones i am looking for? I am thinking sky ray stl-v2 cree T6 3 mode since i cant find a single mode this one http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/sky-ray-stlv2-cree-t6-adjustable-or-modes-led-flashlight-2186503163403cr123a-p-7191

and for my flood i am thinking this one

SKYRAY 3800 Lumens 3x CREE XM-L XML T6 LED Flashlight Torch Light Lamp

I found this one in a single mode


Both will work, but the second one is probably too bright for close-up work. And the triples haven't shone in reliability either. You might want to look at a headlamp if you are going to need both hands free.

You will get lots of answers from the people here. I can't recommend, but the guys here will. All I can tell you is for distance you need a deep reflector, the deeper the better and for a close up flood, you need a large shallow reflector. Actually, for a flood, a spotlight might be better than a flashlight.

@OP - I can't second Don's recommendation of a headlamp enough! Most chores really require the use of both hands and it's simply a liberation when you're able to work on a task without the need to constantly hold a source of illumination with one hand while completing the job w/the other. Even if you were able to rest a light somewhere, the angles that you might have to work with could be a compromise. A headlamp shines exactly where you're looking and there are many that have multi-levels and can be focused for flood/spot.

If that sounds good to you then let us know what kind of budget you're looking at so we can make a few recommendations.

Actually the 3XML light wouldnt be that bad up close if you use low or perhaps medium.

I think a C8 would serve you well for spotting racoons. I am very fond of the KDC8 but it has 5 modes and you are looking for less keep in mind it has memory so it will start on the mode you left it on so you could just leave it on high and use that mode only all the time.


Reviewed here

A headlamp is a great idea I have a couple of these and they are some of my most used lights. They are perfect for working on equipment this one can be clipped to your shirt also.


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You are going to need some 18650 batteries and a charger if you go this route also.

The least expensive way to positively ID raccoons IMO would be with the Smallsun ZY-C10-S. It’s a zoom light but you could just lock it into throw mode if you wanted to.
For flood and working on things I’d agree that a headlamp is the best choice. The light you mentioned is overkill for something like that.


You need a DRY, and don't let anyone tell you differently.

A bit of diffusion film goes on for the day job, removed for blinding cooking spotting raccoons.

this is the type of unit's i work on the units are about 10 foot tall and 30 foot long and i am looking to illuminate the whole unit for about 20 minutes at a time. from my experience no head lamp has satisfied my needs for light. how does the c8 compare to skyray V2? Thank you so much for the responses Sorry don't know how to resize

This is DRY. Highly recommended, especially as NW version.

I was thinking this is a cool little flashlight til i scrolled down the page further and found it is HUGE!

It's roughly the same diameter as the bezel on the SkyRay, and much more well-made.

If you can grip a can of soda/beer, it should be comfortable.

alright i think i am going to get the DRY and the Skyray v2 http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/sky-ray-stlv2-cree-t6-adjustable-or-modes-led-flashlight-2186503163403cr123a-p-7191

My last question can someone point me in a direction to get a GOOD set of batteries for these things?

The absolute best on the market, IMO, are:

Protected: Any Panasonic 3100-based cell, such as the Callie's Kustoms cells. The owner is a member here, and they are slightly cheaper than comparable offerings from AW or Redilast.

Unprotected: The Panasonic CGR2250 is a hybrid Lithium/IMR cell, designed for cordless tool use. These are some of the best cells available, at any price, for high-draw lights.


The CGR2250 can be sourced from other vendors, but I have had excellent service from Callie's and prefer to support one of our own.

For a budget recommendation, the Sanyo 2400-based cells are a good choice. Solarforce makes a very good protected version, albeit with a wrap that can be a bit brittle after use.

You think you want two flaslights.

That is how it starts. Then when you have about 20, you will be saying, "I think I only need one more".

Then when that one gets to you, you will be thinking, "Hmmm, that wasn't the right one, I need another." It's called the Circle of Light, round and round you go. Welcome to our merry-go-round.

I own like 10 flashlights already and they are all great i am just looking to got to a hardcore torch. just the next step as you say in the Circle of Light.

I think ROCKN_YOTA did his homework

Very educated own suggestions for 2 budget lights. Upgrading to the DRY is probably a good idea. Though I am the wrong person to ask about multi emitter lights. (They all look like showerheads to me )

Just wanted to say welcome aboard, have fun here. We do :-)

Thank you, I have been lurking for about a month and finally figured out what I think I want.

You are welcome