I want to be an honest seller in this forum and adhere to the rules of BLF, This is Minos from Hi-MAX

Hello . I have been post a lot of posts here,But some of them are spam, I am sorry for violate the rules because i didnt read the rule before posting. Apologize.

This is Minos from Hi-Max technology web . We are mainly manufacter LED diving flashlight. We are more focused on diving lights.I wish i can learn and and making friends from here . Thanks for you guys and I know this is a great place for communications and for build a good forum every members must adhere to the rules

Thanks again and nice to be here .

No problem. Just observe and follow all rules from now on.

What kind of deals do you have for us on your protected batteries?

The site doesn’t work that well, something is wrong there.

Hi . Rusty Joe.

Normally . I sell original panasonic , Because of is high quality and famous brand ,but sometime we offer demestic batteries if our clients want cheap batteries. In my opinion. If a 18650 battery under 3000mah. Demestic batteries is quite good and rational .But above 3000mah ,Its not good. You know several months ago panasonic 3400mah 18650 battery was stockout of market. Now there is no panasonic 3400mah battery you can buy. For your question. it all depend on your requirements, If you have any questions ,You can email me minos@hi-max.cc i can give you all the infomations that useful .


Yes . Maybe , But i knew i violate the rules also .

PMing you.

Dear Sir .

I am sorry .I replied your PM,But it seems being deleted in a few minutes .

That is strange. How much for 10 × 2600 mah protected batteries?

Welcome to BLF!

there's some very nice looking flashlights on your site, but there are also sections that are not filled in (e.g. camping outdoor, search lights) . Is that because there are no flashlights yet to fill those sections or is it just an unfinished website?

What are the prices? Do you sell directly to customers? What are the shipping costs?

Thanks for your interest, Mr.djozz. We are not sell our products directly to ending customer, I feel sorry.But if you like if you email me minos@hi-max.cc , Our websit are under reconstruction, Our flashlight will be added one by one . Hope you can keep pay your attention to our flashlights

Thanks again /

Do you mind email me .?I think is not a good idea to disscuss business here .

I think it’s a real good idea to discuss business out in the open.
If you want to be an honest seller be open to your customers. What’s the point in discussing prices in secret. If I see you have a good price, I might buy from you. If the price of your products is undisclosed, I’ll probably go to another seller with a good price.

Sure . I’d like to discuss it publicly,But the question is we are not selling our product to ending customers directly.
secondly, I am not sure is legal to sell my products here(Maybe the master will ban my account).
Thirdly. The freight for delivery battery was expensive.I think is not economy for buy a few quantities of batteries.
But if you guys really interested i can offer you $3.49/pcs Hi-MAX 2600 Protected

Might be a deal. Whats cell is inside of those? Samsung/Sanyo/Generic?

And how many must we order to get that rate?

Samsung core.

Do you guys know why i cannot reply PM ? I dont know why ?

I do not know. I guess we need to ask Admin.

But i cannot PM to admin too.

I sent Mr. Admin a PM on your behalf.

The next time he logs on, I'm sure he'll help you out.