I'd like to pose a question to the experts...

Is there a tactical size flashlight out there that just puts out an obnoxious amount of light? I mean something that would truly make people uncomfortable. But in a single 18650 or 2x cr123 set-up? I’ve found a good on-duty light in the Jacob a60 for throw and usable spill, but I’d be interested in getting something totally insane. If momey wete no object, is that light out there? Thx

If MONEY WERE no object… Stupid little keys…

lol. I read were in your first post.

Maybe I misunderstand but I don’t know what a ‘tactical size’ is but, a tactical switch is a forward clicky that protrudes beyond the body of the flashlight to make activation easy.

Two things makes people uncomfortable. Brightness and Strobe. What do you want in your light?

500lumens is enough from 2 meters directly in the eyes. At 100meters it seems people do not mind the DRY which has a lot of lumens, so I'd suggest using the strobe.

In the land of Budget Lights, this is the King right now:


I am ready to bet that is not XM-L2 U3.

Then This Thread:

I have one…

You don't understand, I am not saying it's not bright or the LED does not exists. I am ready to be that XM-L2 bin is not U3.

By tactical, I mean something small enough to handle under your weapon while staying on target and/or small enough to sit in your duty belt without gouging your ribs when you sit down…

I guess I mean overall brightness and throw capabilty, something so overwhelmingly bright that a person or several people lose focus or get stunned so to speak. I’ve heard good things about some of the more powerful EagleTac lights. Like I said, if money wasnt an issue… I guess I’m a little dubious of an $18 ultrafire, but then again I was super impressed by the range of the Jacob a60 for under $15…

I dont know theres gotta be something that can throw as far or farther than the Jacob, yet be MUCH brighter than 310 lumens AND have a much wider beam and spill. I guess thats what im looking for in something the size of a C8 or smaller.

Maybe I just want something that doesnt exist yet, lol.

I think there is also a limitation on what’s possible. The A60 throw far because it is a small LED in a large reflector. But this is also the reason why it is less lumens.

A larger LED like an XM-L can easily put out over double the lumens, but it likely won’t throw as well.

If money is no object contact Scaru on this forum and try to buy that P60 dropin made by the German builder, it’s a work of art.

I was just thinking triple xp-g2 in a p60 driven hard….

I keep hearing p60- is that an actual flashlight or a drop in emitter and driver? Sorry, I’m new.

Not sure how you’d drive it, but how about a triple with one XM-L2, one XP-G2 and one XP-E2 emitter? Running on maybe 2x18350 IMR’s and each driven hard.

You’ve lost me.

p60 is a format, I think created by Surefire many years ago with incan bulbs.

It’s basically a led & driver in a brass pill with a reflector attached. You buy a bare host and you can quickly and easily swap in new p60 drop ins.

The best budget p60’s are probably Solorforce hosts. The L2M is fantastic value for money.

Maybe I’ll run a gg571 off my Flux Capacitor….i’ll run it at 1.21 Jiggawatts.

P60 is a dropin, it is the driver, reflector, and emitter/led all together. All you need is an empty host and a battery and you are ready to go. Solarforce makes a nice host for around $20 shipped. All you would need is a dropin and a battery. P60 is a standardized dropin, you can mix and match lots of P60 hosts and dropins.

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example of a P60

Aha. Has anyone ever compiled a list of suitable hosts for this p60 drop in?

There’s one on this forum but save yourself the hassle of finding it and get a Solarforce, they are cheap and the quality is amazing.