I'd Like to Try an SK98 Light....What's the BEST Choice??

Hey all,

I already have it’s little brother, the SK68 and I think it’s a decent little light to keep around. It is certainly cheap enough and it DOES work pretty well.
Anyway, now that I have the good batteries I’d like to try it’s BIG BROTHER the SK98. I know that most of these lights aren’t very good and are not thought of well at all, but I’d like to try one. They aren’t much money and if it is junk, well I’ll just be out a few bucks.

Can you all give me some links or suggestions as to the BEST SK98 to get? If it doesn’t make any difference then I’ll just get the one at AMAZON like I did the SK68 last time. Just thought I’d ask and see if there are “better” ones out there.

Lastly, I like the ZOOM part. If there are other similar lights that ZOOM that would be a BETTER choice than the 98, feel free to tell me about those too.

Thanks for your time and help.


So far I had sk98: stock one with xm-l t6, xm-l2 u2, xm-l2 u2 dedomed, xm-l dedomed,xp-g2 r5 and xp-e2 both in domed and dedomed edition in three different sk98 hosts. Last one I build for friend, this one. Host have decent build quality, zooming mechanism is smooth and most important fact is that it have “solid” pill rather than hollow. It was also the longest of three that I owned and it came without any thermal compound under the star.

Hi Nalajr, I have a SK68 clone (for GearBest) and a XML SK98 clone I got from eBay. I don’t care for the SK68 very much, but really like the SK98. It is quite bright and has a MUCH better flood than the SK68…over twice as big. It also throws more than far enough for me. The build quality so-so just like all of the SK98s but it is much better than the SK68 I got from GearBest.

Mine is a 5 mode and it always starts on high. I also really like the tint. Pretty much neutral (ever so slightly on the warm side) with no hint of blue at all. I got a tailcap reading of just under 1.8A on high. It gets pretty warm after 5 minutes tailstanding, but it actually use, it just gets slightly warm. All in all I find it a very useful and practical light. It is my current EDC but I find it slightly chunky and big as a EDC. I got it from the seller below.


You can get XM-L2 on Ali Ex but unsure whether solid pill.
Solid pill is main consideration.
FT has one with solid pill.

Yeah I got a SH98, I ended up rebuilding mine from the ground up…it throws ALOT of light, stock it did “ok” but with a bit of tweaking…whoah!

I put in a XM-L2 T6-4C on a 16mm sinkpad [removed all the rings over the star and just leave the white star epoxied to the pill], Nanjg 8*7135 [flashed with custom firmware 5 levels w/ turbo on an automatic 2 minute fallback to high] on a 20mm adapter, and 22ga wire and even running laptop pulls it throws a very good amount of light, zoom is still blar [big square pattern] but crazy bright…

If you want a good EDC I recommend the Convoy S* series

@Warhawk, how did you get the lens to stay in place? Mine pops out if I zoom the light too fast. I want to use something that doesn’t muck up the lens like clear silicone may.

as in the glass aspheric lens or the whole head?

If the aspheric lens comes out they turned it down to far and it’s shouldn’t fall out

Got pics?

On only one of mine did the lens pop when I zoomed (due to pressure difference). You can glue the lens in with a tiny bead of superglue on the very edge, just be careful not to let it onto the main part of the lens.

I cant speak on any other light as I only have this one. Have a read if you like and good luck.


Well, mine has a plastic aspheric and it fits flush inside/underside of the crown. It’s great there is that much of a seal (w/out an o-ring). I just need to put some adhesive that will not spread, like the ‘frosted look’ of super glue, so I don’t mess up the optical quality.

If that doesn’t make clear :slight_smile: my issue, I’ll post a pic.

Thank you Warhawk

Little dab of hot glue on the outer lip would probably be best…non-fuming, and won’t loosen unless it get incredibly hot…and by the time it got that hot everything else is smoked anyway :smiley:

I thought of that and I just may attempt that. I also was thinking about clear silicone with some applicator tip that is tiny.

Thank you Mr. K.!

I need to add that to my equipment collection, thanks!