Illumination Supply 1K Likes Giveaway! CLOSED

Winners are:

Jan D. from Halver, Germany,
Matt C. from La Quinta, California.
Wayne M. from Middle River, Maryland.
Antonis S. from Larissa, Greece.
Steven D. from Buford, Georgia.
Janis A. Jelgava, Latvia.
Justin L.
Raymond G.

Email entries are open for those who do not have a Facebook account. Please do not submit an email entry if you already entered in Facebook.

Email me at with your full name and address (not required, but if we don't receive a response from you if you win we will choose a different winner). The subject line MUST be: IS 1K Facebook Giveaway

Failure to follow instructions will result in your entry not being processed.

Additional entries are granted for signing up for our newsletter on the sweepstakes form and for referring a friend.

Hmm, is this enough motivation to open a FB account?

You know I already like, ‘liked’ you!

Entered.. thanks for the giveaway

Entered. Nice giveaway :slight_smile:

i think i entered...

Thank you for the giveaway! :party: I entered!

thanks for offering an e-mail entry in lieu of a Facebook one.

You’ve been liked ever since Craig helped me set up the Nitecore i4 GB over on LPF!

Liked! :)

entered by email pls.

Thank You

Entered via email, thanks Calvin!

When I win just bundle it with the SC600II I purchased off you :wink:

The only reason I have a facebook account is to enter in your giveaways.Wink

Get stuffed.
Any company that runs a competition that feels it has a right to access information beyond the basics is a sure fire sign the business practices a model that’s worth avoiding.

TL DR, no you will not access all my account details.
Might as well just give you my password… imbeciles !

The only information we ask for is your name and email for notification. The app checks that you have liked our page and that you are not attempting a duplicate entry. You do not have to subscribe to our newsletter and you certainly don't have to hand over your data. This is the facebook auth page for the app by we're using. It is the same app used by many reputable companies and does not mine your data for profit and distribution if you read their terms of service. If you feel that this app compromises your facebook personal details and password, you are free to not enter our giveaway, but I would ask that you not slander our company.

Could we enter by e-mailing our name but not address unless we win?

That is fine by me.