[Illumn]Black Friday Deals: Ended

Clearance / doorbusters still open.


30% coupon is good deal. Will it work with the Olight S1R II CU?

The S1R II CU limited edition lights are set to release tomorrow as per Olight's instructions, they will automatically be discounted 30%.

Oh man. Thanks a bunch Calvin. I have had my eye on that Foursevens Mini MKII Ti for sometime now. I know that code won’t work for it but it’s still at a great price. Might have to finally bite the bullet on that one. Seen some other great deals too. That Nitecore P30 is a steal. Illumn is going to get all my Xmas money. :slight_smile:

Discount doesn’t apply to the Foursevens Mini MKII Ti :cry:

Gonna snatch up some 21700 cells, thanks, Calvin.

Just ordered the Olight R50 Pro seeker LE with this discount as well as 10 18650’s. Much appreciated.

Nice deal on the 30T. Too bad I didn’t wait one more day to order.

Did you order it from our webstore?

Just ordered: two 21700 Samsung INR21700-50E and one Nitecore MH1C
Thanks CalvinlS

Olight Black Friday Deals now active!

Olight i3T Copper for $20.99 Oh Yeah

Oh damn the code works on the Nitecore TUP. Decisions, decisions….

Ordered Olight S1R 11 in special edition winter. Thanks Calvin.

Umm, is anyone else having issues connecting?

I get the special-deals page with javascript turned off, but turning it on and reloading, and it just keeps pinwheeling forever. I got stuff in my cart from a while back, am trying to load that P30 (and see what other goodies might be lurking), and no joy.

Somehow I tricked it to adding the P30, but am forever pinwheeling at the ‘onestepcheckout’ page. :person_facepalming:

Any ideas?

Will try other machines, other browsers, the usual. Still is a bit disconcerting…

The Nitecore P30 is an excellent deal at $35.

Different machine did it, go figure.

All’s well. :smiley:

Yep, that’s why I was itchin’ to get that order in.

Code did not work for Acebeam 60, 000 light