Illumn Brand Flashlight Suggestions (AA size)

It would be easier to digest for him. Google forms will provide the statistics… :slight_smile:

Modes: moon (~0.25 lumens), low (~5 lumens), med (~30 lm), high (100+ lm)… I don’t really care much about dual AA+14500 support, but if it allows both the modes should be the same output with either battery type (with an extra turbo mode added on 14500).

Memory: none, or at least, has an easy way to access moon from off no matter what state it was in before

A Nichia 219B with a floody TIR optic sounds awesome. Or perhaps a reflector with a frosted lens. High-CRI neutral-to-daylight white with a smooth, floody beam.

It’d be awesome if the body could be bare brass or stainless steel. A screw-on clip would be nice too (don’t care if it’s reversible as long as it can work in a bezel-down deep carry fashion). Hopefully small overall, like a L3 L10 or D25A.

Ideally, it would be a twisty, or a twisty with a button so that either one could be used (Thrunite T10S for example). Or an e-switch, since that offers lots of interesting UI options.

Constant-current output is ideal, but fast PWM (~18000 Hz) is okay too.

Moddable is good. Ideally, I’d love to be able to pull the driver out and reflash the firmware. I like to put a bunch of weird modes on my EDC and otherwise generally mess with the interface.

I’d be willing to help create the firmware, as long as it can be open-source. So far I’ve only done attiny13 firmware, but am open to other MCUs too.

Edit: So, BLF has a pretty lively community for modding 1x18650 lights, with lots of readily-available hosts and parts for building pretty much anything. The Convoy S series is a good example, and anything else which uses the same-sized components. But that doesn’t really happen for 1xAA or 1x14500 lights due to lack of parts. What I’d really like is to have the same degree of mod components available in a 1xAA form factor as what we currently have for 1x18650 lights.

i want some mini size ,low lights ,long-lasting and
bright ,power-saving .

The bike guy wants some form of strobe (preferrably low-hz) ;)

Off-Topic: I will get myself more of those decals.

All the things above, but which will be the style? If possible to have some details?
If I can choose, I’ll a flashlight AA/14500 with the same style of the famous C8, but obviously smaller. The work of the guys with Jax Mini C8 is super! (but it run with 1x18650). I think a lot of people here (me first) dribble down for a mini C8/14500 :bigsmile:
(and you would sell a lot of it!)

You could also build a bike light. A Convoy S-series with diffuser film works well as a handlebar light, or you can make a little 16340-based tail light as described here:

As for flashy modes, that’s a pretty simple matter of adding it to the firmware. I have a few blinky modes in the version I published, specifically for biking purposes.


Since you are planning a screw-in pill, how’s about offering at least a couple of different pills with different drivers?

Also, if you do that, can you also offer an extension tube to make it into a 2xAA / 2x14500 light?

That way, you could provide a pill/driver with a buck driver and an extension tube to make a very bright 2x14500 light!

working on a Google doc, be back in a few hours…

Put a strobe in and I'll come hunt you down and .......

stop buying from you forever

Haha, I like strobes. Not tactical strobes, though. I just think it’s fun to have a nice motion-freezing ~20Hz strobe so I can watch life as a series of still frames. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I don’t expect that to be included stock; I’m just hoping it’ll be moddable so I can give it new firmware.

Done, the spreadsheet is HERE.
EDIT: oops forgot to made it so anyone can edit

Also of note: fdr2164 did a “mindmap” of 1xAA lights, and 2xAA lights. they are old, and do not list every single model, but they are a very good start

Thanks for your work musicmagic. The project is a bit more complicated than I originally anticipated with a high MOQ requirement, so we'll be gathering funds while going through the design process and figuring out what is viable at given price points. I'll post more information when things become more concrete.

It should be a zoomy, with shape knurling and finish comparable to an SK-58, or more curves, no plain cylinders. It should have either compact size or high power, and good heat flow for its size: direct star, solid pill contacting thickest walls of body. It should be either for AA or for 14500, because boost drivers make it too easy to over-discharge lithium ion cells.
If you don’t have enough time of a very talented numerical control lathe programmer, you should contract for an existing outer part and upgrade the inner parts.

Posting a thread on this so as to facilitate everybody. Thanks for musicmagic for putting up the excel. It helped me lots. I added other options.

you have square threads twice :wink:

Only Calvin will get this joke; "It has to be worth at least 2 Convoy's"


-A couple different emitters (I vote for XP-L 4000k)

-maybe a few different tail switch options: flat for twisty UI, reverse clicky that can tail stand (my preferred), and a forward clicky with exposed switch. If not multi tails, then electric side switch that can access ML (click) , L or M (double click), T/H(long press) or L (click), T/H(double click) , strobe(long press) depending on programmed UI.

-support for Alkaline, Nimh, and 14500

-single AA with option to add a 2 AA extender

-A clip. It should be able to clip just below the head for bezel up carry and just above the tail switch for bezel down carry.

–2/3 different bezels with the reflector connected (spark). A Mule bezel, and a general purpose reflector. Maybe even one that’s extra wide and extra deep for better throw.

-I love your idea of programmable UI, either Ml-L-M-H-T(14500 only) or L-M-H-T(14500 only)-S. Ml-0.5, L-5, M-40, H-120, T-250(drop down after 3-5 minutes).

-Elzetta style build your own with these options. Medium price range for selecting one of each option. The ability to by extra bezels, tails, and extention tube. A slight premium for a blow molded case with all bezels, tails, and an extension tube.

How about a little 4 x AA floody. Something like a Nitecore EA4 meets Olight SR Mini.

  • 35mm wide 3 LED TIR array
  • between 4000K and 5000K color
  • 2000lm, 1000lm, 300lm 100lm and 3lm
  • lantern style diffuser.

It would be a great little camping light.

I doubt you’d be able to get 2000 lumens from 4xAA. However, if you could, and wanted the modes to look evenly spaced on a visually linear (cube root) scale, the modes would be 3 lm, 76, 346, 944, and 2000 lm.

Hmmm, floody, and for camping, that gives me an idea.., why not go all the way and design the first ever proper compact, elegant, and good tinted camping lantern?