[Illumn][USA] Nitecore TUP Group Buy SHIPPING NOW

Hey guys, I'm sure you have heard about Nitecore's latest TUP light by now. I was planning on putting together a USA based group buy (fulfillment and warranty) since there will undoubtedly be China based ones coming soon. Current estimates on ship date NOW. Please message me directly for pricing and more information. Please also do NOT share this information due to MAP regulations.

MAP: $64.95 Available in BLACK and GREY

Nitecore TUP Features:

  • Utilizes a CREE XP-L HD V6 LED for a max output of 1,000 lumens
  • Max beam intensity of 8,130cd and max throw of 180 meters
  • Built-in 1200mAh li-ion battery
  • Advanced Power Cut-off (APC) technology for ultra-low parasitic drain
  • Built-in charging with micro-usb port
  • Multi-functional OLED display for lumens output, battery voltage, and runtime
  • Capable of being powered off USB directly

Modes: 1000 / 200 / 65 / 15 / 1 lumen
Runtime: 15m / 3h / 9h 45m / 19h / 70h
Beam Distance: 197 yards
Peak Beam Intensity: 8,130cd
Impact Resistance: 1m
Waterproof: IP54
Battery Type: built-in li-ion

Length: 2.76"
Width: 1.16"
Height: 1.16"
Weight: 1.87oz

I’m in. Good price and the US shipping and support is a definite plus.

….I don’t think I’m interested in the TUP, but just wanted to give a bump for your thread and praise for a good vendor. I bought several TIP’s on your group buy a couple of years ago, and your company was awesome with pricing, communication and any after the sale help! Keep up the great work!

I’m in, sent PM


Hi Calvin, It’s been a while. I’m definitely interested.

Thanks for organizing this! I would be in if I was in the US.

Thank you for your vote of confidence!

Glad to be back.

For some reason I always thought you were USA based.

Everyone who has mailed me so far, if you could please confirm your interest with quantities and colors via PM that would be great!

No sir!

Welcome back Calvin. I’m interested. PM sent.

One (1), Grey.

Calvin, I want a black one.

Oops, I already told you what color in a PM. I’m brain dead sometimes.

TUP Shipment has arrived and will be shipping out! Please allow a little extra time due to the volume of orders from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Thanks in advance for your patience!

picture provokes much anxiety in me :open_mouth:

is that a normal sized order? Looks to be over 100 easily.

Approximately 100 of each color stocked, group buy numbers didn't reach what we hoped but we'll probably get more orders as we move into Christmas season.

appreciate your reply Calvin…

Calvin, I am in. BTW, have you processed Black Friday orders yet? Thanks.

Any chance you could post an image of the grey and black side by side?

Still slogging through the backlog of Black Friday orders, should get quite a few of them completed by tomorrow.

Quick shot.

Calvin, are you sending us a code to get the group buy price?

Got the code from a buddy of mine from BLF. It’s ordered!