Image Boss! (no politics, no sexy pics) Have fun. ❤️

Oops suppose to be pics from jobs. Made wrong post earlier. Posting a correct one. :-)

Stairwells are a b!@#h.

Lol! that had me for a minute there! wondered how it was even possible, but it’s not as it turns out just some photoshopping - still very funny! :smiley:

Curses! Foiled again. Not my Photoshop job, I’ll also confess.

Little-known fact, that’s his actual name.

Mr and Mrs Lastname were quite drunk at the time, and thought it’d be a hoot to name him that.


A good idea, almost every Japanese home I visited has toilet with hash wash.

I find Souichirou’s picture the funniest, so he da new boss :person_with_crown: ! The toilet installer must be laughing “Look, the toilet goes with the plumbing on this side, ain’t nothing I can do.”
Honorable mentions go to northbeard’s College of Irony, raccoon city’s cake of malicious compliance, and G0OSE’s school of sharp cutlery.

Haven’t seen that ugly little man on McDonald’s before, an old design perhaps?

I think they are using a new trademark now.

I just did a search and got the pic. Yeah it looks kinda like it’s from the 80’s or something.


Is there a story behind your new avatar?

(I found the same image on other websites, but I don't know exactly what the image is.)

"We know that in its essence, light is by nature more powerful and substantive than darkness. This can be demonstrated by the fact that if you light a match in darkness, it easily pervades and pierces through it."

Hehe you noticed huh. Its a light storm!...sort of. Well, without getting too deep, it just symbolizes that light is more powerful than darkness. Plus I love Impressionism art work. Like the following from the masters.

I hope to own one of these paintings someday.

Georges Seurat "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte "

Georges Seurat "Bathers at Asnières"

Charles Conder "A Holiday at Mentone"

Vincent Van Gogh "Starry Night"

Claude Monet "The Water Lily Pond"

Claude Monet "Garden at Giverny"

The little man was on the sign at the first McD’s I ever saw (and ate at) in the mid-1960s. That brings back memories, Their burgers were so much better tasting back then. Nice and juicy. Now they seem more dry and blah to me.

Oh man McD! Twice I’ve ordered sausage egg Mcmuffin and twice it came without the patty!! I kid you not. Definitely pandemic related.

It’s hit or miss.

Twice went with the gf to a nearby McD for a snack before going our separate ways, and the QP (quarter-pounder) was absolutely delicious. Fresh, hot, juicy, don’t think I had better fastfood, like, ever.

Third time it was as usual and what I was accustomed to. Dry, blah, tepid.

The secret is to get ’em right off the grill. They evidently fry up the patties in batches and let ’em sit ’til a new batch is needed. Get ’em fresh, and they’re awesome. Get ’em late, and yick.

Same like Wendy’s, even. I really like the grilled chicken samwich. Typically would only go there on the rare occasion they came out with BOGO coupons (same for McD when you fill out a survey). Anyhoo, came home from work via a different bus, and a Wendy was right around the corner, so went’n’got a pair of the grilled chickens. Amazing. Again, was like they were fresh-made, with the chicken being hot and juicy, all the veggies crisp, absolutely amazing.

Next morning I figured I’d take the same bus but in the opposite direction, bogo the grilled chickens, have one right there, take the other one with me for “lunch” once I’d get to work. Nuh-uh. Vile. If anything, it was like they wanted to use up the already-cooked pieces of chicken from the night before, or at least that’s what it tasted like. Tough, chewy, dry, not at all like what I just had the night before.

What I used to do at bagel places is to ask what was still hot (ie, what just came out of the oven, what was the freshest), and even if it wasn’t one of my faves, the freshness more’n made up for it. Last thing you want is one of the last bagels from a batch that was made hours ago and was sitting around going stale.

Guess you gotta do the same thing with fast-food, ask what’s still fresh off the grill.