In Stock: L3 Illumination K40 Super thrower! 87.5k lux@1m Cree XML U2. GIVEAWAY INSIDE!

Likes a while ago, but that’s a NICE looking light. Gotta have a comparison with the TN31.



Already have a unit out to TurboBB, Selfbuilt is MIA so far

Liked back when the teaser threads started. Nice to see it come to fruition :slight_smile:

Already liked it a while ago actually. Hope I win!

This light may just be my birthday gift this month.

Nice light Jake25. It appears that there are a lot of us here not on face book. I wonder why.

Great News! :slight_smile:

Just liked! thanks Jake for this awesome giveaway.I want this light sooooo bad and I can't wait to see outdoor beamshots.

Yep, same here, I haven’t logged in for over year, but had to like :smiley:

Liked and thanks. Hope I win this awesome giveaway :slight_smile:

It’s getting harder and harder to believe the media, but I believe there have been reports of FB & celebs/politicians who have inflated user counts - even heard rumor of a service that creates them for fees.

(off topic… sorry) Dear Boro… don’t denigrate Sony’s Betamax… IMO,bad analogy.

The BETA format was a superior AV tape recording methodology that lost big - BIG TIME - to the inferior AV quality (yet wholly SUPERIOR marketing efforts) of the JVC/Japanese Victor Company’s VHS. (/off topic)

Now, if you’re talkin’ bout the ultimate demise of a “format”: well… I entirely agree!

As many other posters, not - never been - on fb either!

But, as you indicated, “Nice giveaway!

+1 waiting to hear back on these reviews, I am certain they will be awesome!


I just reread my post and realized you could have taken it as being caustic and personal, which was not the intent...just merely counterpoints. Thanks for seeing that!

One can not get away with creating either a new account or dozens of accounts as there are ways to see how old the FB page really is. If it was created for the sole purpose of just liking a page well then I am certain Jake25 would be able to pick up on that with just minimal research.