In Stock: L3 Illumination K40 Super thrower! 87.5k lux@1m Cree XML U2. GIVEAWAY INSIDE!

What’s up guys I’m plenty proud to bring you the L3 Illumination K40 flashlight. What is L3 Illumination? It’s a brand we’re starting, dipping our toes in and seeing how it goes and we might expand to more products.

With the XML U2 emitter and 63mm wide reflector, this thing is putting out north of 80,000 lux @1m and driven higher than 3A on level 6 (max). Compact design with 3x18650 carrier and a nice AR coated lens, this flashlight is a beauty and without a doubt an excellent thrower. And that is why we are giving one away!

How to enter: Like our Facebook page Here. Each Liked individual will be assigned a number corresponding what # Like you are. For example if you’re the 100th person to like our page, you’re #100. On October 12th I will draw a random number and the person matching that number will be the winner.

L3 Illumination K40 available @ SBFlashlights!
Also if you look closely, the batteries and chargers are discounted by 10% so you get a nice package deal.

Lux numbers: 87.5k lux @ 1m

Liked and hoping for luck:D

Already liked. :D I really hope I win. :)

I’m not on face book, but if I was, I would have done the like thing. :slight_smile:

Nice looking light! Thanks for the giveaway, even though I don't use facebook...

LIKED :bigsmile:

No Facebook, but I like the light.

Nice giveaway!

Facebook = Betamax

It’s nice to see so few people on facebook. I was beginning to think I was the only one who hated that platform. lol


What if we have already liked your FBI pages a while back?



The reason I use Facebook is so that I can deliver news rapidly and straight to the audience that I want and also allows for instant customer feedback. Newsletters can do the same but I don’t get feedback/communication. Aside from starting my very own forum, Facebook is the next best thing

I already "liked" you long time ago. Looking forward to seeing reviews of this bad boy.

Can I ask how much influence you have on the design and size of the flashlights? Because what I am looking for is a single emitter, deep reflectored light with at least a 5" reflector. Come up with that and I'll bite!

+1 ??

Liked, but don’t like FB :bigsmile:

I don't do facebook either but it's a great looking light, I can't wait to see some outdoor beam shots.

+1 Add a good heatsink and drive it HARD!