IN STOCK XPG2 Version of L3 Illumination L10 1xAA Flashlight .09 or 3 lumen Low Mode!

Alright we are bringing you guys the XPG2 version of the L3 Illumination L10. We’re trying to give you guys as many options without melting our own brains. NW tint will be available on the Black model. All colors will have the option of 3 mode (3, 30, 120) or 4 mode (.09, 3, 30, 120) lumens. Black is already in stock just need to stick the XPG2 in there so that will be a 15 day lead time, the other colors will take 30 days so that should be perfect timing.

For my ever faithful BLFers, we will toss in a SBFlashlights Keychain coin cell flashlight for all PREORDERs.

If you’re thinking of purchasing these as gifts for family and friends we have a 10 pack option and we’re giving you one FREE. To clarify that’s buy 9 get 1 free.

L3 Illumination L10 XPG2 AA Flashlight in Black

L3 Illumination L10 XPG2 AA Flashlight in Color

L3 Illumination L10 XPG2 AA 10 Pack, BUY 9 GET 1 FREE!“:SBFlashlights - authorized dealer of Solarforce, XTAR, iTP, Lumintop, Thrunite, Spark flashlights

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What happened to orange?

Dayum those look nice, Jake!

Looks like we had a straggler

mmm the natural looks awesome! and for some weird reason so does pink lol

I ordered a natural. I already ordered a black XP-G. I was going to get a neutral but I don’t want a whole bunch of black lights with labels taped on to them. I want a neutral orange one!

I love the natural one, is that no anodizing at all?

Very nice Jake. Cool selection of colours.

I want a neutral orange too :P

thanks for this Jake 3/30 /120 will be a good mode spacing

i'd say you can probably go down to 1 lumen easily ...over 3 though will be too much ..Err on the low side of 3 .

Maybe we can gang up on him.

"XPG2 will have slightly more lumens" => will go over 3, I'm afraid.. :(

Please drop the low mode to real 2-3 lumens.

I like very much, I bought the natural color, 4 modes.
It will be my second flashlight XP-G2, a shame to have to wait 2 months. :cry:

Pity I don't like twisty lights, they look very nice...

Is one of them white or just natiral? I gotta admit, that pink one is the pinkest I have seen.

OK….I took the plunge….ordered the 10 pack for gifts

4 White 3 mode CTs for the Ladies
5 Black 3 mode NTs for the men
and 1 Black 4 mode NT for ME :wink:

Now I just need to pray that the White ones arrive in time for the Holidays.

Thanks ofhs! Black White Natural Orange and Pink are winning the race, the other colors might be postponed just because the factory only has a certain amount of lights they can pump out a month.

Natural is my favorite followed by Blue, Red then White…

I was REALLY considering the natural for my light as well (my favorite color of the lot)…but I did not want to have to wait until XMas to have it lol.

Lovely light, but shipping is $10.5 to Spain :frowning: D’oh! :cry:

The colors I gave you in post #15 should be in stock well before Christmas :slight_smile: