Inexpensive Server for Google Cloud Print

Server may not be the correct word, but basically I need something fairly inexpensive (under 100 dollars) that can connect to a wifi network, have google chrome installed, and be kept on indefinitely. So far I have considered a Raspberry pi (no wifi connectivity) and a pogoplug (again, no wifi connectivity), so I'm basically out of ideas for other inexpensive things.

And it would also have to be fairly small...

used ipod touch?

I already have one, but there is no way to hook that up to my printer. (Network printer)

Generic Android tablet? Big Lots has ’em for under $100. I got one for $60 around Christmas and I use it for a lot. It could certainly run just Chrome indefinitely. I know they can also be rooted, but I’m not sure if you need that/why you would want it.

I don't have much expierence with android, but I don't think they can be hooked up to a printer.

Totally missed the printing requirement. There may be “an app for that” but I honestly don’t know. No real interest on my end. You could search the Amazon app store for it (the generic ones generally can’t connect to Google Play).

I just saw on the google play one there is, off to look through the amazon one.

pogoplug + wireless access point?

would that work for you?

pogoplug for $20 and WAP for $20

You can print with one. Im using a galaxy tab android and I can sign on to my wifi printer (which has no ink but still) im not very familiar with chrome though.

What do you mean by wireless access point? I would need something that would take a wifi signal and turn it into an ethernet cable, if you can show me a link to something like that then i may try pogoplug. (Already have one to use)

Yep, I just found an app on the amazon store that would let me so I'll be keeping an eye out for a cheap one.

From what I can tell the only way to go wifi-->ethernet is with an overpriced (100 dollar) dongle.

I use WAP’s in out house to connect remote wired networks together I use the WAP54G, but there are $20 ones also. I have a pogoplug also, but that would be used to print, I don’t know.

It can with Linux. ;)

WOW, you HACKED it?

from what I understand, a pogoplug is really a computer running a proprietary program to make it a “cloud server” Hacking it and using something like Apache would make it way more useful, but mine is great just as it is.

Personally, I’d pick up an old Netbook on ebay. LOW power requirements, WiFi and USB for your printer. Can run WinXP or linux. Perfect.

Do you know if they ship from the US? I'm guessing not.

Confirmed, it would be coming from China. Still very tempted though, I think I'll sleep on it and see if anyone else suggests something better.

in this pic I am using 2 of them, one to pick up a wireless signal from the basement. It connects to an 8 port switch and 4 computers, 1 printer and another WAP54G which is configured to act as a repeater to serve portable devices on the second floor (too weak a signal for them, but not the dual antenna WAP54G. Our home has plaster over metal lath (a Faraday Cage) so wifi signals do not travel through the walls very well.