[Info-Thread] Wurkkos FC11 - 18650 EDC, LH351D 5000K 90CRI, USB-C, magnetic tail


Mine just showed up yesterday. Will be doing a review soon. Initial impressions are great. Sure, I’d love if it ran Anduril, NarsilM, or RampingIOS… but short of that, it’s been good so far. Bright, compact, USB-C charging, ramping option with single click on/off, etc. :+1:

… and after my review is done, I’ll crack this thing open and see what chip it’s running and if I can give it a brain transplant :smiling_imp:

Abby Normal?

Are you saying that you put an abnormal brain in a 7 foot tall, 54 inch wide GORILLA!!!???

I just placed my order for one. Hopefully, you can successfully upgrade it to Andruil. My SP36 BLF is my only Andruil light with LH351D and I love it!

I hate you guys…

I just ordered one now, too.

No brain transplant yet, but my review is up:

i made a video of this flashlight

Yet another light I don’t need ordered :person_facepalming:

It really is a nice light. It’s just one of those good all-arounders. If only it didn’t have that timed step down.

I’ve got the SC31B torn down and working on new firmware. The FC11 is up next.

Add a 1/8 minus-green for those lower levels and this thing shines!

Timed step down is only in Turbo mode, what about high (700lm)?

I just received mine.

  • there is a bug in ui: if turbo or strobe is accessed directly from off, long press activates last used mode. From that state, flashlight cannot be turned off and mode cannot be changed. Only action is double/tripple click to go back to turbo/strobe and then flashlight can be turned off,
  • there is a PWM detectable by phone camera (similar speed to bistro firmware),
  • high (~1.7A tailcap current) step down is after 5 minutes to 60% of initial high mode, which is almost equal to medium mode,
  • turbo (~3.9A tailcap current) step down is after 1 minute, lasts 30 seconds, so after 1:30 flashlight is on 20% of initial turbo mode, which is almost equal to medium mode,
  • standby: 1.41 mA initially, 0.03 mA (= 43 μA measured on different scale on my DMM) after few seconds,
  • eco: 7.67 mA
  • glass is not AR coated,
  • during charging flashlight can be turned on in low mode,
  • with charging cable connected flashlight can be turned on in low mode even without battery,
  • magnet is strong, flashlight can be attached to round pipe in horizontal position without an issue,
  • magnet in the tail is probably not glued and small rattle can be heard when flashlight is detached from a surface,
  • fins around head are rough,
  • tailcap lanyard hole area is also rough,
  • fc11 and convoy s2+ have the same size.

Overall pretty nice piece of lumens :slight_smile:

Nice summary :beer:

Thanks a lot for posting your observations, g_damian. I will let Wurkkos know about this UI issue, so they become aware of it. Hopefully, this will be rectified in revison 3.0 of FC11 (with type C-C cable support). I also noticed rough edges on cooling fins and tailcap chamfers on my prototype sample and suggested Sofirn (manufacturer) to improve the manufacturing process. However, it seems there's little margin left to do some extra post-treatment to those things as FC11's price needs to be kept very low. The same will probably apply to the missing anti-reflection coating on the glass lens.

I want to add that the UI is changed now. There is hold from off for moonlight, and no more long press to turn off. The bug g_damian mentioned exists but seems like it doesn’t effect normal use too much.

I swapped a 3500k LH351D into mine, I’d suggest those who like warmer LEDs try it. The stock 5000k LH351D had enough green tint to bother me, I have some of the “dogfart” LH351Ds that seem less green.

I actually added 1/8 minus-green to mine and it feels perfect…at the expense of some throw, of course.

Rough/sharp edges exist on all my Sofirn lights and I personally find it taints the experience. I know we’re talking budget lights, this is BLF after all, but I’d rather pay a little extra for nice chamfered edges.

Thank you for your feedback, i will test the bug of ui and feedback to the engineer to fix it

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