Introducing the XinTD C8 900 Lumens

We are promoting our new type of product, XinTD C8

We will update our product portfolio often to meet the needs of BLF members.

Welcome to the forum Hank

Welcome to the forum Hank.

I like the choice of 1, 3 or 5 modes.

Welcome to BLF, Very nice lights indeed, Like the choice of modes.

All right now !

Choice of modes and what looks like a beefy screw in pill .

Yep .

I'm tempted to buy a 3 mode, I've been craving a C8 and the screw in module looks good. But the website seems a bit rough around the edges... I get "You may want to add some instructions for using the shopping cart here. (defined in includes/languages/english/shopping_cart.php)" at the top of my basket, doesn't inspire confidence.

Interesting, I dont think I have seen this Shadow before-

Very nice to be able to choose modes. Hi-Med-Low...perfect! Good product description and pics. $5.00 cheaper and you will outsell all other C8 variants. :)

And welcome to the forum!

Welcome Hank!

I want to buy another flashlight...

Do we BLF freaks get also a special Redemption Code?

Lol I noticed the "fake" C8 is an Ultrafire.

Curious as to how the mode order is changed, and also whether it's really 2.8A regulated.

I saw that too but a bit pricey. Id pay $30.

Hi HanK I think these would be a good group buy. I'm sure everyone agrees. Some of your other flashjights on your site are over priced.

This is the price limit that we will consider as your going into premium flashlight territory.

Xin TD L2 (3 mode)with stainless steel strike bezel Shipped $59.95

BLF Special Price $45 Shipped.

This is a good light but the reflector is small for the head size.

Xin TD C8 3 Modes $29.95

BLF Special Price $20 Shipped

Another good light but you can get these lights for $14.

Shadow TC6 4 or 5 mode $59.40 shipped

BLF Special Price $40 Shipped

Another good light but too expensive

Shadow Mini T6 3 mode $42

BLF Special Price $30 Shipped

Shadow Mini T6 (warm White)3 mode $45

BLF Special Price $32 Shipped

Shadow JM05 3 modes $39

If only it was 18650

BLF Special Price $30 Shipped.

Shadow JM-07 for For $49.50

BLF Special Price $35 Shipped.

Nice design But the Head is only 42mm.

Crelant 7G5 for $78

BLF Special Price $52 Shipped.

This is a Nice light but bland.

DIY T6 4 (L-M-H-Turbo) for $80

BLF Special Price $55 Shipped.

+ $5 for NW

+$5 for WW

This is not too bad Considering the competition.

If you give it at these price you will sell a lot. Christmas is coming up. Have a sale before Christmas.

What is the ma on med and low hank?

Please try again, it’s ok now!

C8 has choices of 3 modes:

1 mode ( on/off)

3 mode (Low>Medium>High)

5 mode (Low>Medium>High>Strobe>SOS)

Yes, it's really 2.8A regulated, that's the special specification for C8.

OK, I'll take one for the team. Order placed for a 3 mode C8.

Your Order Number is: 1

Checkout Success Sample Text ...

A few words about the approximate shipping time or your processing policy would be put here.

This section of text is from the Define Pages Editor located under Tools in the Admin."

Looks like you need to update the text on that page too.

My order number is 1....hehe

Shall observe:)

It seems to be a good shop offering quality items, Just bought several items including AMC7135*8 5-mode circuit board(Nanjg 105).

If Items terms out to be good and shipping fast, they will have my business.

Nice looking pill/ screw in with a shorter reflector

I really like this flashlight.

Please your special BLF price and don't be a spammer