IS Promotions: Rayus C01 / PT10 Series Intro [8/28]

Also, that Nitecore CU6 really needs a mention in BLF’s UV light thread.

There, posted. Maybe it’ll get reviewed soon. :slight_smile:
(looks pretty sweet, but I don’t think I can really justify buying one when my only use for it is my own entertainment… no matter how cool it is)

my h600w mk2 landed in Canada…can’t wait to get it!

Soshines on sale until the end of the week.

Soshine 3400mAh Protected Button Top (2-pack) $17.99 (9.00 each)

Green battery case included.

I ordered 2 sets for my TK75 :)

thats a good price for panasonic 3400s!

edit: i picked up 2 pair ! thanks.

I have just made discharge-capacity tests with this Soshine brand and I am very much impressed.

Just ordered another 2 sets of Soshine 3400mAh 18650's for $38.12 shipped using the BLFUSER discount (-$1.80). These batteries look like winners!

they are winners - i got mine yesterday - i am thinking about ordering more as well :slight_smile:

Mine are date coded 11/15/13. Extremely pleased getting these fresh cells! How about yours?

all 4 of mine are the same 11/15/13

I got my second order of the Soshine 3400 mAh 18650's today :) I now have 8 of these beauties! BTW, Illumination Supply rocks! Ordered on Thursday, got it on Saturday. Hows that for service!

coast to coast in 2 days, pretty impressive! (or is that 3?)

Ordered Thursday morning, received Saturday Morning= 2 days = beyond impressive!

Always came up at the regular price for me.

Just checked, it's back to the regular price again :( Glad I was able to get 8 on sale!

Hi, where do you plan to stock the Efest LUC v4 2014 edition? its out of stock.

Sorry for double post, what does it mean when the items at IS are marked as backorder? is it out of stock?

If yes, how long does it usually takes to get the item back on stock? i want to buy LUC V4 but EU plug version, thanks.

Backorder does mean it's out of stock, restock time really depends on manufacturer and availability. Efest should take ~ 1 week. We do not have the EU plug available, I would recommend purchasing from an EU vendor.

that’s one crazy deal! Cheapest I saw it anywhere else was $112, but mostly at least $140, and those were not XM-L2!