Is there a flashlight equivalent to emisar d4s but with 18650 or 21700?

I love my d4s v2 but just wished it had a smaller body. The 26650 body is too fat to edc. Is there another light with a 39mm head that has 3 or 4 emitters with a 18650 or 21700 body?

FW21 Pro maybe?

Fireflies E07 is pretty close to the dimensions you want. 7 emitters though.

…I don’t really understand.

If what you’d like is something easier to carry than D4S then why does it have to be 39mm head? In my understanding a 39mm-head 16340 would be as hard to EDC as a 39mm-head 26650. The fattest part decides its portability.

If you want an Emisar EDC w/ 4 emitters then yes D4v2 or KR4 would be a good choice. Same brand same experience same lumens just smaller 18650 body. Only difference is lower sustained brightness due to less heat mass, and less runtime due to smaller battery.

Alternatively, why not look at Emisar DT8? It’s 18650, almost as easy to carry as a D4v2, but with EIGHT emitters, almost doubling the max lumen. Another advantage of 8 emitters is less heat than 4 emitters at a given brightness level.

If you don’t care about Anduril all that much and would like a more affordable option, check out Amutorch E3 (It’s REALLY compact! for a 21700 light) or Convoy S21D (you may get the emitters you want, depending on what you ask for). You may have to wait though, since it’s almost Chinese Spring Festival, their factories and warehouses won’t reopen for another 6 weeks or so.

Boas, No, not d4v2… d4s v2. Yes big head small body for the extra throw and lumens.
I have the fw21 pro, but it’s just not throwy enough. I’m considering the fw21 x9l… same light but with 90.2 emitter. But I prefer 4xemitter because I like beam better.
I have a kr1 with 90.2 and it’s ok but I want a 4x emitter. I would put 4x w1 in the the light.
I have a fireflies e07 but not throwy enough and cannot fit a 4x emitter.
Kr4 would not be throwy enough due to small head. Dt8 might work but I think I still prefer the hotspot and throw of a 4 x emitter.
Although most likely true about fattest part of the flashlight decides portability, not totally true. My fw21 pro feels more pocketable than my d4s v2.

If the fw21 pro had the d4s v2 reflector, I’ll be set. I wonder if they sell that reflector separately and will it fit. It’s nearly identical in head size.

I also have the noctigon kr1 with 90.2. Which is my edc now. I would just like to dethrone it with a slightly bigger head with a more tight hotspot.
My d4s v2 with 4x w1 dethrones it now, but i want a smaller body.

Sofirn C8f

Sofirn c8f head is larger than d4s. I already have a c8 with 90.2, which is what I carry when I have a jacket. And I have a kr1 with 90.2, which is very similiar to what I’m asking in this thread. I guess I’m being very specific at the moment haha. Needs 4x emitter 39mm head size.

Skylumen sells a version with dedomed emitters for more throw which should match or surpass most configurations of the D4SV2 (based on his numbers at least).

That light loses lumens ridiculously fast. If you want a small 21700 sbt 90.2 get a manker u22 iii 90.2. No anduril though.

It is weakish and green tinted on low power but throwy and nicely white on turbo without need for a green filter (ymmv). Easily out-throws my w2 d4sv2. Also eats batteries, gets super-hot quickly, but small and goes 900m. I carry one, it’s nice, although I feel LEP’s make it almost obsolete (again, ymmv).

I’d suggest getting the sft-40 or osram version though, as the sbt 90.2 really needs a bigger host and more batteries to fully shine, but it’s a much better light than the lumintop.

I like the Wildtrail WT3M SST40 very much. It has replaced my previous favourite D4S.
21700 Support and charging port are great improvements.

I’ve ordered a second one. Want to reflow SST40 emitters to SFT40 for getting more throw.

Size comparison: EA01,D4S, WT3M, EC01

I don’t know anything about it, but the Wurkkos ts30s is a smallish anduril sbt 90.2 that you may find interesting. Has good reviews, and looks like it holds lumens decently, considering.

There’s also the Acebeam L19 (no anduril). Pricey but probably worth it. I may pick one up sometime.

This has been my one and only complaint about this light. 26650 quality cells are going to get difficult to find and 26800’s are not a serious option due to lack of production. For some reason, Hank does not seem to want to make a 21700 tube for it.

I like this little light a lot, too…wasn’t sure at first but it really grew on me. I’ve pondered swapping for SFT40 as well but I’m not sure what the beam will look like with that shallow reflector (i.e. whether the beam will still blend into a decent tighter one or end up with three distinct-ish visible beams). One way to find out I guess…

If you feel the stock KR1 is still not throwy enough for you then do not get the DT8, it’s only as throwy as a KR4. I have one in W2 which is quite throwy for an EDC TIR light but I’d guess its nowhere near the reflector KR1.

It’s really interesting to see different preferences and demands for an EDC light from different people. For me even the stock quad TIR is too throwy…

My d4sv2 is a skylumen version. Manker u22 is a nice light but doesn’t meet my requirement. Head is too large. Wild trail is a contender , but I doubt it will have more throw than my d4s due to the orange peel and shallow reflectors. I also have the wurkkos ts30s, not bad of a light but Head is too big.

But good news, Vinh over at skylumen was able to put the optics from the d4s into a lumintop fw21 pro. So now I have my 21700 and exact same size head diameter and my quad emitters. And better yet, and tail switch. Now I just need to decide what emitters I want in there. I want the most throw without sacrificing too much lumens. Was thinking w2’s would be the best, but w1’s is another option. Just not sure how much more throw I can get out of the w1 vs w2 and is it worth the Lumen loss.

I apologize I said the c8 was 39 mm but I think that's the size of the lens a c8 is like 44mm

sorry for the confusion

Out of those, I would go with W2 unless you want pure throw. You could ask about SFT40 as well. That would be a monster of a light.

Edit: Now I kind of want one of these. I prefer a tail switch and this custom mod sounds incredible.

No worries. I did the LED swap today. The beam will get much tighter. Ive measured ~ 70 kLux (instead of ~42) at startup with full charged Samsung 40T.

heater, good news…that’s great and thanks for doing it and sharing the results! I think I’ll pick up a second one just for this mod.

Sofirn IF25 or IF25 with tint ramping.
It has usb-C and 21700