Is there a good place to get fake Oakley sunglasses?

Looking for a pair of Oakley Flak Jackets but won’t spend the $220+ tax they ask in the store. I always lose my sunglasses so there is no way I paying Surefire prices.

I like the fit of the Flak Jackets. Is there a place that sells good fakes? I know some of the fakes are better than others.

These looked pretty good….only $27.89 each and free shipping over $100!


I know someone mentioned they bought a pair and liked them as well as the real ones. There are so many fakes that I want to get a “good” copy and not a total POS like you see in gas stations.

If they are fake, will they have proper UVA/UVB protection?

No and you will be at a greater risk as your pupils will dilate due to shades. This is something I would recommend to get brand name stuff.

Go to an optician and look at the frames, find some you like and ask them the price for a photochromatic zero prescription lens with a dark tint. A lot of times its cheaper than buying the big names and you get the frame style you want

Edit: You only have one pair of eyes, cheap shades with no uva/uvb protection are not the way to treat them. In the UK its illegal to sell kids shades with no uva uvb

could you just the frame that you likje and then go to optician to get the lens? BTW i got fake oakley from Fasttech and it crooked, one of the frame is sit higher on the left eyebrow, can’t fix it by bending it … since it’s a molded frame :~

I have a few pairs from Topshop etc. but they all had the UV400 sticker. I really need to get some prescription sunglasses though.

I didn’t know it was illegal. Wow. I can’t imagine what kind of damage it would do to children’s eyes but it can’t be good.

I Know that even $15 glasses can have 100% UV protection so you don’t have to spend $300 to protect your eyes. I’m looking for the Sanrenmu of sunglasses so to speak. 90% of the quality at 10% of the price.

Somebody (TV news muckrakers?) had a bunch of knock-off sunglasses tested. Surprisingly, they all passed the UV tests.

I have a friend who used to sell them for $5 a pair at fairs and festivals. He called them Foakley’s they were great. I bought a bunch of them but I don’t have any left. The only problem was that people thought they were real and because I didn’t pay attention to them they tended to grow legs and walk away.

I have one set left that I have had for close to ten years now. As for UV I don’t know. I guess I should be concerned but somehow I just don’t get worked up over any of the warnings on anything.

This thread should either be deleted or the title reworded. It's one thing to look for a good price on an original or look for an item that has the same features as an original, but asking straight up for a "fake" is kind of messed up.

I do not see the problem.

Aren’t almost all the budget lights fake something?

Many budget lights share similar form factor and design, but they usually don't copy the name. And when they do, we usually recognize it as being inferior and somewhat devious.

Oakley is a trademarked name. It's fine to look for sunglasses that are similar, but asking for a straight "fake" is, well, it's illegal.

Like Sipik copying the Nitecore Extreme with their SK-68, then there are the UltraOK ZS-2 “clones” I own. The same clone light can also be found with some other brand names too. :party:

You should keep an eye out on this guy on Ebay. He sells scuba salvage items, sometimes then lenses are scratched but you can buy replacements from Visionarylenses. The ones I bought were good enough until I bought replacements.

I don’t think it changes the legality by simply changing the name. I know it doesn’t change the morality. If they are selling them as if they are real I suppose it would be different. However, I don’t think anyone believes they are getting real Oakley’s for $15.

A rose by any other name and all that.

Actually, the name and logo have more protection than product design according to US law. (I know BLF isn't a US based forum, but the OP lives in the US and its laws apply to him). You usually can't patent or* copyright the look or feel of a product, but names and logos have strong protection.

It's legal to sell sunglasses that look, perform, and feel very similar, maybe even identical* to Oakleys, but you can't legally put the Oakley name or "O" logo on it.

*this is wrong, see post #27