Is there a triple copper mcpcb 32mm for 3.5x3.5 size available?

I bought a couple of x6 hosts years ago and custom heat sinks but never got around to finishing them, now I can’t find a mcpcb
I see adventure sports has one for Xm size emitter, if that’s my only choice is there a emitter that size with high cri? Thanks

I spent more time looking for this than I should have…and no dice. Kaidomain doesn’t. MTN doesn’t. I don’t think any of Simon’s triples use that size but I don’t know about his soda can models. If Hank uses that size in any light, he doesn’t list the board separately, but it might be worth a message to him (the board in the D4SV2 is about the right size but it’s a quad).

Sofirn sadly discontinued their C8-F triple recently but it uses a 30mm x 1.5mm copper board for 3535/XPL. Might be easy enough to use and center? Looks like they removed the listing for it from both aliexpress and their site but I’ll bet if you message them (or Barry, here) they likely still have some available. I bought a couple spares from them (at that time I had to ask via message) and I think they only charged me a buck each, added to a flashlight order.

Bluesword was working on a possible 5050 3V high cri emitter via some Chinese manufacturers but nothing just yet. Sure would be nice to have, maybe it’ll happen.

Update…Hank can’t help. 21700 D4KTi COLORFUL version is available - #5731 by Hank_Wang

JLC added a copper DTP PCB service recently and the price is affordable, fixed fee is 43$ and area cost is pretty low. Maybe still a bit high for a one off, but if you make a small group buy it should be OK.

You can try here or here if it fits your requirements.

Thanks for the reply’s

I will look when I am home tomorrow. I may have one. It has had xp-l emitters flowed. If it is in my nox of misc mcpcb’s I would consider to sell it. We’ll see how good my sometimes faulty memory is. If you don’t hear from me within s couple of days, PM me.

we have them available
32mm Copper DTP Triple

And I have no idea what I have done with the Noctigon I thought I still had

Thanks for lookin

$ 17.90 shipping for 2 is too expensive, not your fault. Thanks though