Is there an emerging winner in this category? (10440 capable)

Just curious what the top choices, today, might be… offering this:

-run 10440
-warm (3000k), high CRI emitter

Is that asking too much? (I don’t need massive lumens.)

Take a look at the Folomov EDC C1. It seems like it checks all your boxes. It’s a bit of an unusual design, but one of few lights to have the high CRI Nichia E21A in it.

ial13… interesting that you would mention that light, as I was searching battery junction for 10440 lights and that one popped up.

You are so right… it checks ALL the boxes of my interest!!! I suspect there are not many 10440 lights that do check all those boxes for me.

But, when you think of it:

10440 capability,
warm tint,
high CRI,

wouldn’t that be of interest to most of us? Certainly, we can’t mostly be interested in cold-tinted throwers from a AAA size light???

Can we be???

Just what do most of us desire from a AAA-sized light? I suppose I should pose that question as a separate thread - and will do just that.

Folomov silenty swapped the LED to 5000K. This is not warm white.

I want a good NW 10440 keychain light too. Lost my Ultratac K18 SS. I have a couple 10440 cells and an XP1 charger sitting around.

I’d get the Manker E02 II NW, but I’d prefer a non-right-angle light.

choice of Copper or Ti
pineapple aaa

I vote copper, it is Oligodynamic

has my favorite LED, favorite material, a tritium slot, and a programmable driver
whats not to love?

Thanks, looking for a keychain light tho.

oh, I see you did already specify keychain…

Maybe buy another K18 and change the LED?

Manker E02II NW SST20 4000K AA/10440 is nice. Keychain hole might be a bit small. It comes with a small ring.

Yeah, not really looking for a right angle light.

I just ordered a RavyVon A1x, if it’s really 330mAh then maybe my 350mAh 10440 cells are obsolete.

Although I don’t prefer non-replaceable battery or built-in charger.

I hope you like it,
share your impressions :slight_smile:

I do also like the Pineapple AAA. Hopefully Rey will start to use the deep carry clip he used on the ti version on the copper one as well. I still think I like the Preon 1 the best though, (after changing led mind you) mainly because I love the clip and prefer the switch over the Pineapple. Can’t beat the 219b still used in the Pineapple though. perfect for a 10440 light

Is the Preon a 10440 light?

I don’t think so, although of course we can put a 10440 into any AAA light, it’s not suggested, right.

The preon P0, incidentally, was on my keychain for a while. Nice little light.

But no, not many aaa lights have officially supported 10440’s.

I had all these at one point, and tried the 10440’s in all of them, altho only the ultratac and DQG were rated for them.

nice lineup

yes, Ive heard of people successfully using 10440 in Maratac twisties too.

but those lights lose their low modes on LiIon, iirc the ReyLight keeps the low mode on both chemistries… I like that better

Plus the reylight has LVP

I returned the A1x. It’s fine for someone who isn’t as picky as me, I guess, but i’d take abt any of the 1xAAA lights above over it, personally. The extra 1.5mm diameter (15.6mm) makes a noticeable difference over a ~14mm 1xAAA, just doesn’t feel as sleek. And I wasn’t crazy about the ‘Polyamide’ material, perhaps the metal variants feel nicer. And the button is a bit stiff compared to the Ultratac K18 SS I had. Also, claimed 650 lumens but didn’t seem any brighter than what I remember my K18 being, which claimed just 370 lumens.

Skilhunt E3A is really nice. Emitter swap is in order, but that’s standard procedure for me.

I can confirm… I have had a 10440 in a black Maratac AAA for five years, which I briefly lost and replaced with a Ti Maratac AAA, also with a 10440 installed. Both 100% reliable.

I have a k18 also, and generally do not prefer twisties, but there’s something about the Maratac that just does it for me. It stays in the pocket of my jeans unclipped 100% of the time so I have found it stays off better. Maybe I’m just used to it, but it just feels right, especially for a little light.

Yeah, the one problem with the SS K18 (aside perhaps from being too cool, but I don’t especially mind that in a keychain light that is just used for brief illumination rather than extended nighttime strolls etc), is it’s a tad long with that stubby keychain attachment, compared to most AAA size twisties. The maratacs do have a nice feel, as does that fenix E05 stainless and Thrunite Ti, olight i3s brass or copper, and similar.

All of those are discontinued tho, I suppose. I really liked the brass olight i3s, would be nice if they refreshed that one.

Man that IS a nice light. Im tempted to get one and try to swap the emitter if it does come with a 5000k emitter. That would go great on a neck lanyard.