Is this the most unscrupulous seller?

Have a Look at the images and the product description they are completely different I have already email him but no reply.


is that supfire the cheapest triple available? 360l beast it is. probably 89.95 shipping…

this guy seems like an idiot

edit: need to open eyes… free shipping

I have made 2 purchases from aliexpress, one seller sent me wrong item, got communication problems with him, and got a partial refund with so much discussion and gave up the site entirely.

I thought that title was held by DinoDirect or Tmart. :p

I (halfway) kid.

Aliexpress is like Fleabay - individual sellers use that as their shopping portal. So, you get the good with the scum.

In particular, our good (BLF) friend Rey, who runs a store on Aliexpress, is one of the most upstanding sellers I have dealt with. I would happily shop from him even if it cost me a bit more, as I think others on this forum will testify.

I have had nothing but good shopping at alibaba. I have never had a problem with product or shipping. Of course you will find the product you are looking for at multiple sellers. Use your discretion, shop wisely and you shouldn’t have any problems or bogus goods.


Manafont is great until you get the wrong item or the item never arrives. I have two missing orders with them since August. AUGUST! They keep telling me to wait. It will get here. Yeah right.

Like a fool, I let the Paypal deadline slip by and now I’m scay-rewed. Now they won’t even answer my e-mails asking about the orders. I was totally polite.

TOTAL CROOKS. $25 down the drain, gone forever.

I ordered a TR-J18 and it failed after 15 minutes of operation.
He fixed it promptly and correctly and kept in touch with me thruout the process.
I would buy another light from him with NO concern.

this store is very strange.

all these links came out with "not available"

they have 5 medals and 200+ scores, but very few transaction records.

I do not think he was selling seconds or fake flashlights but he was showing expensive lights aand in the description he had cheap lights.

What happens if i had paid for it and a cheap light came?

Can I have the link for Supfire OEM

When I look at the site now, I see feed back of 36 pages/10 fb’s per page… that’s several hundred, but you have to click on the numbers under the “overall” column. Feedback is broken for that seller’s page. When I go to your ali stores the pages work good.

The “not available” pages as well as most of there other flashlight pages were taken down over the last 24 hours (read above)

Order something again and dont miss paypal non receipt dispute deadline…