ISDT C4 interesting 18650 charger.

Anyone seen this? If you doing FPV racing or RC hobby you probably heard the name already. ISDT make a good wallet friendly fully equipped charger small yet powerful. This time they are making 18650 which should interest people like us in flashlight community. The specs are looking good but i wished that it support 4 18650 instead of 2.

Here it is on Banggood. I have no affiliation just would like to share it.
It is even not listed yet on ISDT official website.


8A. - so two 18650s at 4A each…. Only 2 18650 slots.

I’m in the early stages of designing my own 4/8A charger. I may abandon it and just buy this one. Not sure yet.

That’s a fancy screen.
If it doesn’t have slides. How does it fit different length 18650s?

That’s a fancy screen.
If it doesn’t have slides. How does it fit different length 18650s?

Nowhere does it say that it can do 4A per slot.

It’s 3A max per slot.

Interesting, I have the ISDT SC608 and i’ve been super happy with it, use it to charge all my batteries including 18650s. Need to wait for some reviews to see what the analysis mode does and how accurate it is. Don’t think I can justify getting this when i already have a good charger though.

It looks nice and does a lot of things, and it is cool with that touch screen.
*I hope it passes HKJ’s test
*just 2 18650’s and seemingly no 26650 support makes it less attrective for flashlight enthousiasts.
*it has a fan, I hope a less noisy one than the Opus BC3100.

If its anything like my SC-608 it’ll be really loud when discharging. While charging it doesn’t heat up too much(even when charging big lipo packs), but discharging at just 5w the fan is on full blast.

For me…3A charging is nice for “uh oh, sh*t might hit the fan” times, but only 2 slots and $60?


The description says it supports 26650s, but coming from a hobby charger company I would have like support for even more cell sizes like 10180 and 21700. What’s wrong with sliding contacts?

It is, however, definitely the best looking round cell charger I’ve seen.

I just pre-ordered one from Banggood.

It is on the ISDT website now at SC-608 - ISDT 艾斯特创新

Looks like the shorter 350 and 340 sizes are missing from the list too.

Battery Size AAA,AA,10440,10500,12500,12650,

That is because is does’t have sliders.

I’ve got an Lii500 if some of my batteries don’t fit.

$59.99 USD too much for me.

I guess a simple spacer could be made for 350’s if one wanted a LCD screen bad enough

I agree. It is expensive. I probably should have waited for HKJ to review the C4 before ordering.

I was looking at spending $150 or more on my self build charger that would have done about the same thing.

I don’t have any x350 or x340 batteries. I would like something that could charge faster than my Lii-500.

At 3A per slot there aren’t a lot of alternatives:

The XTAR Over 4 slim is even less flexible. It only charge x650 and x700 LiIon. Automatic current selection isn’t very good. The thing is liable to cook cells if not used with some care. I couldn’t find anyone selling it. —

Mi-Boxer C4-12 has sliders, a good range of charging currents and it can charge 4 cells at 3A. No discharge analyser.
Mi-Boxer C2-6000 no Analyser.
Sky RC MC-3000 Full feature set.

Of the four, only the Sky RC MC-3000 has all the features I am looking for. It is more expensive than the ISDT C4 but does have 4 full length slots with sliders. I watched several YouTube reviews. I was put off a little by the User Interface. I’ve seen several reviews that the BlueTooth does not work. The desktop application is Windows only. At this price, I want the software to work.

So protected xx650s don’t fit.

That really is a deal breaker for me, unable to charge a longer 18650s is just plain odd, also i wished that it can charge 4x18650s instead of 2 otherwise i might get this and sell my other chargers. it wont even charger 20700, 21700 and 26650. oh well.

Pretty sure in the pics it says it will charge 26650's right on one of the charger slots (only one at a time maybe?) although if it won't charge protected 18650's it may not charge any protected 26650's either. Looks pretty cool though!

2 X 18650 or 1 X 18650 + 1 X 26650

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It doesn’t support 20700 & 21700.