ITP A2 EOS Stainless Steel $20.27 Shipped (USA Only)

Use coupon code MyPoints, and once shipping is added (in the USA only) the total should come to only $20.27.

California buyers have to pay sales tax of an extra $1.09. Still though, it seems like a great deal.

great find! $33 at battjunct

I wish it wasn't shiny. If it looked like the SS Fenix LD01, I would buy several.

a3 9.99 they got red / purple

I just saw that, might have to order some lights.

These are awesome little lights. I bought one for myself and one to gift, but unfortunately I paid $24 each (shipped) on ebay a while back.

So I just looked over at dino direct and their bargain price is $41.39 now. What a joke!

I realize its a great buy if in the need. But $10.11 shipping to TX is rediculous bringing total to over $24 including coupon discount. Tiny thing Should ship for no more than $3 first class. Guess they gotta make it back somehow.

mehhh..don't need it anyways.

Was the $10.11 via FedEx or USPS? You have the option of either one (with USPS obviously being the less expensive of the two).

Coupon code "THANKS" gets free shipping on orders over $75.

edit: not sure if you can combine coupons though...

HEY! I never even saw the USPS option til going back and looking...dam dont make me spend any more !!! Sealed

USPS is $6.25

and that's PRIORITY...

They also have the iTP H01 headlamp at $11.99 which is a screaming deal. $29.99 other places. This is a great little headlamp.

7.15 shipping to NC good deal.

Thanks! Well, so much for not buying any more lights for a month. :D

Excellent deal. Would love having one. Wish it were a HK seller with free or dirt cheap worldwide shipping.

I sent a request for cheaper shipping Choices,I hope first class :slight_smile: I did notic I can add 3 lights and get same shipping rates ,anyone live near me , we could split ?

I just placed an order and this is what I got.

4 H01 headlamps.

3 A3 E0s AAA lights

1 A2 stainless steel AA light

My order came to $89.80 including shipping with priority mail. Shipping was $7.15. I used this code and got a discount of $11.27 off the sale price listed on their site. "Mypoints"

I got all 8 lights for about $5 less than I could get just 3 of the H01 headlights. I'm a happy guy. Thanks for the heads up Misfire.

I don't see an option for USPS? Is it hidden somewhere? It is not in the box with the other options for me.